Xiaomi Poco F2 Not Receiving or Sending MMS

I recently purchased a Poco F2 and I'm unable to send or receive MMS messages. I'm with Optus. Has anyone got any ideas or are also with Optus, have a Poco F2 and are able to send and receive MMS messages


  • Check internet settings allow MMS

    • Do you mean the APN? I tried changing those and re-writing them

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    Check with Optus that MMS is enabled on your service too (in addition to configuring the phone to use MMS)

    if you google poco f2 mms a few people have commented that MMS don't work.

    • Thanks! I spoke to one person that has a Poco F2 and is on a different provider and they receive mms so I wonder whether it is just a Optus/Poco issue? Thanks for the suggestions

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    can confirm its apn issue try to save settings of your ISP manually…had similar problems with MI9T and Mi8 resolved with manual apn settings.

    • Thanks, I'll keep trying

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      i tried manual apn settings and still not working..

  • How is it otherwise? I am tossing up between that and the oppo reno 5g

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    All the reviews are spot on. It's a lot of phone for $500, it's a solid phone, camera is great with gcam. It's a heavy phone but the battery lasts 2 days with regular/heavy use.

    I'm running lawn chair 2 as the launcher and manually removed the bloatware. The said MIUI was actually pretty good

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      I have a Mi 9T Pro and was extremely nervous about MIUI as I had heard about how awful it is, but once you're a on a global or EEA rom and use a different launcher it's actually incredible coherent and easy to use. I think the major fault is the MIUI default launcher, I personally use Nova and it's made me not afraid of any android phone manufacturer. Nonetheless I don't see myself moving from Xiaomi for a while I really do love the value for money I get

      • Got the 9T Pro as well. Can't go wrong. Good value for money.

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    did you fix it?
    i have this problem

    • no, not yet. I'll post back here if I do though. Are you with Optus too?

      • vaya they use optus

  • Hi there,

    Just here to register the fact that I am experiencing the same problem. I am with Amaysim (Optus). I have tried:

    • Creating a new APN with all the settings that Amaysim suggest.
    • Editing the existing APN and adding MMS configuration.
    • Rebooting phone.
    • Using several different Messaging Apps (some online forums suggested that the issue was specific to Google Messenger).
    • Contacting Amaysim to reset my account.
    • Standing on my head.

    None of the above worked. My MMS was working on my previous phone (which was also Xiaomi).

    I am on the latest versions available from Xiaomi. MMS has never worked on this phone. When receiving MMS it just shows a "Downloading…" message and "Sending…" when sending. It never goes further. Other messenging apps at least give a failure message but no further information about why.

    It's driving me crazy. I hope if anyone has a fix, they will reply on this thread!

    • same problem, seems like its a optus only problem with this phone??
      I am using vaya they use optus, I did everything too and no fix.

      • Can't say whether it is Optus only as I have no other network to test with. I did try various other permutations of settings that were suggested on forums such as switching down to 3G, LTE, etc. but no dice.

        If it is Optus' problem, has anyone tried contacting them? Given that I use Amaysim, I don't think they will allow me to contact them directly. After some time with a Amaysim rep on chat, they said it wasn't their side that could be causing the problem and to contact the handset manufacturer..

        It certainly appears that something is amiss with the handset (hardware or software) rather than the network since my old phone is working fine. I cant imagine it being an Optus issue unless they are not supporting some more "advanced" protocol that is configured by default on the phone.

        I'm not sure if there is a way to trouble-shoot the network messages going back and forth? If we can tell if the phone is actually trying to contact the correct optus servers, that would be a start.

        • I contacted Optus and they said they couldn't assist either and said it was a phone issue.
          I spoke with someone who has this phone ans is with Telstra and they have no issues.

          I also had a Xiaomi phone previous to this with no issues. However, I smashed that phone so I'm unable to compare the APNs to see what is different. I have a feeling though that the Poco phone doesn't appear to allow me to choose WAP2.0 anywhere

          The only other thing I thought I could try is changing the ROM but I don't know whether that would offer more options in the APN settings.

          • @Iost: I've tried all sorts of permutations of settings including "Preferred Network Type", "MVNO Type" and still no luck.

            This thread seems to show that other people on Optus are having the same problem with different handsets:


            One suggested that using a different messaging app fixed it for them, but this didn't work for me.

            • @mrbean12: Messaging app and nothing has worked. I brought a 10 dollar telstra sim and that works fine, so I suggest change carriers..its all we have left or sell the phone and buy a new one.

              • @Halvar: Thanks for the update! I might try to re-approach Amaysim with this information to see if something can be done. I will update this thread if I have some good news. I can't quite figure exactly what the technical differences are so I can point them towards it..

                Did you need to make any changes when you plugged in the new SIM or did everything just work with the auto-detect settings?

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    Optus fixed my issue. I don't know how or what they did but I'm meant to talk to them on Monday and then I can update you all

    • Yes please do. Also have the same issue.

    • Excellent news! Thank you for updating us!

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      I don't have much to share unfortunately. The rep couldn't tell me what they managed to do to fix it. I told them about other people in this forum having the same issue and they said to tell them to get in contact with provider as the provider should be able to fix the issue.

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        Thanks, @lost. That's a bit vague from Optus. I've tried to resolve this with Amaysim but they keep saying to enter the correct APN details and they can't do anything more. If it was more clear whether the issue is on a protocol level or a reset of something, then this would undoubtedly help.
        Would you have any contact name at Optus you could pass (in private, if necessary) to provide a starting point? Also, could you please confirm which APN settings you are using? Did you have to change anything on your phone after Optus did their magic or did it just start working?


  • I have the same issue. Called Optus and they reset/reprovisioned MMS on my account but that didn't fix the issue. They have escalated it and I was told I may expect a call withing the next 24-72 hours I was told so they would look into it for me.

    • Thanks for pitching in. Please update us. I assume you have the POCO F2 also?

      • Yes I have the Poco F2 Pro 256gb. I had another call with them, still not fixed. Interestingly, MMS was working fine when I was connected to a WiFi network prior but not on 4G. Since Optus reprovisioned my MMS access that stopped working as well.
        I'm awaiting for another call form their tech team. My call reference number is 5548698 if anyone else is calling to report the same issue.

  • Same issue with catch connect optus. Customer care cant do much about it

  • Mine work's fine on Telstra.
    I've found sometimes sending yourself a MMS might fix the problem only a thought maybe give that a try

  • Sorry for the delay in the response. After I posted this and thought the issue was fixed, I was sent another MMS and couldn't receive it. I tried to send an MMS and it wouldn't send. I'm guessing I had my WiFi switched on and didn't realise when it worked the first time (previously I wasn't able to send or receive via WiFi either which would explain why I thought it was working).
    I have been in contact again with Optus without much luck. I'll be honest, I will likely just move to Telstra if it's not working within 2 weeks.

    • Thanks for updating us. I can't even send on Wifi so not sure what is going on.
      Has anyone attempted to contact Xiaomi via their forums?
      I can't make sense of why it would work on one provider and not another.

      • No. I didn't even think of that

  • Anyone having anymore luck with this? Optus still hasn't been able to resolve this for me so far

    • No luck, I've just switched to a Telstra provider.

      • Same

        • I'll give them a few more days and if not fixed I will have to do the same

          • @WaKkO1: Any luck in the end, Wakk01? This is so frustrating. If I could get the stupid thing to work on WiFi at least this would be a partial solution but can't even get that to work. I've also tried other suggestions on the internet to use various other SMS apps but no luck there either.

  • I also have a problem when people call me I cant hear them and they cant hear me, this is random also. not sure why or if there is a fix

    • Which provider are you with?

      • vaya, waiting for next year to replace the phone

        • Vaya uses Optus. You won't have these problems if you use a Telstra network. I'm with Telstra and it's been great ever since

  • Just to update everyone on this, I'm currently communicating with Xiaomi support on this issue, as the Mi 10T Pro is also affected by this issue.

    I will update here with any progress I get, just out of interest, where did you purchase your Xiaomi model from (China, Australia, etc).

    • I honestly can't remember. However since switching to Telstra I've had no issues

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        Yeah, I had noted that switching from Optus solved the issue. That's why i'm working with Xiaomi directly, as being a problem with the Optus network (Amaysim, Coles Mobile, Dodo, Southern Phone, iiNet, Vaya & Virgin Mobile) it's going to be an issue that needs to be resolved eventually.

        I'll keep you all posted as I go.

  • Has anyone had issues with their phone not charging? Mine just stopped, did a quick google search and apparently, this is the common issue. This phone has been a massive lemon

    • If anyone has this problem it's an easy fix

    • If anyone has this problem it's an easy fix but will void warranty

  • OK after some more back and forth e-mails with Xiaomi Australia and getting them to test 2020 devices, they were able to reproduce the issue and send the logs onto Xiaomi devs. I haven't had any responses back from them about the issue being fixed, but I can happily say upon updating to the newest MIUI Update released by Xiaomi last week. The issue is resolved. I am able to send and receive MMS messages without any issues. So update your Xiaomi MIUI software to the latest version and give it a go. Let me know if you run into any issues and i'll try and provide help best I can.

    • Didn't fix it on the Poco F2

    • @GOTBLZ thanks for the update. Can you please confirm the MIUI version you are on? I am running the most recently released version 12.2.4 on my POCO F2 but sadly still have the same problem. Do you have your contact with Xiaomi Australia so I can also pitch in with some details of the problem?

      • Update from me: Xiaomi Support got back to an email query and said that they were aware of the problem in the Global ROM but apparently the Australian ROM is fine. They are investigating the problem but gave no indication of when it would be fixed.

        As of MIUI 12.2.4 Global, it still doesn't work for me.

    • Any update on this?

      • See above for my latest info.

  • I know this is an old thread at this point, but having the same issues on the Xiaomi Poco M3. Very frustrating. Hoping a firmware update fixes this soon.

    • I have stupid problems with my Poco X3. Only get my SMS messages sometimes.

  • Did anyone got a solution for this one? @GOTBLZ all that didn't work for me either.

  • Yep, I have exactly the same problem with a POCO M3 Global. MMS messages cannot be sent via the Optus network (I use Amaysim), yet I tried an Aldi Mobile SIM (uses the Telstra network) and it successfully sent MMS without any dramas.

    When I discovered this problem I spoke to Amaysim they went through all the reconfiguring resetting and reprovisioning and whatnot, including manually resetting the APNs but the result stayed the same. Basically in the end they couldn't help resolve the problem.

    I updated the MIUI to the latest as someone in another forum mentioned that fixed their problem with their phone, although it wasn't a POCO M3. But alas, that didn't make any difference either.

    We're not alone with this issue, it seems it's a problem with a variety of different Xiaomi mobile phones, seemingly only new phones from 2020. I have a Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, and I have no problems with sending MMS messages over the Optus network.

    Have a read of this forum thread and you'll see others struggling with the same issue…

    I contacted [email protected] and explained everything to them and they simply replied with a copy and paste answer. Below is their initial response;

    We at Xiaomi value your trust and we apologize for the inconvenience. Rest assured that we'll assist you on this.

    1. Whether SMS receiving function is normal or whether the SMS center number is correct (the telecom version does not need to set the SMS center number).

    2. Turn on the “always receive MMS option” ("system Settings" > > "all Settings" > > "Mobile Network" > > "always accept MMS");

    3. Ask the operator whether Internet service is activated (customer service should pay attention to the difference between the "mobile Internet" business and the "monthly package". "Mobile Internet access" is a basic business, and generally does not charge.

    4. MMS transmission must have the "mobile Internet" function in order to send successfully, but it will not charge traffic fees. Operators charge according to the number of messages.

    5. Whether the selected attachment is too large. Operators generally have strict size restrictions on the pictures sent by MMS. Inquire the operators for details.

    6. Try to replace SIM card of a different operator card and try again.

    7. Try back up the data and restore the phone to factory settings, and try to send again.

    If any other concerns arise. please don't hesitate to contact us again.

    This was my reply, citing each point;

    I do not understand what you are saying in Point 1. SMS messages can be sent and received without any problem at all, SMS messages work successfully.

    In point number 2 you state “Turn on the “always receive MMS option” ("system Settings" > > "all Settings" > > "Mobile Network" > > "always accept MMS"”

    I went through the settings on the POCO M3 and they do not exist, there are no such settings as "all Settings" > > "Mobile Network" > > "always accept MMS"

    I’ve attached screenshots to demonstrate what settings are actually available. Can you please explain if the "always accept MMS" setting is available on this phone with the information I sent you.

    I do not understand Point 3.

    Point 4. - I have tested that the phone has internet access using the mobile data only, with the wifi switched off, and I can access the internet without any problem.
    Point 5. - I have checked that and confirmed that this is not the issue

    Point 6. As I mentioned in my original enquiry the SIM in a Redmi Note 8 Pro, which is on the same Optus network can send and receive MMS message without any problem. I tried that same SIM, from the Redmi Note 8 Pro, in the POCO M3 and it has the same issue, no MMS messages can be sent or received.

    If the same SIM works in one phone on the same network, but does not work in the POCO M3 then this indicates a problem with the phone, not the SIM or the carrier.

    The MIUI version in the Redmi Note 8 Pro is MIUI Global 12.0.6 Stable,
    The Android version is 10 QP1A190711.020

    The MIUI version in the POCO M3 is MIUI Global 12.0.6 Stable,
    The Android version is 10 QKQ1.200830.002

    Point 7. I have done a factory reset on the phone and it did not make any difference. I even cleared the system cache and tried again, but still it made no difference. I cannot send or receive MMS messages.

    Can you please offer any other suggestions to enable MMS?

    Then I received their last reply;

    We at Xiaomi value your trust and we apologize for the inconvenience. Rest assured that we'll assist you on this.

    I would like to inform you that we have guided you with all the possible troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. However, if the issue persists, it might be hardware failure. Hence, I would request you to go to the service centre along with the invoice. Please also kindly coordinate with the point of purchase for better assistance. You can find the address of the service centre by referring to the link https://www.mi.com/global/service/warranty/. This warranty will not cover any human damage (physical or liquid damage) encountered on it.

    We would appreciate your patience and understanding.

    If other concerns arise, please don't hesitate to contact us again.

    Thanks again for contacting Xiaomi. Keep safe.

    Yeah, thanks for nothing Xiaomi!

    I have only recently tried the Aldi SIM, after their last email, so now I'm about to send them an update. I wish to point out to them that there is clearly nothing wrong with the hardware, it is quite obviously a software issue. I doubt very much they will offer any insights and will just come back with another copy and paste reply :P

    I'll post a follow on for whichever result I end up with :P


    • EDIT: Following on from my post see my response to rahulskicks's post below

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    I have chased them up too and there has been no reply from support since last week. Below was the response i got which sounds more logical from their end but no eta on fix :


    Hi Rahul,

    Thank you for contacting Panmi.

    We have received a number of reports on the MMS issue with Optus for China version or Global/EU version Mi phones. As POCO F2 is not released in Australia and it has not been fully tested to work here.

    This problem is not yet reported from users with the Australian version of Mi phones.

    Xiaomi is currently investigating this issue.


    I have also posted in MI community with this issue for better awareness:




    • Well, at least that was a bit more informative than what I received from Xiaomi Global Service :P This was their reply I received on the 5th of Feb;

      "Greetings from Xiaomi.

      We at Xiaomi value your trust and we apologize for the inconvenience. Rest assured that we'll assist you on this.

      Thanks for your valuable suggestion. I will record this as your feedback and surely will share your valuable feedback with our concerned authorities.

      We would appreciate your patience and understanding.

      If other concerns arise, please don't hesitate to contact us again.

      Thanks again for contacting Xiaomi.

      Keep safe."

      So, as I suspected, they do not know what the problem is and will most likely stay that way. For such a small market as Australia I doubt that they will even bother about it :P

      In the meantime only MMS can be sent via Facebook Messenger, which is fine, it's my Mother's phone and the people she sends and receives MMS messages with all use Facebook :P

      I have a Xiaomi Mi Redmi Note 8 Pro with an Australian ROM and I'm having no issues at all. Interestingly though, before the 8 Pro I had a Xiaomi Mi Redmi Note 5 with a Global ROM, and I had no issues with it whatsoever.

      I'll have to try Mat_Lab's solution in his message below for his POCO X3.

      Just tried disabling the chat features on the POCO M3 and it made no difference, still can't send MMS >:|

      • Just chiming in here. My response from Xiaomi was similar to @rahulskicks which admitted that there was some sort of bug that they haven't identified yet. It looks like this is just a waiting game now.

        (P.S. I tried turning off chat as well as suggested by Mat_Lab and it didn't work for me).

  • Mystery Solved!!! This is what actually worked on my phone after countless hours stuffing around with this phone.

    I turned off the chat features and my POCO X3 now receives messages, all of them.


    So happy now.

    • I have a Poco M3 and Poco X3 NFC, never had an issue with MMS on the X3 NFC. Just the M3, which is broken regardless of chat features being enabled or not

  • Mat_Lab's solution didn't work on my POCO F2 PRO either.

  • Before i did the above step, I also uninstalled the Google carrier app. It seemed to make a minor difference.


    • @Mat_Lab your solution probably works for SMS (post following xda ) however it didn't work for send/receive MMS on my POCO F2 Pro but thanks for the tip, it was worth a try.

  • Final summary from me before moving services: There seems to be a bug in MIUI that is not allowing MMS to work on Optus. Xiaomi seem to be aware of it but as of April 2021, there is no fix. The likelihood of a fix seems low given that I cannot see any other similar global threads on this (other than ones that don't seem directly related to this bug).

    I didn't want to move from Amaysim because I thought the 100GB data thing was great but I've now realised that Aldi's plans are very competitive and in many cases better:

    • Telstra network which means you have data and coverage in remote places than Optus has (in a couple of remote places I have tried, Optus will have weak phone signal but no data).
    • Low prices for 40gb and 60gb mobile plans - $35 and $45 respectively. PLUS you have unlimited data banking. If you are not using all your data, you will easily start accumulating enough data beyond the maximum data plan that Amaysim offers (100gb at the moment).
    • There is a 30 day recharge cycle rather than the continually shortening cycle of 28 days from Amaysim.
    • The unlimited domestic and international phone plan is mostly the same as Amaysim.

    This has been a long saga with this phone and if it weren't for a number of great features such as IR blaster and large battery capacity, I think I would have been out by now.
    My last Xiaomi Redmi 4 was actually the perfect phone if it wasn't for the crappy camera. As the iterations go on, they start removing features like the IR blaster and making them bigger. First-world problems ;)

    Let's hope that Xiaomi eventually fix this - it's a frustrating bug!

    • +1

      @mrbean thanks for the suggestion, I surrender and I'll probably move too.

      • Hi @rahulskicks,

        FYI, I have updated to the most recent MIUI 12.2.5 which was released in the last few days. It still doesn't work which means the hope of an MIUI fix is now at least a month away (maybe they are on a quarterly release cycle, even?).

        On that basis, it might be time to move over if you can't wait that amount of time for the next release. I'm now on Aldi mobile and the switch-over was seamless and took only a few minutes to port my existing number. MMS is working perfectly now. Not regretting anything yet ;)

  • Hi @mrbean,

    I have moved to Aldimobile and it was seamless however XXX MMS send/receive is still not working for me and I'm out of words now :( XXX


    I rebooted the handset since i missed that and Yes MMS send/receive works now Woohooo!!!!

  • Just for anyone wondering in this day and age - your best bet is a custom ROM, or switching to another provider. Optus / Xiaomi aren't coming to the table and fixing this bug.

  • Just use a Telstra based provider like Aldi Mobile. Pricing not too different from the likes of Vaya and other Optus providers and in my experience far better coverage. I've previously used Optus, Vaya and Jeenee when they were still going.