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Garmin Vivoactive 3 White Silicone $202.78 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Was looking for a new watch and found this to be cheaper than the last posted here. Price is for White, but Black is only a few cents more.

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Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Been using this for about 2 years. Rebel has a 50% off sale on them and I jumped on it. Hasn’t missed a beat but expect to charge it every 72 hours if you do activity tracking daily.

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      That's awful. :/

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        Yeah, GPS uses up a lot of battery.

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      Feels like mine having been running out of juice much faster than before. Used to be able to last 5 - 6 days, now probably 3 - 4.

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        I replaced mine under warranty because of that, after roughly a year of everyday gps use (1.5hrs of bike commute). Sent it on monday, received a new one next week.

        Anyway the firmware on VA3 is utter crap, even compared to other garmin watches (just crap), so I wore the replaced watch for a few more months and sold it and got fenix5 (dec 2019, 450$-ish) which firmware is a bit better (both in the UI and it does not suddenly drain battery as VA3 did), the battery life and its HRM are a lot better.

        The problem with VA3 is that it is considered a budget product so Garmin folks just deliberately break features here and there but do not document it - one example is the alarm clock only works for 50sec (on fenix5 it works for a few minutes at least), I complained exactly about this and the answer was - "The Vivoactive 3 and Fenix 5 are in a different category. What you are describing is a feature that is by design". A proper alarm clock on a watch is a premium feature in Garmin, huh.

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      I suspect that getting just 72 hours actually puts you amongst the lucky few.

      I'm on my third Vivoactive 3 having had it replaced by Garmin under warranty twice already and the support forums are full of similar complaints.

      This model either suffers a fundamental design flaw, severe manufacturing quality issues, or pathologically broken software… it tends to randomly drop charge even when full. I've been caught out a few times where I've fully charged on the evening before an event and had it drop to single digit charge while off overnight.

      Garmin seems to have no explanation… Which is a shame, since my previous garmins have been rock solid.

      My advice: avoid at all costs. Not worth it any price.

      • I get 6 to 7 days with GPS every two days or so. I have found that battery declines faster depending on the watch face you use. If you're displaying lots of metrics then it will decline rapidly. minimalist faces seem to last longer.

        • When my current refurb from garmin behaves itself, it's actually fairly good. I can get 4 or 5 runs of 1hour on GPS and still have a fair bit left.

          The random discharges don't seem to be usage related - I've resorted to leaving it on charge overnight before an event because I will often go from 100% to close to zero while switched off. Doing a factory reset and using it with stock everything (faces, etc) doesn't help.

          Garmin's aussie support guys - who have been absolutely brilliant - don't seem to have received any real explanation as to why it happens. If it wasn't for the local support, I would have walked away after many years as a garmin fanboi. But in this case, the Vivoactive 3 seemed to have some serious quality issues. Just check out the support forum,

      • I wrote about it below, but mine was also garbage.

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      Interesting, I had one and moved across to a bip s.

      Mine lasted a few months shy of 2 years, tracking inside gyms until corona hit so mostly no GPS required. By the time I replaced it I wasn't even getting a whole day of usage out of it.

      Half the features, auto detection of activities etc just failed to work lol.

      Had all sorts of weird issues with widgets reordering themselves or disappearing.

      Shit experience for me, I did factory reset and all that went back to stock watch faces etc. Wasn't impressed at all considering the price at the time and would've replaced much sooner if it wasn't for me thinking about how much I spent on it.

      Maybe I got a dud.

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    Which banks does Garmin pay support?

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        86400: VISA
        ANZ: VISA
        Bankwest: MASTERCARD
        Bendigo Bank: MASTERCARD
        Commonwealth Bank of Australia: MASTERCARD
        Commonwealth Bank of Australia: VISA
        Community Alliance Credit Union: VISA
        Credit Union SA: VISA
        Cuscal: VISA
        Defence Bank: VISA
        Heritage Bank: VISA
        IMB Bank: VISA
        Illawarra Credit Union: VISA
        Latitude Financial Services: MASTERCARD
        Latitude Financial Services: VISA
        Macquarie Bank: MASTERCARD
        MyState Bank: VISA
        NAB: VISA
        Skye provided by FlexiCards Australia: MASTERCARD
        Up Money: MASTERCARD
        Westpac: MASTERCARD
        Westpac: VISA

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    I have this, it's an excellent watch.

    • Can I ask if this watch can be used as a gps golf watch, downloading Australian courses and used during play like a dedicated garmin golf gps device which I also have.

      Online users suggest that it can though they may be American users so not sure if can be used in Australia, specifically Brisbane and Queensland.


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        I just had a look in the app and there is a dedicated Golf section that had all the courses near me. I'm not sure how to use it though

        • Great stuff. Thanks a million.

      • I've got the va3 and use it for golf but recently it stopped recording my shot length with auto shot. Super annoying
        It still useful for keeping score and stat's like fairways and greens in regulation. Distance to hazards and green. But missing the auto shot sucks.

        All in all I've liked the va3 and would recommend it. I've upgraded (side graded?) to a fenix 5 which is a better device but doesn't have garmin pay.

        Ome other thing that I didn't like about the va3 is the touch screen would often get activated by a wet or sweaty sleeve and I lost a couple of activities to that.

  • are their applications working okay again after the ransomware attack. was reading speculation that they paid the $10m.

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      Yes everything is back to normal

  • fYi, expect daily charging after 2 years of use.

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  • Dagnamit. Picked up the
    withings yesterday. This is way better.

  • Got excited thinking this was the music version.

    • Yeah, the music version would be the pick.

      The newer model (VA 4) also has much better watch navigation with the extra button.

      That said, pretty tempting for a multi sport Garmin at this price point.

  • Just bought this as well. From sketchy ebay though cuz Amazon was out of stock. Decent watch if you haven't owned a training watch before. Def not an upgrade though cuz it was released in 2017. GPS catches on in about 10-30 seconds in the Gold Coast, so it's definitely nice. My mi band 4 uses my iPhone and it takes forever. Can't speak for urban areas though.

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    Can't recommend enough!! the best!
    PS: people complaining about charging once in 3 days.. Of course - GPS takes a fair chunk. No GPS - lasts a week.
    Have you tried Apple/Samsung? lol

    • Different scenario, but I'm so used to my Withings watch, activity and sleep tracker, and with a 6-month battery that it's hard to buy a smart watch or activity tracker that I have to charge this often. Not sure if the GPS can justify that for me at this stage, considering that I usually have my phone with me anyway.

      • which one is that, does it have all the same features?

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          I have the first one, Withings Steel, but there are other options such as Withings Move ECG and Steel HR Sport with distinctive features:

          I've had the Steel for three years now, have replaced the battery 3 times, and I love the watch and how it looks a normal watch. I am waiting for the new Scanwatch, which is expected to be released next month in Europe, but not sure if this will be available in Australia: https://www.withings.com/de/en/scanwatch

          I don't like squared watches such as Apple Watch and some Fitbit and Garmin models. I'd choose a band format (e.g., Fitbit Charge 4) or Analog (e.g., Withings).

          *Not associated, I just like Withings and think most people don't even know they exist. My watch is branded Nokia as the company was sold and the founder bought it back after a few months. I bought mine during the small interval in which the brand had been changed from Withings to Nokia.

      • GPS only from smartphone, no heart rate, no notifications for $229 Aud? Let alone no Garmin app, community etc? No thanks. But I respect all opinions and experiences, thank you for sharing

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          I paid around AUD 100.

          It's good to have options as people want different things. I don't want notifications… more interested in tracking activities and sleep, and I want to keep my watch 24/7 for 6-9 months without having to worry about its battery. GPS would be great but not if I have to charge ir every 3 days or so… That's just unacceptable to me.

  • I wonder why nearly every 'smart' watches are thick. I want a slim watch like apple phones. I think that's why the apple phones have more than half of market share. 'Smart phone' should be called 'Thick phone'.

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      Because they need to put a long lasting battery somewhere, right? Plus many other pieces like GPS module, music storage, etc etc.

  • We have 3 of these watches in the family. I have had mine nearly 3 years now. Use everyday for activity and sleep tracking + smart notifications. Only use GPS when I go for a run, walk or ride.

    Yes it's not the latest and greatest and I would say after 18 months the charge frequency changes from 6-7 days to 4 days on average and charge time must be no more than 30 mins from close to 0% to full.

    • Do you mean 30 minutes to full charge or an extra 30 minutes to charge from when it was new? I just bought this for family as a present, thinking if they take it off to charge for 10-20 minutes daily while showering etc should be ok?

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        30 mins till full charge

  • thks bought the black one ……. battery life with age is always an issue, and with the HR sensors on the back now nor sure if batteries are user replaceable any more.

    • Not with all devices. I have the $80 Bip and even now after 3 years one full charge lasts a solid 20-25 days, with 10 min interval heart rate detection and 2-3 activities tracking each week with the GPS on. The only downsides to the Bip is no NFC, average app and doesn't look as 'premium' as Garmin but that's about it.

      I'm considering an upgrade to Garmin (already got one for family) but I'm not sure if I can go back to charging so often.

  • I got the Garmin Forerunner 35 from the rebel $149 deal on Ozbargain 30 Jun 2019 - and it is starting to not charge properly.
    Other than that it has been fine. Used for running, cycling and walking.
    Can someone recommend a good priced watch similar but with the ability to do music over bluetooth as well?

    • The Amazfit stratos 3 looks like it will fit the bill for me.

      • Web site makes it sounds pretty good but not sure it’s got what it takes to be a Garmin killer quite yet. It’s a Xiaomi product isn’t it?

        • Yeah, and I am used to Garmin connect.
          If I scratch up the connectors on my garmin 35 it charges again sometimes - I may get a few more months out of it.

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    Amazon took 14 days to fulfill and dispatch an order recently for me, so beware.

  • Has anyone’s order been shipped?