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Phillips Hue Colour Starter Kit (Bayonet Only) $137.72 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Starter Kit: Smart Bulb 3X Pack LED [B22 Bayonet Cap] Includes, Bridge (Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit)

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  • username checks out

  • I don't think that's the latest set that supports Bluetooth.

    • As it comes with a Wi-Fi Hub you shouldn’t need to use Bluetooth. Not sure if there are any other differences with the newer version though.

      • I think they can go slightly brighter, though I bought some a while back and honestly can't tell.

  • Decent price. Looks like it comes with a bridge, which presumably has a UK plug on the power adaptor, and the bulbs are not the new ones…but still a decent price for three colour bulbs with bayonet

    Thanks OP!

    • Agree, good price, I picked up an E27 set for about $150 earlier this year and thought it was cheap then….

  • Is this cheap for the bulbs if I already have a Hue bridge?

  • damn it.. i just bought a set last week for $200..

  • The option appears to be for the bulbs and no bridge. Option is " Lamps only".

    • +3 votes

      Nah, that's if it includes the smart buttons or not. Bridge is included

  • Any deals on the philips hue white ambiance? Looking for 3 bulbs. Amazon is selling these for $175 crazy

  • got an email from shopback saying cashback for order is A$7.51

  • I'm assuming this is expired? Comes to a different set when I click on the link

  • Does it have au plug on it?

  • Anyone had theirs ships yet? I haven't received a refund notification either, but it's been a few days. Kinda feels like they haven't decided what to do haha

    • Mine hasn't shipped either yet. However, its showing 8 to 29 Sept for delivery, which seems to be an unusually broad range of dates, possibly due to covid.
      In my experience with buying US items via amazon.com.au, its as if they wait until they have a full planeload before shipping because sometimes orders show no action until just a few days before the latest due date and then travel half way around the world and turn up on my front porch less than 48 hours after changing status to shipped.

      Mine too, but don't stress for a few weeks yet

      • Oh that actually makes a lot of sense. I never considered that they'd be waiting for a full plane load. I did just get off chat support with Amazon about it. I was concerned that the product page is gone and is showing something that's fulfilled by a company with only 14 transactions in the last month. Super suspect haha. Amazon Rep said that it should send in two days. So fingers crossed for the both of us!

        That said, I wouldn't have been surprised if it wasn't fulfilled. So cheap :o

        • My payment just went through my bank 10mins ago. Usually that's a sign that the order is going to ship within the next 24 hrs. I've not ordered from amazon UK before, so I'm curious to see how long it takes to get here. I'm always amazed at how fast Amazon gets things to me from the US once the order leaves their warehouse. AusPost struggles to get letters to the next suburb in the same sort of timeframes.

          • @newdad: Hahaha so true. I'm also getting an Otterbox case that's supposedly arriving on Monday. Won't even take a week… From Hong Kong. Though they use FedEx, so no surprises there. My Amazon US orders are generally fast as well, but I haven't ordered from them in a few months. Giving UK a go for the first time as well. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to arrive :)

          • @newdad: My payment was finally taken out today! Phew :) Thanks for calming me down! I was thinking of cancelling the order last week because it took so long for them to ship it. Enjoy! I have a few Hue products already. I was just looking to make use of the fixures in the house to add some more colour

  • Ive just received the bulbs today.. they shipped the starter kit by itself without an Amazon shipping box lmao..all the way from the UK. Did they run out of boxes?