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50% off Storewide @ Inglewood Coffee Roasters


50% off store wide at Inglewood coffee roasters with code.

AEROPRESS GO = $25 with code
Roosevelt 1Kg coffee blend = $25 with code
Colombia “ Spirit of Peace” 1Kg single origin = $30 with code

Have used them twice and coffee was very good each time I ordered.

Free shipping for all Victorian orders.
​​​​​​​Free shipping Australia wide when you spend $50

Starts at 5pm AEST

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • Free shipping for VIC, others are free for over $50.

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      I ordered decaf beans before and they were very dark.

      Is it possible to get a medium roast for decaf? Thanks.

      • Hey tightwad, I've been roasting coffee for a long time, but not associated with this company. The thing about decaf beans is that the colour is not indicative of roast depth, like a regular bean. The decaf processing changes the bean colour pre-roast, and also affects how much they darken during roast. Decaf typically looks much darker roasted than a regular bean, for the equivalent roast depth/temperature profile. But not always! So what you got could well have been the equivalent of a light, medium, or a dark roast - but it is very difficult to tell by colour for decaf. Unless the roaster can tell you roast temperature and time, let your tastebuds be your guide :)


          Thanks for talking the time to explain. I really appreciate that.

          Your beans were much darker than other roasters (plural) that I've ordered from previously. They also tasted different when i chewed them (all in the name of science 😁) They tasted as you would imagine they would when looking at the colour, again compared with other roasters.

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      For those ordering from outside of Vic I'll let you use my address so you can get the free shipping.

  • The code is not working for me when applying to a 500g decaf beans.

  • Great value beans, haven't had a particularly bad experience with shipping times in Melbourne contrary to a lot of other commentors.

    Sunset Boulevard will be a great base to a milk drink and I find the Spirit of Peace is a very sweet single origin.

    • I tried their Roosevelt last time and this time will opt for Sunset Blvd to try.

      Roosevelt came across a little too earthy for my taste. Good for a little different kick but prefer a more smoother/sweeter one for daily coffees.

      • Sounds like you should love sunset blvd, was a little fiddly to dial in (might’ve been me) but was really impressed with the smoothness and heavy chocolate notes.

        • Looking forward to trying it.

          I normally like beans that give me a bit of the "bean" taste, but the Roosevelt came across too earthy / slightly burnt.

          But it's a matter of personal taste, the cafe near me uses Roosevelt and the lattes I'm making at home are almost identical to the cafe - the cafe still has that earthy tone.

  • Has anyone tried their nespresso pods? How are they?

  • Anyone know when these get roasted and when it’s shipped?

    • my past three orders have been roasted roughly a week prior to delivery. edit: 5 bags of roosevelt

  • Can anyone recommend a blend that suits soy?

    I've tried Sunset Blvd and Roosevelt but they both end up as tofu lattes due to the acidity.

    I use Bonsoy and Macro Organic Soy.

    • Both me and my wife drink soy milk (Bonsoy and Vitasoy, respectively).

      Have gone through 2x 1Kg Colombia “Spirit of Peace” beans and we are both happy with those. Maybe try them, but buy a smaller pack first time?

      She is very sensitive to sweet food/drinks, so I assume their Colombia “ Spirit of Peace” beans are not too sweet with Bonsoy. In comparison, my wife hated the Vitasoy Protein soy milk I drink, on those occasions when I made a flat white with those beans from Inglewood.

      Have not tried the other blends from Inglewood so don’t have a comparison to report against, sorry.

      • Thank you, I'll give this a go. Hope they end up as tofu latte!!!

      • Have you tried Vitsaoy's Barista? I'm in the process to move away from milk and personally I feel it is better than Bonsoy that we buy in bulk from Costco. Also don't have too much of soy for health benefits- Mix it up with almond, coconut, macadamia milk. Also, Vitasoy's Oatmilk is pretty good.

        I want to start making my own alt milk at home, lots of friends do it and they say it is pretty easy and healthier

    • I do bonsoy, I do regularly have it with sunset Blvd as my default, but recently been using magical unicorn from Manna beans from a deal here and my wife really likes that with bonsoy

    • That's a tough one, I've never had a good experience with heated soy milk - did you give it a shot with cold soy?

      • Maybe try happy Soy Boy, better than Bonsoy and every others that I've tried.

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        I have a Breville Dual Boiler.

        Frothed soy works perfect with:
        1) Pablo and Rusty's Porter St
        2) St Ali's Italo Disco
        3) St Ali's Wide Awake
        4) Adore - Master
        5) Adore - Dark Wolf

        Can't recall others….

        Macro Organic Soy at $1.60 keeps the OzBargainer in me very happy.

        • Haven't tried the Adore roasts but the others you've mentioned are definitely darker roasts - you might be on to something regarding the acidity, or it could just be that the higher extraction from the darker roasts plays better with the soy molk.

        • everyone keeps raving about macro organic

          but still tastes like plastic to me like every other soy that ive tried

          so far nothing has replaced bonsoy for me. i wish something would cause bonsoy aint cheap!

    • I use bonsoy and don't have this problem. You sure you're getting the milk hot enough? if both the coffee and milk are hot it doesn't curdle for me.

    • Late to the party here…, but try Happy Happy Soy Boy soy milk. I use this with Sunset Blvd Espresso and it is fantastic.

      Highly recommend.

      A further tip is cool your espresso down a touch with a dash of cold milk, before you pour in your steamed milk. Espresso pH and heat are the two things that will create your tofu latte.

  • What timely discount, i'm on my last bag for espresso and my cold brew :) time to GET MOAAAAR.

    i know cold brew is not everyone's favourite but i found their "LA HAMMONIA" and "SPIRIT of PEACE" amazing for cold brew
    also good for regular lattes.

    Although i'm not a fan of the Sunset Blvd or Roosevelt sadly, they were both kinda burnt-ish when opened and used.

    • Do you really need fancy beans for cold brew though?

      I feel like I get good results no matter what beans I use.

      • It all depends on your taste preferences honestly. The output generally is only as good as the input and the answer to your question will likely depend on how picky you are about your output.

        • I agree with this, although there r 2 main groups of thought for cold brew, e.g. any coffee beans vs carefully selected (sweeter variants). It really depends what you personally like or whether its worth what you pay for.

          • @Tohnio: Happy to try the sweeter variants, any suggestions?

            • @Tandako: I may be spoiled for taste.
              i did try Industry beans, Kayanza Gahahe, Burundi, they are not bad abit pricey but i wouldn't get it again.

              The stuff from Inglewood, I get it on sale,
              I do find both their La Hammonia and Spirit of Peace tasting pretty decent.
              my ratio is about ~60g coffee vs 600ml water.

              Drinking I tend not to dilute it, have about 150ml per day.
              Occasionally as a change adding milk to the drink.

              • @Tohnio: I do about 125g coffee to 1550ml water, but often add some milk to my cup. So more diluted than yours I think.

                I think I drink about the same every day, sometimes more.

                • @Tandako: hahahaa yep, i know what you mean caffeine and me have a love hate relationship, and then insomnia comes in………..

                  after trying my own cold brew, i think i can never order cold brew from the cafes anymore. It taste NOTHING like that

                  The reason why i got into cold brew was actually COVID, i didn't have a good espresso machine to make consistent lattes, and no grinder too.

                  and i didn't like drinking long blacks and thus Cold coffee was the idea, i do admit at the start cold brew tasted crap, but after playing around for maybe 6 batches. I LIKE IT. I do soak them from the start with cold water though, i'm not too sure of the blooming part cz I believe its more a hot water technique but i still do it anyway.

                  • @Tohnio: Have you tried blooming with hot water?

                    Apparently all the rage on Reddit.

                    • @Tandako: i can't bloom with hot water due to the container that keeps the grounds is this plastic nlyon mesh like material - Hario Cold brew Pot*

                      In the near future if i have a metal-glass system I will definitely try it.

        • I think the decent quality Aldi beans at $12/kg, especially when you find a fresh bag, make much more sense for cold brew. Absolutely better beans out there but doesn’t make sense paying 2-4x as much when most of that extra quality isn’t picked up in the final product

          • @bdubba: I mean that's strictly opinion right? That's great for you but there's probably tons of people in this deal that can taste the difference and are happy to pay 2-4x as much, which is why there's a market for this stuff.

            • @frowny: I has a feel this comment section is starting to feel very reddit-y and reminds me of this now LOL.

              I find its a bit like whiskey you know HAHAHAH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZK8Z8hulFg

              • @Tohnio: People are going to have different tastes and opinions, it's like one of those Koorong (i.e. Christian bookstore) deals where it's a cesspit of comments lol

            • @frowny: I’m sure there are - but cold brew by nature of the process does not extract the more complex flavour compounds which are a defining feature of specialty coffee. The people who like brewing cold brew with great quality coffee are going to ignore my comment - people who are just getting in to cold brew might not realise that Aldi sell affordable good quality coffee by the bag that is perfect for stepping up their cold brew game without breaking the bank. That’s the purpose of OzBargain right?

              • @bdubba: That's not entirely true though - Cold brewing coffee doesn't magically make all coffees converge upon a singularity of "very medicore coffee". Further, the method doesn't manage to defy the laws of nature in that you have something ground, with a large surface area, with particulates which will dissolve in water, with the end result being murky water aka coffee.

                Yes, cold brewing will extract differently, i.e. dissolved solids will extract differently depending on surface area exposure, temperature, agitation like all things that will dissolve, but I'm sure people will be able to tell the difference between cold brewed International Roast, Aldi Beans and other specialty coffee.

                With all things cooking/drinking related, your output is nearly always as good as your input, and saying that you can just buy Aldi beans because "most of that extra quality isn't picked up in the final product" is wrong. Rather, your pickiness to the output is less than that of others (i.e. what everyone else in this deal is saying/asking about).

                • @frowny: I absolutely do agree with everything you have said - but just want to ensure that you have actually tried the Aldi coffee? It’s Melbourne roasted with usually some pretty recent roast dates depending on store and is up there with quite a few local roasters and with a decent blend & single origin varieties, it’s not just normal supermarket coffee like I feel like you’re accusing it of being.

                  • @bdubba: Yeah I have, and have appreciated a few cups even though it's not particularly my cup of tea. I prefer DC Coffee, sold at certain Coles stores in Melbourne.

                    Don't mind that Aldi is cheaper, I just disagree with the fact that cold brewing as a method will make what is a relatively darker roasted espresso focused bean taste indistinguishable from some of the filter targeted light roasted single origins sold by Inglewood. I'd even wager some of the badly brewed Chemex's (i.e. the one pours that are popular) would be closer to the homogenous taste than a cold brew, given the relatively high extraction ability of soaking something for 18 hours.

                    • @frowny: im going to upset all of you and say that i mix my cold brew with sugary french vanilla icecream

                      for a blasphemous affogato style icecream coffee.

                      the sugar masks all bitterness and negates whatever crap bean you use

                      • @furythree: All power to you mate, so long you aren't in denial about science 👍

                        • @frowny: haha i understand all the science you guys have been saying

                          alas i must fall under the group that cant taste distinct differences unless theyre super blatant and done side by side

                          if i drink a cup one day and a different brew a day later. i would not be able to tell whether one was better than the other, even if i knew upfront that one followed the science or not

                          Ive also noticed all of this is HIGHLY subjective. someone people will outright dislike a wildly popular blend
                          there fortunately exists a few blends where there is universal consensus. But they fetch a high price

                          But the point is aldi beans, coles beans, premium roasts and nescafe blend 43 all have their place
                          and once you add milk or sugar it completely changes the status quo

                          The best we can all do is share our personal reccomendations and let everyone decide for themselves.

                          • @furythree: Exactly, the only people wrong in all of this are the ones who say dumb things like

                            "Who needs $60/kg coffee when International Roast is just as good at $2 per ton"

                            Obviously if there's a demand for it people are willing to part with their hard earned money for whatever marginal benefit they see - there's no right or wrong.

                            It's like Apple products, people will scream and tear their hair out about how it's "overpriced" and how the only people that buy them are "sheep", but they're also a $2 trillion company so they have to be doing something right 🤷🏻‍♂️

                      • @furythree: thats improvising for the better~!
                        if its tasty why not ;)

              • @bdubba: will give it ALDI a shot next time, i haven't got a grinder (coffee fanatics gonna shoot at me now) at home but will take it to a mates to get it done………… after this covid situation……

              • @bdubba: I prewet the coffee grounds with hot (close to boiling) water to extract some of these flavours.

          • @bdubba: Aldi has some single origin beans too, a couple bucks more expensive. They're good beans.

  • Thanks OP, time to stock up. Partner loves Sunset Blvd, drinks it as a long black.
    I personally don't like coffee.. until he made me a mocka using this and now I'm addicted haha.

    My last order they delivered it themselves two days after ordering. Time before that was through Aus post which was a little delayed, over a week, but that probably comes down to Aus post

  • How does this compare to five senses coffee?

    • Really hard to compare as you're comparing across coffees. Generally, I find that I more often find a coffee from five senses that blows me away as something amazing/interesting/tasty. However, that might just be a product of five senses having a larger range. Inglewood is solid though — haven't been badly disappointed

    • You think shipping is cheap? C'mon..

      • Others have offered deals with free shipping.. im just saying its not a deal for me, might as well buy a kg locally.

        • you are like me who doesn't like paying for shipping. But maybe store the beans somewhere? I am told different things about putting beans in the freezer.

  • Anyone know what size they grind?

  • If I want to store beans in the freezer, would i need a special container or vacuum bag or can i just throw the bag in there if I haven't opened it at all?

  • I hope it's not because they're closing down

    • Doubt it, they do similar sales all the time (seems to constantly be one sale or another going on).

      From the outside looking in as well, their B2B prescence doesn't seem to be as large as say a Dukes or an Axil, only a handful of cafes in Melbourne seem to be using their beans - hopefully they haven't been hurt too bad by COVID.

      • Yeah, I'd say they are just trying to survive the Civid situation here. They seem really nice, and their coffee was great last time I picked up an order. These specials sure are one way to get your name known. I hadn't heard of them before the special in may.

  • Darn, ordered beans from elsewhere yesterday as I couldn't find a code for here.

    Might have to grab some anyway and just drink more coffee.

  • I don't think they'll be giving the aeropress go 50% off, seems like they'll make massive losses.

    • They did last time they had the 50% sale. Got one myself but think they sold old after a while

      • I’m pretty sure I saw an aero press in the Father’s Day Aldi catalogue. (They had it last year for $30)

        • I think its around $39 at Aldi and its not the Go one. The one at Inglewood is Go version - so $25 is really good with free shipping too.

  • Can anyone recommend one suits moka pot? I've been buying and drinking Lavazza coffee since lockdown.

    • That's going to be a tough one, these guys are of the "specialty coffee" breed, and you will likely be more used to darker, more developed roasts whereas these guys generally make stuff that is sweeter, with acidity and complexity.

      Neither is good or bad, I'd say give the Roosevelt a shot on your moka pot, if you don't love it they probably won't have too much that you do like.

    • Use hot water to fill when using moka pot, that shortens the heatng time and hence less (over)extraction. Tip from J Hoffmann again. Make sure you have a thick towel around the base to screw it tight.

  • Why are there so many upvotes on this. Are these folks really good for the coffee?

    • Good beans at good value and the feel-good of supporting a local Northcote roaster probably.