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20% off from Indivita Hemp


Received an email from AU reseller of Charlotte’s Web (CW) Hemp Oil saying that they are closing their website due to the tightening of restrictions.

For being such loyal customers, we want to gift you with an exclusive discount code for your next purchase through Indivita. Use code : GOODBYE20 and receive 20% off your next order.

Mod note: Refer to Regulations on Hemp Products from the Office of Drug Control for details on what hemp products can be imported without a license.

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  • What people do with this stuff?

    • Grease your cookie trays.

    • Probably not much, Hemp Oil is pretty inert. It's not much more than a marketing attempt to cash in on popular CBD oil, which is stupidly illegal in Aus. without a prescription, but getting a prescription is fiddly at best.

      • Cbd has been a game changer on prescription

        • I may or may not have a lot of CBD tinctures from trips to California, but I am still on the fence about its effects on me personally. I will take 100-150mg doses to deal with bad lower back pain, sometimes it makes a huge difference, other times not so much of anything.

          Your original reply was helpful.

          • @snuke: the few people i've asked that use it for pain find it ineffective as it makes them too sleepy to do anything. Acupuncture seems to have worked the best for my back pain but have to do it again every now and then. Also learning not to lift or twist stupidly
            I've seen hemp oil sold as some sort of coconut oil craze thing, for mid density lipids , maybe to do with cholesterol ?

            • @juki: Like the positives of CBD, I find the sleepiness of a high dose on or off. Sometimes with that size dose I don't feel any more tired later, other times I do. The amount of other variables at play make it hard to ascertain what's what.
              What is undeniable is that 10mg edible THC will make me sleepy after about 3hrs, but also doesn't have a huge effect on pain.

      • Indivita has lab reports about their oils that contain CBD, in particular the Gold, Silver, Bronze ones. They do all contain the amounts the say they do of CBD, one of the few legit suppliers of CBD in Australia.

    • Mostly make massage oil, or soaps, or moisturisers with it, Its a lovely skin compatible oil, feels really lush.
      People use it as a supplement or food oil, its one of the relatively 'good oils' but you cant really fry with it.
      Its also been used for most of the things you use oil for, it used to be common, but i doubt theres that many using it as just 'an oil' these days

      • Its a lovely skin compatible oil, feels really lush.

        This stuff appears to be "Hemp Extract", it's 80% to 90% coconut oil …

        Edit, or is that 0,02% extract in coconut oil?

  • What tightening of restrictions they are talking about?

    • Hemp oil is restricted product, needs to have less than specific amounts of THC, which these don't.
      They do have Sweet Fk ALl, but it is still too much.


      You may import the following substances without import permission under the PI Regulations:

      Hulled hemp seeds
      Hemp seed meal
      Hemp fibre
      Hemp seed oil if:
      the total cannabidiol (CBD) content of the hemp seed oil is 0.0075% (75mg/kg) or less, and
      the total tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of the oil is 0.005% (50mg/kg) or less
      You may import the following products without import permission under the PI Regulations

      Products contain hulled hemp seeds, derived from hemps, and/or hemp seed oil provided that:
      They do not contain another drug
      They do not contain any part (or extracts) of the cannabis/hemp plant (excluding extracts made from the hemp seeds)
      The total cannabidiol (CBD) content is 0.0075% (75 mg/kg) or less, and
      The total tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content is less 0.005% (50 mg/kg) or less.