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Bosch Lawn Mower ARM 37 (1400W, 37cm Cutting Width, 5 Height Settings, 10m Power Cable, 40L Grassbox) $150 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cutting and collecting in one operating mode thanks to the Bosch Powerdrive motor
Easily adjust grass cutting height: Simply set grass length between 20 and 70 millimeter in 5 stages with the adjustable lever
Comfortable work: Healthy working posture for every body size due to ergonomically designed ErgoFlex handles
Easytostore: Collapse the handles and stack the grass box ontop of the mower to help save space
Mowing close to the edge: cut close to the edge without the need to use a lawn edger thanks to the ARM 37 grass combs

Good Price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • Was $215 at Amazon? Guess this is what you are referring to OP?

  • +30

    Bought one a year ago

    Some flimsy plastic fell off, i rang the Bosch and they told me to contact Jeff Bezos

    Jeff's crew said we'll send a new one immediately please return the old one within 30 days

    All good, post office refused to accept the very heavy box return until the other counter person said "no choice, must accept any amazon box no matter how heavy, that's the rules"

    used the replacement a couple of times

    Then had my earlier motor mower Masport serviced….for more than the cost of a new Bosch Lawn Mower ARM 37 but …what a beauty, then added this junk plastic toy in the garage along with the Instapot from the same warehouse sweatshop

    Save your money folks. This is probably excellent in the 10sq metre UK garden but out here, in Australia….meh

    • +10

      10m² gardens may be the new Australian norm. It's the only way we prevent excessive urban sprawl.

      also, what's wrong with the Instapot?

      • +1

        Ah Instapot, the swiss army knife of modern cooking…

        • +1

          I wonder how many people will see how beautifully this comment cuts (unlike a Swiss Army knife)

      • +3

        That doesn't stop sprawl, all people have done is replace backyards with bigger box houses.

        The only way to stop sprawl is high density housing

        • If sprawl was bad or people didn't like or want it then it wouldn't exist and it especially wouldn't be as popular as it is.

          If you don't want to live in an outer suburb, then don't. If you do, then do. The only you need to do is leave people alone to do what they want. This whole 'stop the sprawl!' and 'no tower blocks in my neighborhood!' is what is causing the housing crisis.

          Imagine if people would just shut up and let others do what they want to do…

    • +2

      I've got a Ryobi electric (corded) mower which is all plastic. Very happy with it.

      Starts every time :-), is light weight (so easy to wrangle it back under the house) and much quieter.

      Also never have to have that trip to the petrol station to refill, or worry about the oil. If I run it on a sunny day it's using the power from my solar panels.

    • +3

      YMMV. I got this for $125 and I find it gets the job done. Modern townhouses dont have big gardens and I dont want to spend hundreds to mow a patch of grass that literally takes 5 mins to do.

    • +4

      My experience mirrors this, had it arrive, broke within 15 minutes of mowing, the bolt holding the blade came loose.

      I rang Bosch to see if I can fix it on the spot (if there was a hidden hole that would stop the motor housing from spinning so I can tighten the bolt) and they told me to ring Amazon before even listening to me.

      Pain to take it to a special post office that can accept large items, but got my money back

  • +2

    I probably visit my local BP once a year to buy some "gas" for my Masport 350
    (bought it from my local mower man, b/c the Bunnings equivalent model has crap wheels, and no mower service department)

    We're in Australia folks, for lots of those reading about mowers we have big lawns, lots of grass

    A flaky plastic mower with 30 metres of dangerous 240v wiring trailing behind you in the wet grass….dunno, just doesn't seem attractive any more

  • +5

    Bought when special price just over a year ago. Have not had any problems. I have used it in backyard, front yard and nature strip without issues. Takes a bit of getting used to moving electrical cord out of the way when cutting but otherwise would recommend. Love the light weight for picking up and transporting.

  • +1

    My experience with this mower was mostly positive, we live on a 600m2 block and used this mower no worries, had it for 4 years until the housemates left it out in the rain for months while we were away and it is now dead.

    having said that, I'm in the market for a new one and I won't be rebuying this one. I like the corded models because i'm averse to batteries needing replacements, but I'll buy something with a broader cutting area, this one is fairly narrow. I'm also trying to avoid plastic and get a more sturdy metal mower, but I haven't found anything yet.

    • How long does it take to mow a block that size?

      • took a while, maybe 2 hours including an additional 200m2 nature strip

  • I think I have the older Rotak 34 (same size engine, just slightly narrower) and it's been working nicely for several years. (From Bunnings)
    I would probably consider the Rotak 43 LI in the future to move away from corded.

  • Had one of these for the last year. It’s great foe a smaller yard.

  • +5

    Attach 20 powerbanks to make it cordless

    • +3

      This way, you permanently mow your lawn. Hardware stores hate this one trick.

  • +2

    I would recommend to get the Bosch Rotak 43 Li lawn mower if you can.
    Battery powered, for a 30 min lawn job, it mows like a champ.

  • Is this better than the Ozito at Bunnings for $159

    • +1

      Ozito is cheapo, This one got 2 year warranty, little more cutting width and catcher but lacks power 1400 watts compare to 1500

    • I had the older Ozito 1400 watt one which was good, but it cooked itself. 3 year replacement warranty, but that model wasn't made any more, so full refund. Bought the newer 1500 watt one with a fresh 3 year warranty. 800m2 block (minus the small house and shed footprint). I like it.

      • Do you need the receipt for warranty?

        • Would think so. Or maybe credit card statement.

    • I bought the Ozito last weekend and moved the backyard. Yes it's flimsy plastic but it works.

    • Yes.

      I have the Ozito $159 jobbie and while it's good, for features (and being $9 cheaper) this one easily beats it: slightly larger cutting diameter and catcher volume, greater cutting height range, better ergonomics (moulded two way handles, folds away for storage).

      The Bosch is also a bit heavier than the Ozito, read that what you will about the solidity of the product. Warranty not as good though.

      The only downside is the 1400w vs 1500w, but considering the cutting width is greater in the Bosch I'd say Bosch have engineered better efficiency in their model (cuts 5% more area using 7% less power).

      If I was in the market again, I'd snap this up in a heartbeat.

      I have a smallish lawn and apart from managing the cord on an electric mower, to me most other things are all upsides compared to petrol mowers.

    • Bosch is a much better brand than Ozito

  • Only have a 3x3M lawn out the back, this works great! Have had it for 2 years now. Would buy again.

  • Good mower, but the cord was very annoying. I threw it out and got the council to collect it. Have been using a petrol one for almost 2 years, very happy.

  • Purchased one of these for $130 from Amazon last year, it's fine for a small backyard, the cord is annoying but you get used to it.

  • Only suggest this if your lawn is less then 7m2. Otherwise look elsewhere.

    Petrol is still your best bet but battery ones are catching up apparently.

    Why u not consider Masport, Victa, Honda etc.

    • battery are better… if you have enough batteries. petrol way better still if you dont, cheap, easy to refill, easy enough to transport.

      • Yer. I have 110m2 lawn and only fill up petrol once every 3 months or less. Spark plug once every 3 years.

  • +1

    I got this one over a year ago as it was a good deal. I put it in the roof attic still in its box as I don't have any grass to mow. Still was a good deal and money was saved!

    • are you intending to have grass to mow soon?

      • Not possible as everything is either paved, concreted or has synthetic grass.

  • +1

    I bought this one earlier this year for $121 I think. It was the best investment you can have. It is quite and I mow the lawn without earmuff and it cuts very well. The blade is sharp and tuck into corner in my garage very well. No more oil leaks onto the garage concrete.

  • I bought it last year as part of the Black Friday deals and haven't had any problem with it. Works perfect for my small lawn (40 sqm back and 20 sqm front). It paid off its cost in the first four cuts. Relatively light and quiet.

  • We got one of these in the last sale. So far so good for our 100sqm lawn area.
    If/when it dies I'll be getting a battery type though. The cord is just weird for me..

  • Temporarily out of stock.
    We are working hard to be back in stock as soon as possible.

  • Any chance of repeat in Sep.

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