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XP-Pen up to 30% off Selected Products @ XP-Pen Store


It's their 15th anniversary. Some items can be registered for a software activation key, which could work well for entry level beginners.
Free shipping is available but not sure how long it would take to arrive. Some products might be cheaper at their aliexpress store.

Graphics and Display Tablets

Products with the Anniversary Pacakge (keyring, stickers, pen, postcards), 30% off:
Innovator 16 $809.99 $566.99
Deco Mini7 $85.70 $59.99
Deco Mini4 $57.13 $39.99

25% off:
Artist 15.6 Pro $739.99 $554.99
Innovator 16 $755.99 $566.99 (without anniversary package, same price as the anniversary packaging)

20% off
Artist 24 Pro $1499.99 $1199.99
Artist 13.3 Pro $539.99$431.99
Artist 12 Pro $459.99 $367.99
Artist 12 $399.99$319.99
Deco Pro M $229.99$183.99
Star 06 149.99$119.99

There's more, but I couldn't be bothered to list them.

Free Creative Software Download
  • Available model: Deco Series, Deco Pro, Artist Series, Innovator Series.
  • ArtRage Lite for Deco Series
  • ArtRage 5 or openCanvas (choose either-or) for the Deco Pro, Artist Series, and Innovator Series

You will need to make an account, register the tablet's serial number at XP-Pen's website, they will provide an activation key.

NB: Some display tablets have a bundle with a stand for an extra $70. Please make sure whether they're the AC41 or AC42 because those sell separately for less $40.

I would have a hard time recommending the Deco Mini 4 for drawing. Its active area 4"x3", just smaller than two credit cards put together, small Wacom active area is 6"x3.7". I guess the size works well enough for signatures and as a mouse input.

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