Xiaomi Poco F2 Not Receiving or Sending MMS

I recently purchased a Poco F2 and I'm unable to send or receive MMS messages. I'm with Optus. Has anyone got any ideas or are also with Optus, have a Poco F2 and are able to send and receive MMS messages


  • Check internet settings allow MMS

  • Check with Optus that MMS is enabled on your service too (in addition to configuring the phone to use MMS)

    if you google poco f2 mms a few people have commented that MMS don't work.

    • Thanks! I spoke to one person that has a Poco F2 and is on a different provider and they receive mms so I wonder whether it is just a Optus/Poco issue? Thanks for the suggestions

  • can confirm its apn issue try to save settings of your ISP manually…had similar problems with MI9T and Mi8 resolved with manual apn settings.

  • How is it otherwise? I am tossing up between that and the oppo reno 5g

  • All the reviews are spot on. It's a lot of phone for $500, it's a solid phone, camera is great with gcam. It's a heavy phone but the battery lasts 2 days with regular/heavy use.

    I'm running lawn chair 2 as the launcher and manually removed the bloatware. The said MIUI was actually pretty good

    • I have a Mi 9T Pro and was extremely nervous about MIUI as I had heard about how awful it is, but once you're a on a global or EEA rom and use a different launcher it's actually incredible coherent and easy to use. I think the major fault is the MIUI default launcher, I personally use Nova and it's made me not afraid of any android phone manufacturer. Nonetheless I don't see myself moving from Xiaomi for a while I really do love the value for money I get

  • did you fix it?
    i have this problem

  • Hi there,

    Just here to register the fact that I am experiencing the same problem. I am with Amaysim (Optus). I have tried:

    • Creating a new APN with all the settings that Amaysim suggest.
    • Editing the existing APN and adding MMS configuration.
    • Rebooting phone.
    • Using several different Messaging Apps (some online forums suggested that the issue was specific to Google Messenger).
    • Contacting Amaysim to reset my account.
    • Standing on my head.

    None of the above worked. My MMS was working on my previous phone (which was also Xiaomi).

    I am on the latest versions available from Xiaomi. MMS has never worked on this phone. When receiving MMS it just shows a "Downloading…" message and "Sending…" when sending. It never goes further. Other messenging apps at least give a failure message but no further information about why.

    It's driving me crazy. I hope if anyone has a fix, they will reply on this thread!

    • same problem, seems like its a optus only problem with this phone??
      I am using vaya they use optus, I did everything too and no fix.

      • Can't say whether it is Optus only as I have no other network to test with. I did try various other permutations of settings that were suggested on forums such as switching down to 3G, LTE, etc. but no dice.

        If it is Optus' problem, has anyone tried contacting them? Given that I use Amaysim, I don't think they will allow me to contact them directly. After some time with a Amaysim rep on chat, they said it wasn't their side that could be causing the problem and to contact the handset manufacturer..

        It certainly appears that something is amiss with the handset (hardware or software) rather than the network since my old phone is working fine. I cant imagine it being an Optus issue unless they are not supporting some more "advanced" protocol that is configured by default on the phone.

        I'm not sure if there is a way to trouble-shoot the network messages going back and forth? If we can tell if the phone is actually trying to contact the correct optus servers, that would be a start.

        • I contacted Optus and they said they couldn't assist either and said it was a phone issue.
          I spoke with someone who has this phone ans is with Telstra and they have no issues.

          I also had a Xiaomi phone previous to this with no issues. However, I smashed that phone so I'm unable to compare the APNs to see what is different. I have a feeling though that the Poco phone doesn't appear to allow me to choose WAP2.0 anywhere

          The only other thing I thought I could try is changing the ROM but I don't know whether that would offer more options in the APN settings.

          • @Iost: I've tried all sorts of permutations of settings including "Preferred Network Type", "MVNO Type" and still no luck.

            This thread seems to show that other people on Optus are having the same problem with different handsets:


            One suggested that using a different messaging app fixed it for them, but this didn't work for me.

            • @mrbean12: Messaging app and nothing has worked. I brought a 10 dollar telstra sim and that works fine, so I suggest change carriers..its all we have left or sell the phone and buy a new one.

              • @Halvar: Thanks for the update! I might try to re-approach Amaysim with this information to see if something can be done. I will update this thread if I have some good news. I can't quite figure exactly what the technical differences are so I can point them towards it..

                Did you need to make any changes when you plugged in the new SIM or did everything just work with the auto-detect settings?

  • Optus fixed my issue. I don't know how or what they did but I'm meant to talk to them on Monday and then I can update you all

    • Yes please do. Also have the same issue.

    • Excellent news! Thank you for updating us!

    • I don't have much to share unfortunately. The rep couldn't tell me what they managed to do to fix it. I told them about other people in this forum having the same issue and they said to tell them to get in contact with provider as the provider should be able to fix the issue.

      • Thanks, @lost. That's a bit vague from Optus. I've tried to resolve this with Amaysim but they keep saying to enter the correct APN details and they can't do anything more. If it was more clear whether the issue is on a protocol level or a reset of something, then this would undoubtedly help.
        Would you have any contact name at Optus you could pass (in private, if necessary) to provide a starting point? Also, could you please confirm which APN settings you are using? Did you have to change anything on your phone after Optus did their magic or did it just start working?


  • I have the same issue. Called Optus and they reset/reprovisioned MMS on my account but that didn't fix the issue. They have escalated it and I was told I may expect a call withing the next 24-72 hours I was told so they would look into it for me.

    • Thanks for pitching in. Please update us. I assume you have the POCO F2 also?

      • Yes I have the Poco F2 Pro 256gb. I had another call with them, still not fixed. Interestingly, MMS was working fine when I was connected to a WiFi network prior but not on 4G. Since Optus reprovisioned my MMS access that stopped working as well.
        I'm awaiting for another call form their tech team. My call reference number is 5548698 if anyone else is calling to report the same issue.

  • Same issue with catch connect optus. Customer care cant do much about it

  • Mine work's fine on Telstra.
    I've found sometimes sending yourself a MMS might fix the problem only a thought maybe give that a try

  • Sorry for the delay in the response. After I posted this and thought the issue was fixed, I was sent another MMS and couldn't receive it. I tried to send an MMS and it wouldn't send. I'm guessing I had my WiFi switched on and didn't realise when it worked the first time (previously I wasn't able to send or receive via WiFi either which would explain why I thought it was working).
    I have been in contact again with Optus without much luck. I'll be honest, I will likely just move to Telstra if it's not working within 2 weeks.

    • Thanks for updating us. I can't even send on Wifi so not sure what is going on.
      Has anyone attempted to contact Xiaomi via their forums?
      I can't make sense of why it would work on one provider and not another.

  • Anyone having anymore luck with this? Optus still hasn't been able to resolve this for me so far