Men, What's Your Best Underwear?

Been using Bond's for sometime now, wondering what everyone's wearing ( not in a naughty way….) that's comfortable.


  • I got some KC ones in NYC for $17 a 3 pack. I think they're microfibre but can't find them here anywhere. Best undies ever. Step ones seem good so far. Bought some perfect underpants but they roll A LOT.

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    Can’t believe no one has mentioned tradie underwear. Seriously comfortable, reasonably priced, last well too

    • Tradie "no bounce" are great!

      yeah.. strange name

  • None, one less thing to wash ;-)

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    Other half seems content with 'step one' underwear.

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    Step Ones are good. Also got some fancier bamboo jobs from "Ollie and Finn" which are really nice but a bit more exxy. Also tried some "Lewd" boxers recently and they're probs the pick of the lot at $15 ea. I have long term issues with dermatitis/rashes and no way am I going back to Bonds!

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    You know those cheapo Kmart ones with the day of the week on them? Cheap + lame dad joke = sold!

    I used to swear by Bonds but the last few lots I've had were no better than the Kmart el-cheapo shite for both comfort or not falling apart (elastic failing prematurely)

    Am interested in whether the dearer stuff actually lasts well - there's been quite a few mentions of Uniqlo airism for instance but everyone's just talking about comfort, not how long they last

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      same here. the cheapo day of the weeks are some of the most comfortable ive worn. then after a year or two they start stretching out and its $20 for a new set, pretty good deal if you arent an underpaid worker or the environment

      ive found that pretty much every time ive tried more expensive undies, they have felt worse. maybe its just that i pick the wrong size and dont want to spend more on the right ones. but even those uniqlo airism pairs arent as comfy as cheaper multipack uniqlo pairs, except maybe on extremely humid days.

    • airism is all i wear these days - i find they last a good couple of years (really, how long do you want underwear to last!) and dont stretchy. I am known to chaff and these help sooo much compared to anything ive tried before

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        Don't you get cold in the winter?

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    Kmart Alpha

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    Bulk packs of the Target Maxx underwear. I’ve been going quantity over quality lately.

    2x 7 pair packs for $25, sign up for their newsletter to get the $10 of $50 spend voucher = $2.86 a pair.

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    Uniqlo Airisms and then recently purchased a few pairs of Step One underwear. Seems I got sucked in with all their targeted online ads but pretty happy so far. Really comfy and no complaints since I have huge tree trunks for thighs.

    • Could you compare airism to step one?

      • Step One seems to suit me as I get chafing quite easily. The material definitely takes longer to dry compared to Airism. Hope that helps.

  • I say bonds, and lately the aldi stuff is as good as bonds without the bonds logo

  • Jockey trunks.

    I like the material, keeping cool all year round. Don't like boxer which is too loose or brief is too tight

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    with WFH, i hardly wear cloths when i'm alone. Just boxers

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    Under Armour 6” Boxerjock

    Extremely comfortable and dont move around. I tried so many until I came across these adn have only bought these since. Rebel often have them on sale

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    Under Armour.

  • None

  • Big W trunks. $5 and last longer than bonds

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    Step One - so good, gone are the days of constant wedgies.

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    Whatever I find when I'm dumper diving

  • None for either. The end.

  • $2 Kmart ones. They are ok

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    Calvin Klein "steel microfibre" trunks. Whatever the hell that means.

    I got it for free when the airline carrier lost my luggage and I had to buy some basic goods in the US. Thought I'd splurge, and got a variety of different underwear brands. These were by far the best (also most expensive), even compared to uniqlo airism. It's similar to that, but thicker and more durable with more comfortable fibres. In terms of comfort (without price in mind), I'd rate it in order of:

    Uniqlo airism < bonds microfibre sport < CK steel microfibre

    I've also tried exOfficio, didn't like them very much.

  • Calvin Klein.

  • Calvin Klein Steel Briefs, exxy but good and look pretty cool.

    Alternative is Uniqlo's incredibly soft ones. Elastic doesn't last as long, but they are smooth as F*^%

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    Exofficio Boxer Briefs.

    Recently I've tried the Uniqlo Airism, but they seem to 'ride up'.

    Wish the exofficio's were available for a better price though…

  • Leaves, Adam style


    Bought “Hanes FreshIQ” trunks from Amazon recently and am very happy with them:

    Hanes Men's 5-Pack FreshIQ…

    Not too fashionable but they are comfy and cheap

  • I've got a subscription with Knobby underwear. Can choose the frequency you want them delivered.

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    Aussiebum, followed by Tuffys.

  • Step ones. Bought 15 of them as they are so good. No chaffing, comfortable, seriously good. Good longevity.

  • Calvin Klein is good depending which one you buy. Bonds is made of weaker fabric that tends to bunch up. Expensive CK underwear is pre-stretched or whatever, it won't get all caught up and stretched between your chubby thighs.

  • Saxx underwear, canadian company.
    Little pricey per unit but known as the best in men's underwear and very much worth it, I've heard they last a while too. I only bought them a month ago.

    Very very comfy and they have a little pouch builtin for your stuff too to avoid 'sticking' or chafing. Best stuff I've worn.

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    I should hand in my OzB membership for this… but in a bid for trying to find as Australian (made, owned) as possible I stumbled across Wundies by Merino Country.
    They have lasted forever and I wear them much more frequently than the Kmart sweatshop undies I used to wear (due to having less pairs).
    Made in Qld from Australian Merino Wool. Very comfy.
    Just a warning, you will get price shock

  • Step Ones! I've only switched from bonds to Step one (so I don't have much experience with other bands) but I'm in love with the Step One underwear so far

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    IVE TRIED MANY MANY MANY but always went back to CK and they are expensive for a reason, keep Ur treasure safe and comfy

  • +1 for Uniqlo Airism. I like regular rise, and I go with the regular Airism, not mesh. I have a few pairs that might be 3 or 4 years old, and only now are they beginning to show signs of wear, but the elastic is still mostly ok so I still wear them. They're $15 a pair, but once a year they'll go down to either $7.50 or $9.99 can't remember. Can't recommend highly enough

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    Anything composed of Modal is usually really good imho

  • K-mart no-particular-name trunks. (day of the week, Alpha)
    No way I'm buying 1 pair of Bonds if I can get 5 pairs of the same from K-mart.

    • Quality of the Bonds stuff these days seems to be garbage, the K-mart stuff is better and for a lot less.

  • I find it hard to believe so many guys "going commando"… That might work for women and children, but how a normally developed adult male without history of scrotal removal can walk around without underwear remains a mystery to me.

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      Agree. Seems a lot of discomfort just to be extra 'manly' (LOL) or whatever the reason is.

  • Bonds are terrible. Spent quite a bit and didn't last long. The elastic goes quickly.

    I tried the Alpha brand from Kmart. For the price, the quality is great.

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    there should be a poll btw

  • Kmart Alpha are rubbish, they don't fit well and the elastic doesn't last.

    Have had 6 pairs of Calvin Klein Cotton Classics Boxer Briefs on rotation for the past 2 years, and they are still holding up incredibly well with no holes etc. Definitely prefer these over the trunks as they don't ride up.

    Can't say the same about CK's "stretch" boxer briefs though, which each developed holes in the same area..

    Tried Uniqlo Airism based on their glowing reviews, but was let down. I found them too tight around my groin/thigh wearing my usual size; maybe I should have sized up?

    • booooooo! Airism is life!

    • But I can replace my K-mart trunks every 3 months and still be saving money over buying Calvin Klein. The elastic argument doesn't hold up. I'd also have the advantage of regular nice new underwear.

      • Seriously? $3 a pair, $12 a year.. I buy them on special at $15 a pair and judging from the quality, they'll easily last 5-10 years, therefore $3/year..

        I don't understand your logic at all, you'd rather buy an underwear with inferior elastic quality (stretches after a ~20 wears, to the point where it doesn't sit comfortably around your waist) just because the initial outlay is less..?

        I have to disagree, you honestly have to try CK to experience the feeling for yourself. They're like wearing nothing at all.
        This is coming from a person who has tried multiple brands including Hollister, Alpha, CK and Rio.
        Comfort wise, they're miles ahead of Alpha. This is going by a pair of Alpha I purchased 3 years ago, even if they've improved their design since, I doubt they're even close to rivaling CK.

  • Bonds Originals


    7 for $20

    As comfortable and breathable as any Bonds or Alphas Ive had. Why pay for marketing….?

  • Used to really get into the longsdale briefs but they no longer seem to fit well at all any more

  • Can't believe no one has mentioned M&S trunks yet.
    Wait until there's free delivery or a 25% cashback or similar, then bulk buy.
    Life changing in terms of comfort

  • Step One, looks like they have some competition now (aka clones), saw on facebook. Can't remember the brand though. Might be a good thing and push their prices down.

    • Tackle Undies - looks like a complete ripoff

  • Bonds Jocks or Trunks are relatively cheap and are nice to wear on.

  • Target Maxx Microfibre - 3 for $15 and feel incredible on the man bits.

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    whatever the opposite gender wears.

  • Usually Bonds, I’ve still got pairs that I bought from 2013. Not sure if the quality of the new ones are as good.
    Calvin Klein for special occasions.

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    Champion Boxer Briefs from Costco last purchase was 5pk $25, a few months back

    Was an avid fan of Bonds underdaks, but they stopped making them. Tried the Kmart Alpha, but too short.

    Champion Boxer Briefs has been the closet to the original Bonds underdaks, I especially like the wide waist band

    • Underdaks were made by holeproof.

  • I wish Step One made briefs

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    Bought a bunch of Oroton on sale that lasted close to 10 years, still have one pair from that batch (12yrs old) I use as backup if I run out.
    The waist elastics never stretched.

    Current Oroton are 5 yrs old still going strong.

    Guess it helps if you have several pairs so each only gets worn once a week.

    Frank & Beans is next in line, last about 5 years.

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      didnt i hear oro were shutting, they were marking down so much shit last time i checked

  • I bought mine from Kmart

    I am relatively overweight and I would get rashes, causing by friction when walk alot, on my inner thigh.

    This helps alot

  • No one else buys Rio?

  • I love the H&M ones. Not someone who would ever wear their apparel, but I like what they call 'short trunks'.

  • Uniqlo airism….end thread. Like im wearing nothing at all!

  • Calvin Klein Steel Micro Trunk

  • Any that give me a huge bulge and six pack like the models in the advertisement. Unfortunately i have had little to no success in these areas with any brand as of yet.

  • No, I don't wear underwear. Save me alot

  • +1

    ExOfficio. Absolutely amazing for travelling and everyday use. Costly, but worth it.

  • I buy bonds, but the elastic began to suck when they moved production overseas

  • speedo briefs type from Paddys Market - some Chinese stall/brand - like 5 for $10 - slight smaller (maybe S instead of M size) so they 'hold' me snug

    trunks-type irritate me as they don't keep my breakfast (saus/2 eggs) in a happy place as they aren't supported enough so sag and move around and end up feeling squeezed uncomfortably inside jeans

    I once got some US super-brief almost g-string type which were quite uncomfortable until I realise the high point of their design - if you were at a party and had a sudden opportunity to dip the wick, then all you had to do was unzip, pull the thin cloth to the side and you were free and ready to party ! Pity that never happened for me - so I dropped those - in the bin …

  • Kmart 5 pack briefs

  • I've worn H&M undies for years now, super comfy and are a clean look in black.

  • Step ones. If your fat it’s the only option.

  • I got some bamboo trunks from Aldi a few years back. Most comfortable ones I've ever worn, but I haven't seen them since. I bought a pack of the bamboo briefs there last year (didn't read the pack properly) but I don't like those.
    I've been tempted to try the Step One's but baulked at the cost but with the love they seem to be getting here I might have to give them a go

  • Calvin Klein cotton stretch

  • Boxer shorts - Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, etc

    Buy them on sale or end of season clearance, they normally last about 7-10 years before they get any holes, really soft and take years to start fading (even when put through dryers for weeks on end when on holiday)

  • none

    • i thought it would be your rich gfs?

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    Bamboo underwear

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    Wear nothing.

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    I'm a big fan of Campbell & Hall, they're comfortable, tough and locally made. Will usually buy when they are on sale. In the past I've had uniqlo underwear that fits well and are also comfortable but being a thin material they would wear out.

  • Get the Kmart Premium Brand. It's lasted me a while too and really comfy compared to bonds overtime.

    Although, the current Anko brands aren't that great though it's hard to find good replacements.

  • I wear the Giordano brand

  • Uniqlo cotton trunks. I never wore trunk-style previously, but once I tried out Uniqlo's I can't go back. Super comfy and fixed the chafing issues I had with briefs.

  • Once you go bamboo, you won’t go back

  • I wear no underwear

  • +1
    • Are they any good? Comfortable?

  • I usually wear the basic Kmart/BigW cotton boxers. For trunks, I wear Bonds and DKNY (which I get from TK Maxx). I found them both to be equally good and the elastic seems to last long. Keen to try Aldi, Uniqlo and H&M after seeing this thread.

    …and I only came into this thread for just a "brief" moment

  • I'm a Scotsman, so none.
    Though its probably not comfortable for others.

  • Go Commando?

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