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35% off Entire Bowden’s Own Range @ Repco


Bowden’s Own make a great range of car care products and 35% off is a pretty good discount, beating a lot of the previous deals posted when I had a quick look. Enjoy.

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  • marketing EGM 👍

  • Any recommendations for snow cannon products. This vs other brands

    • This one for sure, youll need to make sure you get the right adaptor to suit your pressure washer if it isnt one of the included ones.
      Ive used 3 different snow cannons and this has been the best one to use

      • Yep I’ve got this one and a more expensive one from Italy and the Bowden has been my go to, working flawlessly for a few years now. I usually use Maguire's Gold Glass foams really well.

    • Bought an MJJC one off eBay (or AliExpress) after some research and was much cheaper but does a great job.

    • Agreed with the others, the bowdens snow blow cannon is the best quality one i've owned and produces the best foam consistency


    Love washing my car
    This is good stuff

  • Anyone used their tyre Sheen product? Trying to find one that doesn't sling off.

    • Yes, it's not bad but not a huge fan of the spray bottle. I prefer Zaino's perfect tyre gloss

    • Have used their stuff for years but only recently turned to their tyre sheen, wasn't one for tyre dressings with my old car. IMO it's quite an underrated product. Doesn't fling and actually lasts a surprising number of weeks for something that isn't silicone based. I clean my tyres first using their citrus degreaser and a wet brush, then spray the tyre sheen into a spare microfibre foam applicator (the ones you use for polish application). Helps to get a nice even finish, but also a lower sheen, rather than a crazy gloss.

    • Ive only ever used the mcguiers liquid tyre shine, however its hard to find now, so i bought the bowdens tyre spray in the bottle (not the can). I sprayed it onto an appliction pad and not the tyre, as its really difficult to control overspray. Thoughts: its not bad, its a lot quicker doing it this way than applying liquid from the bottle to the applicator pad. The result isnt as good tho, the liquid one makes your tyres really shiny, whereas this is more of a dull finish. If presented with both options i would go the liquid option, however this spray is a good 2nd choice for me.

  • Not sure how many products aren't discounting fully but was going to grab the Foursome brushes, shows up at $19.49 but only takes $5 off when it's in the cart, so $24.99…

    • Your comment doesn't really make sense. But in any event the foursome brushes have been reduced from $29.99 to $19.49, which is a 35% saving.

      • It shows up as $19.49 but when you put it in the cart, it's $24.99…says save $5 and has $19.49 up the top but sub total and if you go to pay is $24.99.

        Everything else I've added seems fine, but worth double checking if you're putting a decent size order thru as some may get missed.

  • Going to give happy ending a try, thanks OP

  • I just bought it on the weekend with their 30%🙈 should I get a refund and repurchase?😃😃

  • I've been using autoglym aqua wax on my car, would bead machine or wet dreams be the better alternative?

  • Is their Snow Job any good?

  • Quite annoyed that now the bead machine is on sale while I already got the Wet Dream pack last week

    • Is there much of a difference between those 2 products? They seem quite similar.

      • Wet dreams can either be used as a top up for bead machine or by its own.

        It is just that Bead Machine seems to last a longer time (3-4 months vs 1-2 months) and with better hydrophobic abilities. Some ppl even said combining wet dreams and bead machine will last up to 6 months however I am going to take with a grain of salt.

    • Bead machine seems to have better longevity but requires more prep work (and more products) for proper application.

  • How many people use the microfibre cloth wash that they do?

    Or what is the cheaper, yet reliable and safe alternative that you can get at the supermarket?

  • Thanks OP! Bought the snow cannon. $79 with Ignition pricing..

    • It's exactly the same as a $20 one on ebay. I've had one for years and is identical to the Mint snow cannon my mate paid $70~ for…

  • Great price on the snow cannon. Usually it's $79 on special without the extra 2L bottle of wash.

  • Love the naming of their products: Far Cough, Three Way and Wet Dreams - GOLD. Nice find OP! Now just need to find someone to clean my car.

  • Australia's answer to Chemical Guys a different product for every conceivable need

  • Total amateur when cleaning cars. Anyone able to recommend what to get to detail a 2008 i30 to ready it for selling? Particularly the black plastic components.

    Also, what's some good all-round products for the new i30?

    • Umm. Car cleaning products aren't model specific.

      • Understood, was more alluding to the type of car to highlight the type of components (plastic instead of chrome) and appetite for cost and effort - she's no Rolls Royce :). Basically, nothing too flash, just enough todo a decent clean on a daily driver.

        • You could spend around $100 on products and still not have a shmick looking car thats sale ready, because there is technique involved. Spend $150 and get a mobile detailer to give it a once over IMO. Factor the extra $50 in a cost of sale :)

    • If you are preparing for sale, I'd get a local car cleaner to detail or check on AirTasker as they will already have the skills and materials/equipment required.

  • Can someone guide me with what would be the basic items just for car wash, perhaps, once a month? I got 2013 SUV and will also need a pressure washer. Thanks in advance.

  • Damn you Repco I already have more than enough Bowden's products but how can one resist 35% off!

  • Any recommendations for water less cleaning product.

    Like basic cleaning and waxing.

    • water less cleaning product.


      i guess you could try vacuuming the dirt off? :P

      • What I meant was something which doesn't need water wash. I live in a apartment. So, looking for quick clean solution.

    • Are you after waterless or rinseless products? two totally different things

      For waterless, give the Aero Cosmetic wash and wax a go, available from Amazon AU

      For rinseless, many ppl swear by the ONR by Optimum, I ordered it however still on the way so cannot comment on yet.

    • Try this. I bought some last week but yet to use it. Gets good reviews. The subject of a recent OzB deal post, which is how I discovered it. Search for it and read the comments.

  • Trying to buy the three way but it shows $28.99 instead of $22.74. Anyone else getting pricing errors?

  • For those asking for a recomendation of wash kits/methods:

    1. Get a 'snow blow canon' and a 'snow job' bottle to spray the car with form, so part of the dirt will drop down
    2. Get a 'nanolicious' car wash to spray down and use a mitt to gently wipe the remaining dirt
    3. Get a 'happy ending' bottle and spray over to give a good finish and protection
    4. Get a 'big green sucker' to wipe and dry the surface
    5. Choose wheel and glass gloss if you prefer, although I don't see massive value in using those.

    Materials for steps 1-4 will cost you about $150 in smaller quantities, which would still last about a year in my case (wash every 3-4 weeks)

    • If you are washing in sunlight, don't use nanolicious, use Auto Body Gel

      • Why's that? Dries out too fast and leaves a residue? Are there any other tradeoffs between the two that you've noticed?

      • Actually it really doesn't matter unless you're washing in the scorching sun. It does bead off water and makes a coating, best used in the shade. If it is too damn hot and sunny, chances are you don't want to be out there washing a car either.

  • Be careful in processing your order online, bunch of erros on these pages and prices changes when you get to checkout. Keep screenshots if you have to contact support later to correct the pricing

    • One of my orders failed after paying with PayPal. Second time, it went through. I ended up checking my online banking and saw I got charged twice! My PayPal transaction history only shows one transaction. I'm guessing the accidental charge won't go through, otherwise I've got some work on my hands :(

  • Ordered more kits while in Victoria lockdown, cars have never been so clean

  • Cheers OP, this is awesome.

  • Already delivered wow

  • Took the plunge and bought the Claying Rubber and Three Way . Still expensive for the claying rubber, but when you've tried a normal clay bar on a car and it look half a day, this is worth a shot.