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Stylus 3 in 1 Precision Disk Captive Mesh Rollerball Pen $13.59 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ ezygadgetz via Amazon AU


Currently on lightning deals for today @ Amazon.
Great for ipads and other tablets along with phones - pretty much anything with a touchscreen surface.
I've sold many of these across my own site, ebay & amazon :)

【Captive mesh stylus】The durable mesh tip provides a smudge-free writing and drawing experience that will last and last. With no connection or batteries required, Ready to go right out of the box.
【Precision disk stylus】The precision disc not only creates a precise contact point with the screen to write exactly where you place it, but also has been engineered into one piece for added stability for the creative professionals.
【Smooth rollerball pen】Simple and practical. Rollerball pen offers a convenience for daily use. Long life ball pen provides you a writing experience with reassurance, fairness and robustness.
【No batteries required】Allows you to transition seamlessly from digital to analog. An easy twist transform from a smooth rollerball pen tip for writing on paper into a capacitive mesh stylus tip for touchscreen use or a precision disk stylus for creative professionals. The solid aluminium body is built for portability with a professional appeal. Works on all touchscreen devices and is always ready to go.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • $6.61 on aliexpress, if youre not in any rush to get it

    • Add tax and it is $7.27

    • +1

      Good find! I've never seen this item I stock elsewhere - which is what drew me into sampling & selling it.
      Probably not the exact same (or from the same factory). Concept is similar yes, agreed!
      I know my supplier designed it and patented it… and its a pretty tough product from what I've seen my nieces do with it!
      But sure if you are okay to wait, by all means :)

      • +5

        I would personally go with yours rather than aliexpress as it is a long wait and aliexpress protection is crap, and yours is worth the extra $6 and amazon service is phenomenal. and given that you are truthful about your products and don't trying to lie to upsell people makes me want to pay the extra as I know it will be good quality. Honestly you deserve the $6 extra, other sellers just lie and say that all others are crap and lie to get an extra sale

        • Thanks bud… I'm pretty transparent.
          If you like, great buy it. If you buy it and hate it, return it with the 30 day amazon guarantee :)
          Honestly speaking, I've noticed a bigger demand on these recently with parents caving in and buying iPads for their kids with this schooling from home on and off in VIC in particular.
          I sell them on FB marketplace as well and get contacted about these many times a day, I even asked some folks why this product - response was they didn't want to shell out $150+ for an Apple Pencil / Samsung stylus for their kid who will probably break it or never use it again after the world goes back to some what normal.

          • @ezza: Just a question, when someone returns through amazon, do they send the product back to you or minus it off your earnings, I wanna know more about how amazon fulfilment works

            • @jayboi: Yeah they return it back to the amazon warehouse. Depending on what the customer selects it may be resold or alternatively marked as faulty and I as a seller place an order to have it disposed or returned directly to me.
              Luckily for me I’ve only had 1 customer return for a usbc hub which the customer selected faulty, after I received it back and a few msgs exchanged with the buyer who sent it back, it turned out that they weren’t selecting the right HDMI source on their tv lol

          • +2

            @ezza: good honest seller, would buy from

        • Agree, +1

      • Is this the same ?$15.95 with free postage ? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Universal-3-in-1-Precision-Disk-...

  • Ebay has the following listing 10 Qty. pens for under $10. Available for Free (2-3 days) delivery.


    • Also a good find… however you’ll notice it doesn’t have the precision disc on it, just the mesh section…which is the selling point.

  • Will this works in wacom intuos ?

    • Hi there… honestly I’ve never tried it on a wacom device myself. Although if it’s a simple touch screen type device it should work.
      If it doesn’t work you are welcome to exercise the 30 day return process with amazon.

    • +2

      @buahahaha It will work if you put the Wacom intous in touch mode which recognises like a touch screen as I have one myself, worst case if it doesn't work you can return it to amazon

  • the precision disc work on all screen types?. i really miss having the stylus on my Note phone

    • +1

      Yes pretty much anything with a touch screen :)

  • Will it work on an ipad?

    • Definitely! I use one myself on my iPad :)

  • Went to buy one but showing $16.99 for me?

    • Lighting deal finished up at 8.05pm.
      Have expired deal on here ;-/

      • Ah that's a shame I didn't notice it had a quick expiry and left it too long. Oh well maybe next time

        • +1

          Yeah, lightning deals run for a few hours depending on what amazon schedule them for.
          I'll probably run another when I have more stock :)