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G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB (1x16GB) 3200MHz CL16 $79 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Cheaper and looks better than the previous Aegis deal.

  • Part number: F4-3200C16S-16GVK
  • Timings: 16-18-18-38
  • Voltage: 1.35v

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  • Could make a cheap 2x16GB config with this, I've only seen the bare Aegis at this price point Good find OP.

    • yep I just bought 2x 16GB of these (don't need a 2pack per se)
      Claimed about 3-4 times on 28 degrees shopper protection already (currently on $169)
      May have to put another claim in.
      Edit: Done, 11$ better in my pocket

  • "Was $319.00" lol

  • So can I confirm that 2 of these will make dual channel just as well as the ones sold in pair?

    Second question, will that be also the case if I pair it with another model in the future? Thanks.

    • Yes to both questions.

    • It should work? If you dont mind inconsistency between chips.
      Budget ram is basically a lottery on die that's why these aren't sold in a pair. Pairs always have the same die and same speeds, but with buying them individually.
      You can end up having multiple types of dies (Edie Bdie) which isn't recommended for overclocking when ran together but may run stable at the advertised clocks.

      If you buy enough ram, you'll probably have enough to start pairing them together

    • Just bought a set of used pair for 150 and they were manufactuered 5 months apart and runs at 3200mhz in dual channel.

    • Absolute yes to the first
      No straight answer to the 2nd

  • $167.95 for 2 sticks delivered is pretty good.

    • It's even more apparent when one notices I had the 2x pack still in my cart from before @ $169 + delivery

      Basically save $11 + 9.95 for Sydney Metro delivery.

  • Quite a good deal even with shipping fees. The 2x8gb cost about $150

  • I currently have "Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB 2X8GB DDR4 3200MHz" in my 2600x Ryzen setup. Is it a bad idea to buy and add this to the setup? (I have 4 channels on my x370 mobo)

    • It's best to leave your setup in pairs…
      Maybe grab two of these and sell your 16gb pairs…
      Or have it running at 48GB (overkill) with the highest timings out of the two kits …

    • Wonder are these compatible?

  • Are these Intel only? Don't see anything about AMD support.

    • Can't say with certainty but the Ripjaws have always been Ryzen-friendly as far as I know.

    • They will work, just check your motherboards supported ram list to make sure they will overclock to the listed speed.

      • My Computer is one of the Inspiron 5676 from last years Dell eBay sale, seems to list 2400mhz speeds only

        This is 3200mhz, so can it go backwards?

        • This is 3200mhz, so can it go backwards?

          yep, but then you might as well buy something cheaper if you won't use the extra performance

    • Saying it "supports AMD" or "supports Intel" is just a way of saying "pay more for nothing". As long as it is at a speed which isn't too much for your CPU then it will be fine. Dual and single channel configurations are the least prone to incompatibilities with IMC and motherboard.

    • Currently using this same RAM in my Ryzen rig with no problems

    • Think its called DOCP on AMD systems, just enable in BIOS.

      • It shows XMP in AMD BIOS AS ROCK AB350.

      • DOCP is what it's called on AMD Asus motherboards, though not sure if that's still the case. Pretty much every other motherboard manufacturer calls it XMP.

  • wish this was 2 sticks, looking to upgrade my one 8gb 2400 stick ;(

  • Very tempted to buy this, but they don't appear in the approved memory list for my mb
    Anyone think this is a big issue? thanks

  • Any deals for the same memory/price, but for laptops?

  • I'm using generic 8gb ram on my 2600 ryzen cpu. if my end goal is just 16gb ram, would this posted deal(G.skill 1x16 gb) be fine or would this one below be better? (G.Skill Flare X 16GB (2x8GB))


    • Having 2x8GB means you can run dual channel which does impact performance a fair bit. You can run the 16GB Ripjaws stick with your current 8GB stick but it may not run at 3200MHz. I would get the Flare X kit.

  • I'm using a dual channel red version kit of this ram atm, according to Thaiphoon, the ones I have contain Samsung B dies

    • I wouldn't rely on Thaiphoon's readings. They report many 3200 CL16 kits as B-die when in reality they're C-die.

      Check the 042 code on the label on the back of the sticks. If it ends with 10C it's C-die.