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Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA / AAA 8pk $39.95 Delivered @ Shopping Square


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8 Pack AA

8 Pack AAA

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  • I have so many eneloops at home already

    • I moved out and left/gave all mine to my parents. Need to restart my collection. Exciting times!

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        gave all mine to my parents

        that should be enough to fund their retirement ;)

  • Bought 40 AAA Fujitsu Pro (Japan) for 50 Euro inc. shipping late last year.
    Plus heaps more over previous years. https://www.nkon.nl/

    • What do you do with them all?

    • Do they have less recharge cycles like the Eneloop Pros do?

      • They're the same battery as Eneloop. (Made by FDK.)
        Except recent Eneloop got shipped off to China where as Fujitsu were still made in Japan.

        • Are the made in Japan Eneloops old stock? I bought some from Bing Lee in June and they were made in Japan.

          • @FrugalNotStingy: Not sure anymore if, how, when they changed… But I believe for a while that the Americas were still getting (FDK) Japanese manufactured batteries. Whereas we got shafted with the Chinese rebranded Panasonic ones.

            Apart from buying out everything I could find at Masters when they closed down, I've just stuck to buying through Nkon… (Who were originally listed up here by other savvy members.)
            And as the Eneloop and Fujitsu were the exact same battery, I just buy whichever one works out the best deal.

            • @Snoop: Ah right. Not sure if the Eneloop Pros are still made in Japan whereas the regular ones are not.

              To be on the safe side, I will get the Fujitsu from now on. The one thing I miss most is the old limited edition made in Japan regular Eneloops, they all looked so cool.

    • Snoop Sounds like it is a better deal to go with AAA Fujitsu Pro

  • the ikea batteries are pretty much the same as the eneloop pros and 8 + shipping work out to 38.98 for me

  • Do the eneloops hold their charge for a couple of months? I'm over the Energiser and Duracell rechargeables. Whenever I reach for them from the drawer, they're flat even though they were charged a month or so earlier.

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      Eneloops boast holding up to 70% charge after 10 years. In my experience they easily hold for a couple of months.

      • Thanks might be time to finally switch. Can I repurpose the energiser chargers or is it best to get an eneloop charger?

        • Yeah can I use my energiser charger?

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          Can you set the charging speed on the energiser charger? Eneloops will be charged by any charger but I think old, fast chargers may reduce battery life. Regular eneloops if charged properly can be recharged up to 2100 times.

    • I wonder where does the charge goes away? Isn't this violating the law of conservation of energy?

  • was looking for AAA deal, thanks.

  • Had to throw away half of my Panasonic's Eneloops bought from Dick Smiths. They are just as crappy as Aldi-brand NiMH, after a few years the internal resistance becomes too high and they won't get recharged any more.

    I guess Panasonic just simply put Eneloop brand on their own shitty LSD chemicals.

    • What charger are you using?

      I find my "smart" La Crosse charger gives me null on a lot of batteries and won't charge them. I pop them in a dumb charger for a minute, then they're back to life for the La Crosse charger. Seems to be only when the batteries have been drain right down to nothing and left sitting idle.

      Another thing to try is to build a circuit with a good battery and some steel tongs/foil. Use the good battery to put a bit of charge in the dead one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sujrpwjta4k

      • Same here, although I just left them in La Crosse for ages and eventually they went off "null" and charged. Didn't help much though, they still seem to go flat fast for me. I'm back to non-rechargables.

      • That's just a trick to be able to recharge a little bit to the battery; it does not revert the bad condition.

        I found that old-school non-LSD NiMHs could last much longer. Still use some non-LSD Panasonic ones I bought 16-17 years ago, capacity goes does down a bit (70% left) but still functions very well. Early Aldi-brand ones were also non-LSD, I still have some working well.

        For LSDs, I was satisfied with only Sanyo Eneloops. I am also experimenting with Coles-brand and IKEA LSDs, need a few more years to see how good they are.

  • what do you use to charge these? any deals on a charger to go with that?

    • Also interested in this - the LiitoKala chargers are popular on there, but not sure if they're appropriate for these batteries.

  • I understand they are over twice the mAh, but are they really worth paying four times the price of these?

    • It says they are 1000mAH. Eneloop AAs are min 1900 mAH

      I remember the heyday of the eneloop frenzy when they could be bought for <$20 per 8, often including postage. I have plenty that I bought back then, probably 6 years ago or more and they're all still going strong

      • They were regular Eneloops though, not pro

      • It says they are 1000mAH. Eneloop AAs are min 1900 mAH

        I'm aware of that, but it didn't really answer the question.

        • they have half the capacity. What you can do is get two of them and duct tape them together. Might have to compress them a bit in order to fit them into a socket though.

    • Depend on your use. Remotes then no, flash lights yes.

      FYI Ikea ladda are same price as ones you linked, they're just as good as eneloops.

      Get EBL if you want budget.

  • I remember how excited I used to get, when I saw Eneloops come up on here years ago !

    I lived for Eneloop and SD Card deals !

  • My last AAA buy 1 get 1 free from Bing Lee still unopen XD

  • Too long since I saw a deal like this !

  • Thx OP! Got a set of 8 AA for my R/C transmitter. Happy about it ;)

  • How do you get free shipping?

    • Via the mobile version of the site in a web browser on your phone. It estimates a shipping fee during checkout as $5. But I found that the shipping fee disappears when you pay via PayPal.

  • 8x Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA BK-3HCCE (Made in Japan) arrived in two 4x retail packages inside a rather basic paper envelope.

    Manufacture date:
    19-12 (2019 December)

    2520 to 2550 mAh (results from a 2500 Break-in on a Powerex MH-C9000).

    Internal Resistance:
    35 to 45 mOhm (results from a Vapcell S4+ charger).


  • I am still waiting delivery :(

  • Anyone other than Tim Mc got their Eneloops yet? I am still waiting.

  • Got my Eneloops a few days ago. Looks legit.