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4x Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Pro Dishwashing Tabs 48 Pk for $62.78 + Free Delivery @ Sonalestore eBay


Starting today, a cashflow boost sale with a markdown of extra 9% off on our regular price for this product just for 2 days includes Free delivery Australia wide. Grab a bargain!!

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Product Details:

Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro tablets actively clean dishes and boost shine. Our most advanced formula dissolves faster than ever, effectively cutting through grease and breaking down tough food stains all while protecting your dishes and machine. The lemon fragrance adds a burst of freshness to every wash. Save time in the kitchen knowing your dishes will come out clean and shiny with Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro dishwasher tablets. Finish tablets cut through grease and stains without you having to pre-rinse or soak your dishes

Powerful cleaning while protecting your dishes and dishwasher Boosts shine. The improved design dissolves faster than ever before. Leaves dishwasher with a great fresh fragrance

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      Classics from Reject is not so good. Tried in the past and never again.
      We have been using ultimate (bought from woollies/coles when 1/2 price) and have always had great results.

      • Yup.. to each their own which is why I'm not poo pooing the deal.

        I guess it's also worth noting that performance varies how well you stack the dishes, how full it is and how dirty the dishes are.

  • Hey OP where is this made in?

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      These are made in Poland

    • How is poland as a country of manufacture?

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    For me it is showing $68.99; am I doing something wrong?

    • Yeah same for me. Where is the $62.78?

      • Just add it in your cart and discount will be applied.

    • Just add to cart and discount will be applied.

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    thanks, this did not work before but is working now.

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    Great deal… Thanks for posting.. it's almost half price.Cheers!

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    Thanks OP - purchased.

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    Thanks OP! Purchased

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    I was offered a code for another $5 off. MYPLUSKLHY#####
    Thank you for a great deal.

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      Same here :-)

    • Amazing

  • Any further discount codes?

  • added to cart still showing 68.99?

  • @sona82 any codes to get a discount?

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