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Fujifilm X100V (Black or Silver) $1740.00 Delivered @ digiDIRECT


I've been looking at these for a few months now and this is the best I've seen.
I've gave Teds the option to price match but no deal. Currently $2,099.95 down from $2,199.95 has been much lower.
They say they are AU stock so sounds good.

I currently have the original X100 and love it but it's way slow. I could have got the X100F much cheaper but decided to lash out for the tilt screen and redesigned lens(better at F2). I just need a filter now for the weather proofing.

I have Canon DSLR gear but this is something different.

Hope my first post in forever is okay.

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  • Excellent price for Au stock. If you're happy with 35mm, you will not need any other camera, even the video is fantastic.

  • Digidirect is definitely legit AU stock.

  • Love the x100t which I bought second hand for ~$600 around 6months ago

    Would love to try this one but the price is too steep… Beautiful camera though!

    • What's the major difference these days? I had the T also but wasn't getting much use while I was working away for so long. I've considered buying another if they still make the adapter for these too.

  • I think people really underestimate the power of X-E3. Fuji discontinuing it because this little monster threatened their flagships and x100 line up.

  • how does these camera compare to full frames like the a7 series from sony?

    • this camera is not interchangeable lens. it's built for one focal length (around 35mm F/4 full frame equivalent) if you are happy shooting that, this camera will make you very happy. small, light, image quality at this focal length is great.

      me, I won't be able to live with that, so I am not a fan of this camera. I like longer focal lengths, and my favorite lenses go 200mm+ and I have an ultrawide, 35mm is not my thing.

      • I used to own Canon DSLR and wanting something smaller, so I went to A7III but didnt realise being a full frame, most of the lens are big and heavy.

        So I sold that and only been using my phone to take photos. But now I kinda feel like a small compact camera with good quality.

        Not sure if this can be it, 35mm is not wide for indoor

        • no, 35mm isn't wide enough for indoor. 35mm is your perfect street photography focal length, at least this is what this camera is billed as

          street photography the way the majority understand street photography

          to me street photography is done using something longer. shooting 300/4L and 200/2.8L on full frame means you can fill the frame with your subject and throw the background into creamy oblivion. 35mm all looks flat to me, but that's personal opinion. well, unless you literally get into people's face, not my kettle of fish

          right now I sold my full frame and all the big glass, and shoot Canon M5 as I cannot lift heavy things. M5 does everything I want with a 18-150 and 11-22 lenses. ultrawide for interiors, 18-150 for all sorts of daylight work. I also have a 22/2 which is what this Fuji camera has. mostly I use it for portraiture (not tightly cropped).

          • @shabaka: You can always add the WCL or TCL for wide or Tele…so could almost have 3 lenses in this body

            • @jasontravelstheworld: true. but I still won't do it, I tried everything and Canon colours are my preference. other bodies/lens combinations may be lighter/sharper/faster/give better control etc. but Canon processing engine just leaves everything else behind for me.

              when I recover enough to be able to lift a 5d + 300/4L that's what I am going to be shooting again. for now M5 gives me perfect colors and lens selection that isn't stone cold retarded, so I am sticking to that

        • Canon PowerShot G7X III or Sony RX100 VII?

          • @eecan: Ricoh GRiii would be another alternative, 28mm equivalent lens.

            Or if you still prefer the x100, there is also the WCL converter to make it 28mm equivalent, though you lose portability (I have the WCL).

            • @kopisusu: Yeah…I prefer 28mm equivalent field of view myself, and I believe the GR is cheaper than the X100V.

              Not nearly as pretty mind you.

              The GRII is still for sale too. I think CRK has it at $700-ish or something.

      • The camera is a 35mm f3 equivalent (if you're thinking from a bookeh perspective)

        Also, the light gathering is still f2, even if the camera is APS-C (crop makes no difference whatsoever to exposure)

        • I know that. there are a few ways to look at it. I don't give it much thought, the end of the line is: you lose in dof department on cropped sensors compared to full frame and medium format.

          • @shabaka: Yeah…talking 'equivalency' gets complicated when things aren't quite equivalent.

            • @Banj0: yes. there's also distortion to account for, especially for portraits. yes 50mm on aps-c will give you same fov as 85 on full frame, but in order to fill your frame with the subject you'll be standing closer, which means more distortion of facial features

              • @shabaka: You must be a Canon person…50mm on APS-C has an equivalent FOV to 75mm on full frame for most of us ;) …but 50mm and 85mm are the traditional fast prime focal lengths, so they are often held up as format equivalents, so you would need to move closer with a 50mm on APS-C to get that 85mm on FF, because they don't quite present equivalent fields of view. A 55mm on APS-C would be the closest common focal length, but still not quite there.

                But no…there is no need to move closer with 50mm on APS-c than the equivalent FOV lens on full-frame (~75mm for most)…your field of view is the same and so perspective in the viewfinder (and on the sensor) is the same. That distortion you mention comes from proximity to the subject. Were you to take a long lens up close to your subject, and take a series of shots and then stitch them together, you could replicate that cartoonish ultra wide portrait look (bulbous nose, small ears etc). Stitching shots together can simulate taking an image on a larger sensor - want that creamy large format environmental portrait look on a full-frame camera? Take your wide open 85mm and capture a series of shots covering the subject and scene, then stitch them together - voila!! - you have that narrow depth of field with a moderate wide angle aspect resembling a large format shot.

                All the other stuff though…there's so much misinformation out there. People talking broadly about equivalent aperture, bokeh, etc etc. There's some good articles out there, but mostly covering only part of the conundrum around comparing the different formats.

                • @Banj0: probably you are right, this lockdown affects my thinking.

                  I never think about these things anymore, I used to know all thus stuff but lost interest

                  I just take the camera and shoot these days.

    • I have both the X100T and a Sony A7 III

      The difference (bar the fact that Sony is interchangeable lens), is that the X100T seems to be much easier to get pleasing colours with. Also, the built in lens is incredible on these cameras, so while you only have 1 focal length, the lens here is an absolute beast. You'd be easily paying around 1k to get a comparable lens on the Sony (and I'd bet still wouldn't be as sharp as the X100).

      If you want a good camera for indoor shots (wider @28mm which is the same focal length as an iPhone), have a look at the fuji xf10:

      The xf10 is a complete bargain at this price - APSC camera that fits in your pocket, 24mpx and super sharp.

    • https://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2020/08/18/fujifilm-fi...

      An interesting take on Fuji colours. I'm an a7iii owner but I always stare longingly at those film simulations.

  • Just saw the email too. Agree best price I think for AU stock on what is still a relatively new model. Was 1799 digidirect sale back in March, and ~1850 in the last 15%/warehouse sales/eBay coupons (if only they updated ebay prices and could stack!)

    Have the original x100, and planning to grab this, but no real rush… I really should just wait till travel reopens…

  • I LOVE my X100. I have the S, and have been toying with the idea of upgrading. I primarily use Nikon DSLR gear, but these are truly a creative and functional breath of fresh air. Expensive, but worth every cent…

  • They also currently have the best price for au stock of x-t4 and x-a7 that I've seen so far

  • is X-T4 overrated?

    • I wouldn't say it's overrated, but it's quite expensive for an APS-C considering there are decent full frames around this price point

      • Sensor size is not everything, it comes down to image quality and usability. The XT4 is strong in both qualities.

        • Well personally I would go the X-T4 over any full frame body, but a lot of people consider it overpriced. I wouldn't say it's 'overrated' though.

        • but how much better than say a sony 6500?

    • Bit off-topic but depends what features you value I think. For example, if you like the Fuji colours, usability, size and mainly shoot stills etc and don't really care for the added features on the x-t4 over the x-t3, then I think the x-t3 is great (especially back when there was Fuji cashback stacked with sales). So in that sense x-t4 might be considered expensive, but I wouldn't say overrated.

      • you got me at Fuji colours! I personally find photos taken with fuji more pleasant than famous Sony A7 series. Cant complain about Sony tho. What about the lenses?

        • Excellent quality and I think most XF lenses are still made in Japan. Plenty of reviews/comparisons available online. Just note some of the older lenses will be a bit slower in AF speed than the newer models (although there is some improvement in going to a newer body - personal experience using the 35mm 1.4 on an x-t1 then moving to an x-t20, not sure if there are any further gains on newer bodies).

          The f2 series have the benefit of better AF as mentioned as well as WR, and smaller lighter weight. And from what I've read image quality is still very good.

          That said I think the photos using the 35mm 1.4 has a special character to it - I generally preferred it over the 23mm 1.4 (which I eventually sold). The 16mm 1.4 is a beast, but if the 2.8 was available at the time I probably would have been happy with that in terms of IQ, but with added the size/weights savings.

    • I have an X-T3 and it's my favourite camera since the ole 5D Mark II, which was a game changer when it came out.

      I would definitely appreciate some of the new video stuff on the X-T4 (dedicated settings for stills / video modes), particularly the things that make it easier to switch between stills and video, but shittttt. I got the X-T3 for like $1500 or so with the excellent kit lens a little while before the X-T4 was announced and it's a lot of camera for the size. Really good.

      • I just got the x-t30 + 18-55 2.8-4 for just over $1100 (almost new).

        Really like it so far.

        • Absolutely. The X-T30 is pretty much the same camera under the hood, just with a couple of nerfed features.

          I tried both and would have gone the X-T30 simply because of it's smaller size. But I liked the feel of the X-T3 a bit more and tend to rough my cameras around travelling (well not these days). Really great series of cameras in any case and an amazing price for what you get.

    • I’m prob gunna be waiting a while, but I’m hanging out for Fuji to offer cashback on the X-t4 as they do from time to time, and stack with a digidirect 15-20% offer, or similar….. keen for the IBIS, but in meantime will enjoy my X-T30!

      Earlier this year pre-Xt4, there was a digidirect 20% and cashback for the x-t3 for like $1360 or something….. was good buying if u were in the market!

  • Digidirect seem to do a 20% off sale every couple of months, if you miss this one it will come up again eventually. I think it was only a month ago the X100V was up at this price (or very close to).

    • Yes. I have to give credits to Digidirect for their pricings. They are very open to negotiations as well.

  • I had the X100F, great camera - perfect for travel & street photography.

    Definitely get a case though.

  • I bought this for $1848 when last time they were on 15% sale. Ted's matched Digidirect's price and I bought from Ted's.
    Love the colour of it. It is a great experience if you know what you are doing.
    Not a replacement to your normal interchangeable though.

  • Fantastic camera, I'm also tempted to upgrade from my X100T but it still meets my needs and takes gorgeous snaps.

  • great camera, no hesitation in recommending it.

  • I had a X100s and absolutely loved it, until it died for some reason.

    If I had the spare cash, I would get this deal straight away!

  • I run sony and Fuji system. I love the Fuji's for their nice compact system and the ability to get nice looking colours without post processing.

    I mainly use the sony for astro or when I need to use a 24-70 and 70-200mm. when I want a lightweight seup, fuji x is my go-to.

    The advantage of the Sony FE is that there are so MANY lenses I can use and fast Wide angle for astro. The fastest on the Fuji at the moment is 16mm f1.4 (22mm view on a Sony). I have adaptor on both the Sony and Fuji for Nikon and canon lenses.

    The X100 series are nice camera to use. I do not favour 35mm so I dont own one. I do have a GR that I always have on my. That is the smallest camera with the largest sensor.

    I have tried the sony RX1. It is great, but chunky.

  • I would love to get my hands on a Fuji cam but why is it so expensive though as I got my full frame Canon RP body for $1200 + $400 RF 35mm and planning to get more lenses later.

    • I'd say its expensive because its amazingly well crafted, screen is super slim & its for people who prefer professional pocket sized cameras

    • I think they just need to make a profit. Much of it is made in Japan, not Thailand or China.

  • Hi, is it worth that huge extra compared to canon budget mirrorless, like M50 with 22mmf2 lens..the form factor and price seems more appealing to canon.. Thanks in advance

    • You will probably find the answer in the previous comments.
      I almost feel you need to have owned other cameras like DSLR's to appreciate what the X100 has to offer.

      Some call them the poor mans Leica.

      • I agree with this comment.

        I used to have Nikon APSC, Canon Full Frame (5D Mark 3).

        Now, I have Sony A7III (Full Frame) and Ricoh GR III. And I just bought X100V for really great deal (1720 including spare battery) as I mentioned in my comment below. So yea better than online.

        So, Full Frame will win definitely in term of bokeh and image cleanliness in low ligh. The Sony image is very clean even in ISO 1250 where the GR III and X100F (used to own it) are showing artifacts. And Sony eye AF is really awesome. + IBIS.

        GR III is the ultimate pocketable APSC but 28mm (I prefer 35mm-50mm FOV), but it's easy to carry around including bike rides, etc. Also macro + IBIS in a pocket.

        NOW, why x100V… G.A.S? yeah probably the main reason :P BUT! i missed the joy of taking photos just for fun like i did with x100F. I think too much for better colour and WB when using the Sony. I don't have much perfect shots with GR III since i don't favour 28mm, need a bit of practice. With Fuji I have the pure joy of photography + now there are some preset floating around (fujiweekly.com) + negative classic film simulation. Also, weather sealed so more fun shooting. Least but not last, it's definitely the sexiest camera from all 3. Kit it with leather case + hood + soft shutter button + fancy strap, u'll find a mix of fun and style. :)

    • No it is not worth it. The X100 series is a very specialised, extremely limited camera designed to appeal to a very small segment of the photography market, who like to shoot ALL photos at the same focal length. This focal length is neither long enough, nor wide enough, to capture interesting images of landscapes or sunsets/sunsets or wildlife, but I do agree it is a useful focal length for some types of street photography, although I’m not interested in street photography myself. I do love Allan Schaller’s street photography, but even he does not limit himself to 35mm, he uses all kind of focal lengths. I once owned the X100S for a brief period, and regretted it almost instantly. There is just something about Fuji’s 35mm focal length that screams “boring” to me, although it seems to appeal to some street photographers. None of my photos taken with my X100s impressed any of my friends. On the other hand, photos taken with my 2nd hand $20, dilapidated Panasonic 14-45mm and my Olympus 75-300mm lens have impressed quite a few people, and I’ve even won awards (yes money) with these lenses. If I were you, i would get a 2nd hand mirrorless camera with a few decent Zoom lenses, and use the money you save to purchase DXO Photolab, which will lift your IQ to another level. Good planning, good framing, good selecting (discarding uninteresting images), and editing are more important than investing in sharp prime lenses.

      • Thank you ForkSnorter, been using dlsr for a while, I was looking for something portable..thanks for your brief explanation, exactly what I wanted to know..

        • Fuji make some great mirrorless cameras as well.

          i just picked up the x-t30 with 18-55 2.8-55 lens. It is very compact. I just put it on a shoulder strap and don't even notice i am carrying it. If i need it smaller i can put in the 27mm 2.8 pancake and it is pretty much pocketable.

          Check out https://camerasize.com/compare/ to see how some of these compare next to your current setup.

          Edit: These 2 actually look like a very similar size. https://camerasize.com/compare/#846,816

  • Thanks for the post. I just purchased the silver one from Mark in digidirect Melbourne Elizabeth store. He gave me store exclusive deal $1720 includes an extra battery delivered. Mark is a great guy, been purchasing a lot from him. May be @Troposa ops can add this deal in description? Thanks.

    PS: how do we tag op or user here? Can't do "@"

    • Wow that's a great deal. Was it a Fuji brand battery?
      I just got mine yesterday(28th). I did get a $25 voucher in the box.

  • Hmm.. it's now $1,848.75?