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Xiaomi Uclean Whale Spout Smart Toilet Seat Pro Air Dryer Mobile APP AU Version $336.99 Delivered (Gearbite Members) @ Gearbite


Hi there, this popular Smart toilet seat with Australian Compliance is back in stock.

We offer cheapest price for our Gearbite Member Exclusive.

In Order to Retrieve the $336.99 price, please follow these steps:

  • Join the Facebook group 'Gearbite Member Exclusive'
  • Follow the instructions in the most recent post to retrieve the code via Facebook message to apply on their website.

Otherwise, the Bidet is $399.99 for those that aren't members.

This is the new pro version of the Xiaomi Smart Toilet Seat and has a large range of options which outweigh the previous Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat.

This Australian Version Smart Toilet seat has many differents from chinese version.

We have spent 9 Months time setting up the Australian certifications Here and this AU package includes:

Smart Toilet seat Assembly with AU PLUG, Inlet Water Hose with a Fasting Nut(Australian standard), Tee-Connector(Australian standard), Check valve, Plastic Screw Anchors, Screws, Installing Caliper(English), Mounting Plate, Securing Brackets, Water filter, Locking Fastener and English Instruction Manual.

This Australian Version has taken a lot of our own time to set up, and we hope you enjoy the amount of effort we have gone to to bring this to you.

Please see our listing description for other information about this toilet seat also including installation instructions.

Please make certain of applicability for your toilet bowl.Check measurement Here.

How to install Mi Home APP Here

Toilet Seat Installation Instruction Here, Installation Video Here


  • Warm air drying, massage flushing, suitable for a variety of toilets.
  • Multi-range air temperature setting
  • 99mm ultra-thin body design, beautiful and comfortable.
  • Three sets of operating buttons, save space, easy to use and innovative
  • High-precision ceramic instant heat system, Instant constant temperature hot water.Third-stage water temperature.
  • Pulse massage, give you a new experience

Comparison to Mi Smart Toilet Seat:

Feature Whale Spout Pro Smartmi Smart Seat
Ergonomic Comfort Seat Yes No
Mobile App Yes No
Scheduled Cleaning Yes User Controlled Only
Scheduled Seat Heating Yes User Controlled Only
Instant Water heating Yes Yes
Australian Standards Compliant Yes No
Auto Nightlight Yes User Controlled Only
IF Design Award Yes (2019) No
Heated Air Dryer Yes No
Carbon Filter Air Deodoriser Yes No

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    • +6

      It's for the initial chunks.
      Now we all wish you didn't ask.

      • +3

        Thanks for the nugget of wisdom.

        • Yes, it will wash off the nugget of wisdom if that's what you choose to call it.

  • +5

    Uclean Ubum

    • +7

      I read it as Unclean and thought “what the?”.

  • +10

    They need a new controller version, not this app version.

    Only reason I'd use this version is to surprise the missus and risk silence

    • +6

      It has buttons on the side of the unit.

      I have this and we don’t use the app or have it internet connected.

    • +1

      Silence would be a reward for many husbands.

    • If you want a controller then the D'Lucci one from Bunnings has all the same features and is very good (have one myself).

      • Seems out of stock everywhere

  • My power point and water valve are both on the RHS of the toilet suite (me facing it).

    Do I just buy an extension flexi to go round?

    • +1

      Power point should not be problem, water valve would be left(me facing it), Please check photo 11 which show all parts. You should not need to purchase extension seperately as it was include in the package.

      • Due to some reason, the plumber installed the valve on the RHS.

        • Think it's a aussie standard. Mine were all like that. Changed it it around and then had to change the cistern connection, they were bought set up for rhs

          • @Dezeption: My toilet suite was originally the back entry. I had to ask for a bottom inlet swap but didn't specify which side the valve should be.
            Assumed it won't go with the same side as the power point plug.

            • @PissLUR: Same side is fine, the regs are 150mm from the edge of the water container and 400mm above

    • Depending on you toilet if it's to the wall, you might be lucky and have a feed through on both sides of the bowl to accommodate both side connection to the cistern. You might need a new hose tho if the outlet is far enough, power should be enough and just sits behide the seat

      • It's a closed coupled. I think it may have to go around near the toilet seat.

        Or if possible, I can connect the T inside so that I will have one hose to the right and another one to the left.

  • Mm tell me more about about the pulse massaging..

  • +1

    Does this model have reliability issues?

    • +1

      Covered wih 12 Months local warranty.

  • This is cheap

  • +4

    Any xiaomi robot vacuum deals coming OP? :)

    • +4

      Hopefully have one shortly, Stock keep going to low at this moment.

  • How bad is it to install these using recycled water? I think the connection for the toilet is recycled water and looks to be the only connection point. I've seen recycled water as advertised as safe for almost everything with the exception of drinking/bathing, and even then its a bit 'you'll be ok but if you feel sick, go see a doctor'.

    • +1

      It is not advisable to use recycled water as it poses a health risk.

      • -1

        You might be thinking of simple greywater (captured from the shower or clothes washing).

        Greywater that is properly recycled through a quality recycle system can be used for toilet flushing, clothes washing, the garden, pressure washing, etc.

        • +6

          Not sure why I'm getting downvoted. I contacted Sydney water and was advised not to use any kind of recycled water in bidets as I live in an estate that uses recycled water.

          Even the water acceptable for washing clothes is not advisable to spray on your arse.

          Thank you for your email.

          Unfortunately the recycled water is not safe to use for bathing and bidets.

          Here is a list of how to use recycled water:

          It’s great for:

          watering lawns and gardens, including fruit and vegetable plants
          flushing toilets
          washing cars
          filling ornamental ponds
          fighting fires
          washing laundry in a washing machine only.

          It must not be used for:

          drinking or cooking
          bathing and bidets
          filling swimming pools and playing
          under sprinklers
          Cleaning inside the house and filling evaporative coolers

          I hope this is helpful. Please contact us if you have any further enquires by return email or by calling our contact centre on 132 092.

          Kind regards,
          Sydney Water
          Customer Interaction

          • -2

            @Ryanek: "Even the water acceptable for washing clothes is not advisable to spray on your arse."

            Which wouldn't make sense to me. Who manages/maintains the source of your recycled water and what uses do they recommend that their water is suited to?

            Edit :
            I see you added more information to your post that covers my questions.

            If your source of recycled water is good enough to use in your washing machine (that also heats water) and your toilet, then I expect there is no reason not to use it in this toilet seat unit.

            I also expect that Sydney Water are giving you their standard arse-covering response regarding bidets because they don't have control of the recycled water and don't want any comeback from people who use it based on their "approval" that it's ok.

            Personally, I would be more concerned about exposing bare flesh to a device that uses 240V in an environment where water is being sprayed around.

            • +3

              @jdr: The difference imo between wearing clothes that have been dried to rinsing your butt, is that in the second instance there may be an open wound (piles etc) that may be more susceptible to infection/irritation.

              • @syme321: That seems like a fair point. Of course, that water could come into contact with open wounds elsewhere on the body while washing the car, washing clothes, watering the garden, etc. I would have though that any risk would be similar.

  • Remember reading in a past thread that someone had issues with it past 18 months/outside warranty. Can anyone else care to chime in or was it a once off case?

    • +2

      That was different product called Smartmi version, we stop selling for a while. We give solutions for customers who have problems.

      • Is there any solution for problem of the previous Smartmi version (plugged in and not simply working any more,) or the real answer just to buy this new version?

  • Have you got the manual in an online version? I've lost mine and wouldn't mind having it for reference

    Also mine from a previous deal doesn't work with the app at all. I use it via the buttons but would like to use the app from time to time.

    • +2

      Will send you a copy.

  • +1

    Hi there,

    All my toilet's measurements fit the required specs except the "b" length, which for me is about 475mm (not the required 500mm). I'm sure someone's asked this already, but does this mean the toilet can be installed but will have a 25mm gap at the front? Thanks!

    • +2

      I would say it need 500mm, 475 would be no enough.

    • +3

      Check out IZEN. I had a similar issue with the sizing, bought a "round" one from IZEN and it fits flush with the toilet bowl. Only had it since March, but really happy with it.

      • Hey mate thanks for the suggestion, I'm having a look now. Out of curiosity which model did you end up buying? And it wouldn't be ozbargain if I didn't ask how much as well!

        • +1

          The IB740. There was a promo code for 30% off on ozbargain back when I got it. About $100 more than the Xiaomi posted here. Kept me from freaking out when toilet paper was running out everywhere.

  • HI Gearbite rep, are there any replacement filters for this model?

  • +2

    I have built the house ready for Japanese bidet seats, but don't like the buttons on the side rather than a normal panel like most of Japan.

    Anyone got a suggestion on another one?

    • +1

      I have a Coway one (much more expensive) that has a huge remote control that has a holder on the side of the seat, but it can go anywhere (within range of the seat of course).

  • +1

    Hate the fact where controller buttons are. Wish it had a wireless controller.
    I know for can use the phone.. but no for me.

    I have bidets already installed. But no fart remover and dryer.

    • +4

      Will work out if we can add wireless controller as a option.

      • +1

        Wait thats a option. Yes I'm sold

      • Is wireless controller an option?

        • +5

          We will work out and update there.

          • +2

            @Gearbite: please add the heating seat function to the wireless controller. Using the phone can take forever to change settings

          • @Gearbite: i'm happy to buy this now if you think this will end up an option and I can purchase it separately at the normal price difference (ie, no extra to buy the panel later)

            • @kulprit: Hi Kulprit, will need to find out if that possible, can not for sure.

              • @Gearbite: Thanks for the reply.

                Not worried if it never ends up an option, but would like to know I'm not paying a premium by getting the seat now and the control later (if it eventuates).

                Overall id just prefer a seat that has normal 'arm rest' style control panel.

  • +2

    Can the night light be scheduled?

  • +8

    Smart toilet seat

    Does it integrate with any assistants .. can I say "Hey Alexa, clean my arse?"

  • I thought it said "unclean" not Uclean.

    Also please offer alternative version with power plug and water plug flipped

    • Yeh sure they will just send that over to xiaomi R&D for ya

    • Also please offer alternative version with power plug and water plug flipped

      This. My power plug is on the right when seated on the throne.

      The water plug is on the left. So having the plugs flipped would be great.

    • +2

      I find it weird that all these people have the power points and water inlets swapped.

      I did a lot of research before building the house, and every single model I could find had the power on the right and water on the left (looking at the toilet from the front)

      • Well in my apartment. The toilet is on the left and shower is on the right next to it.

        So the power point is to the left of the toilet when facing it as that is the wall. It is convenient as that is near the sink for an electric toothbrush or hair dryer.

        • +1

          Ahh, you mean its not a power point specifically for the toilet seat. That makes sense sorry.

    • I mean who else is going to clean if it's not you?

  • +1

    Does it work with Alexa or GA?….lol never mind

    • i think yes, also it can be triggered by anyone, as it doesn't verify voice for this device ;p

  • -2

    Does this work during a power blackout?

    • +12

      It's designed to handle all manner of brown outs.

  • Was an excellent investment at the start of Covid hysteria in March! Also app connectivity issue seems to be resolved. I do recommend this product for cold winter mediations

    • How has urs been resolved? Mine keeps disconnecting every couple of days. Then i have to go through the whole process of re-pairing the router, phone and seat every time. Ive given up and just use the buttons on the side.

      • I think you can update unit firmware via the app. Mine was ver0.x. now everything is working well with no lags(even when phone is outside 4g network). good luck

  • +2

    Starting a petition to change Auto NightLight to Auto $#1teLight

  • +1

    Just so everyone is aware, the previous version of the Xiaomi Toilet Seat stopped working at around 18 months for a quite a few people. This version is hopefully different.

    Recent post with some examples: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/539868

    Still the best 18 months and one of the best purchases I've made in my life. I ended up buying a Korean one which will hopefully last longer.

  • +1

    What is the max water pressure like? The previous Xiaomi Toilet Seat was very weak on high pressure setting.

    • +2

      Pulse massage is much stronger.

      • Would you let me return it? I wasn't able on previous Xiaomi Toilet Seat issues.

        • My God I wouldn't let you.
          I once saw a bogan trying to return a slow cooker (no box) at K-mart that still had food on it, claiming they changed their mind.

  • +1

    Apparently this is quite long and give over hang

  • +1

    iClean? no no, Uclean!

  • Interested but just measured the toilet. From the front of the toilet cistern to the edge of the bowl is 8cm short of the minimum.

    My toilet seems normal sized but still 8cm short of the minimum! How long are people's toilet bowls!?

    • +2

      China/Japan/UAE have elongate bowls, we tend to have more square type here. They also over fill it with water too, about half the bowl to stop skid marks

      • +2

        Thanks Dezeption.

        I hate that! Also the USA. Every time I go to the US I'm reminded of this when I see a toilet bowl half full of water.

        Gotta be extra careful to not get splash back lol.

        • Put some toilet paper down so you dont get splash back.

          • @xoom: Yeh but that requires a lot of toilet paper spread out over the large water circumference. Gotta be careful to not clog the toilet in addition to what comes after lol.

            At least with the Australian ones, you're only plugging a much smaller hole with a couple of sheets.

        • Key is to drop toilet paper over the top to break the water tension

  • +2

    The toilet seat doesnt have a great wifi connection. My mesh router is less than 10m, but according to the toilet app the toilet has a very weak wifi signal. My phone however, in the same location as the toilet, has a strong connection to the wifi. I've tested this at a different household with direct line of sight from the router and still has the same weak signal problem.

    The weak signal makes the toilet app unusable and the toilet loses many of its functions, limited only to the buttons on the side of the toilet.

    I have contacted Gearbite about this via ozbargain, and Gearbite via Shopro which was where I bought it about warranty repairs but nothing has been done so the 12 months warranty is pretty useless.

    I'd recommend https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-smart-wash-dry-electric-b... which is $299 with free shipping if your a first member, which you can get for free if you sign up with the kogan black credit card which is free IIRC and at times will give you offers, eg spend X amount to receive X amount kogan credit. I have this both bidets and I fully recommend the kogan.

    Also the whale spout toilet, due to its design may not fit toilets even despite adhering to the measurements specifications due to the lid, which opens all the way at the back as that is where the hinge is located, and it may be blocked by the water tank where it will not hold its upright position and fall back to the close postion. Most bidet lids open but the hinge is located 5cm from the back if that makes sense, allowing the seat more room to be in the upright postion against the water tank. This will not be an issue for toilets that have the watertank located on the bottom, but I think most household toilets are mounted where your lower back is, and this gets in the way of the whale spout's lid

    • +1

      This is the customer service in regards to warranty from Gearbite:


      So your pretty much on your own if your products a lemon. I can still use the bidet's basic functions, but I can't use any of the functions on the smartphone app, eg the light, deodorization, self cleaning, smart scheduling etc

      • +2

        Gearbite contacted me about warranty. Hopefully the wifi connection issue is addressed/i just got a lemon. Will update, but so far happy with Gearbite's response. Thankyou

        • Your tune changed so much after they contacted you, despite leaking DMs from 3 months ago demonstrating poor service. Blink if they've got you cuffed lol. No I understand, you're stuck with a lemon and want it fixed.

          • @ScrubCorps: I had a problem with the toilet which wasn't addressed. Now it is being addressed professionally, appropriately and promptly. Why wouldn't I change my tune, I'm not that petty. You give credit when credit is due.

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