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Kogan Premium Smart Wash & Dry Remote Control Electric Bidet Toilet Seat $499 + Delivery ($0 with First) @ Kogan


First time posting. Looking for one for my mum and seen this was 41% off.

+ Delivery
You Save $350 (41%)

$359 with kogan first

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    359 with Kogan First

  • Do your guys reckon it's worth getting? I need one for her that preferably she has a remote, not the phone :)

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    $399 in bunnings 3 year warranty

    • This unit is great!

    • In central Coast Queensland I was looking for one of these from may to July and there is no stock and no eta of stock. The staff said they're no longer getting them in because of covid and they don't know when they're getting more if at all because the line is eliminated.

  • Got one of these for $299 earlier in the year. Quality feels good. My only niggle is that it takes about 10 seconds for the water to come through I believe because of the water heater. Also the air drying function is slow but I didn't expect much from that.

    • Even more expensive systems aren't instant. 10 seconds is a long time to be waiting to wash the mud off though. Does it even have a remote thumbstick so you can direct the stream into the nooks and crannies?

    • My xiaomi one works insantly with hot water flow… or maybe takes 1second at most..

  • ive never used a bidet, where does the water come from? does it need a plumber?

    • There's usually a tap near the toilets cistern. Put on a T adapter, so the water from the tap goes to both the cistern and the bidet seat.

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        Technically needs a backflow valve too

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          And you will want to check your toilet doesn't run off grey water, if it does then you'll need to pay for a line of clean water to be brought to your toilet somehow.

          • @AustriaBargain: How do we find whether itโ€™s running off grey water or clean water? Sorry new to this bidet thingy

            • @dcomo: Check the cistern? Grey or clear water. Grey water is water coming in from the laundry usually, less likely from water collection tanks because it was a hard retrofit and they generally only use it for gardens

            • @dcomo: There will be a little sign next to the toilet warning you no to drink it.

  • Kogan warranty department…please send pics and video demonstrating how the toilet bidet function and air drying is not working properly…..

  • Was looking for one last year. Pretty sure this was 249 or something.

    Kogan….avoid like the plague tbh (too bad people actually don't avoid the plague irl)

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    Finally upgrading my office chair! This is going to be great for those Zoom meetings.

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    I bought mine from ebay for $319.95 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Electric-Bidet-Toilet-Seat-Cover...

    looks the same as kogan

    • ordered the above to try it out, down to $296.35 with code PFIVE5. Thanks!

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