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Adaptive Sound Technologies LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine $51.95 Delivered @ Adaptive Sound Technologies Amazon AU


Being a light sleeper this has been great to get to sleep and is a good option when it's too cold to have a fan on

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  • Whats the normal price?

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    How does noise help you in sleeping

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    FYI If you have a Google speaker, you can ask it to play you white noise or nature sounds and it will automatically stop after an hour or so.

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      Alexa, Play white noise.

  • You can get a portable white noise machine for 15-20 at babybuntings, but these deluxe ones are better but audio quality is still woeful for adults.

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    Or play from your phone for free :)

    • that's what i do.
      Freaks my girlfriend out in winter.

  • https://reviewmeta.com/amazon-au/B07G1QY39H

    not the most trustworthy reviews

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    these white noise ‘ sound machines ‘ have been around since the 80’s Got mine @ The Sharper Image Store in the USA - back then - helping me to relax and block out environmental noise , when I wanted to sleep - nowadays there are many free phone apps that can do the same - if not better .

    • Agreed,
      Just download a white noise app.
      I use an app on my old iPad 3.

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    Been using mine for years and I love it. The big selling point for me is the non looping noise. I've tried various apps, my google home etc but the quality doesn't compare.

    Honestly considering getting a second one at this price for my office.

    • I use a cheap bluetooth portable speaker with a microSD slot.

      I make my own continuous sounds from the high quality BBC audio archive. I make them 24hrs long - around 50-100GB depending on source.

      That way it runs without a loop and the audio quality is good and battery backup too. And I get the exact real sounds I want.

  • This sounds like biggest waste of $50 I've seen in a long time. A speaker that can play only 2 sounds or your phone which can play whatever the hell you want with all the apps out there. This tech might have been good 25 years ago.

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    High fidelity white noise what in the (profanity).

  • A basic google speaker will do that and more