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Mercusys Halo S12 (3-Pack) AC1200 $89.10, ViewSonic VA2719-2K 27" IPS $305.1, TP-Link Archer AX6000 $475.2 Delivered @ Wireless1

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  • So the guy that did my NBN put the modem wall plug in the front room of my house so in the back half and towards the backyard the reception is quite terrible. Currently using the default Optus sagemcom + TP-Link wifi extender.
    Anyways, will getting a better router improve connection to the actual router itself? Any suggestions?

    • Get a cabler in to wire up a couple AP in the ceiling or in walls. I suggest a couple unifi lites would do the job very well. Otherwise a mesh will be more effective then just changing routers because your walls are still goin to be there

        • To be clear, Dezeption said Calber because not all electricians are allowed to do Data Cabling as it requires ceritifcation. Be sure to check that they're certified before getting anyone to come out.

          • @Rodgort: To elaborate. Electricians need to have a structured cabling endorsement to do the work. The form is called a TCA1. Cabling is extremely easy to do and probably half do it themselves, which half of them doing a better job then a open cabler or sparky has because they learn, take their time

          • @Rodgort: Will look out for that. Thanks guys.

    • Go mesh - sufficient selection across varying price range.

    • I paid my guy an extra $50 and he said he’d put it in any room I wanted

    • NBN guy did that to me too, via a existing telstra outlet located at the front of the house.
      I was wondering how to open the telstra box but a small flat screwdriver opened it up easily.
      I re-wired the existing optus cable from the optus box into the telstra/nbn box via a splitter.
      Optus outlet is located at the centre of the house, now with mesh, covering the whole house at full speed. (50/20mbps in my case)

  • Don't get the AX6000, I've had nothing but problems with mine.

    • I was thinking of buying it for my new house so keen to understand what issues were you having? I am in the market for a good wifi 6 router so looking for any recommendations?

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        Asus RT-AX86U & RT-AX88U.

        Netgear Orbi RBK752 & RBK852.

      • i have the ax3000, make sure running latest firmware, mine runs great …..

        • I was. Now I'm running a beta firmware from TP-Link that logs my faults so I can send them to their support team.

          edit: realised you weren't replying to me…. my point remains however.

          • @fattymattyd: Mine also keep dropping devices, no internet on wireless devices and various other connectivity on the 5G network and you need to keep rebooting the router every few days or weeks. It would work for a bit and then same thing would happen.

            I think I found this solution on TP-link forum- post 143 (from SteveMozLV1)


            and i am currently trying a bigger amperage AC adapter from a old Telstra cable modem. It seemed to be working fine and stable at the moment with the latest 1.1.1 Build 20200714 rel.18254 firmware.

            I also purchased off eBay when it was first released from wireless1 promo. Finger cross.

      • The 5ghz band constantly drops out when running the channel width at either 80MHz or 160MHz (it might work for a few minutes, few days or a week). It appears to be a bit more stable at 40MHz but then you're not going to be getting wifi 6 speeds so what's the point…

        Not to mention all the issues I've been having with Google Homes / Smart Lights randomly dropping off the network (even though most are on the 2.4GHz band).

        Had NONE of these issues with my previous Netgear D7000.

        As I said in another post, TP-Link have put me on a Beta firmware to log faults so I can send them back to them. I have been on this firmware for a bit over a week and it's dropped out once in that time.

        I knew going in that TP-Link were more a budget brand, but I still hoped it would all be OK…. nope. Just do yourself a favour, and don't.

        I will be going back to a Netgear as soon as possible.

    • Yes i have this router as well, i also experiencing many issues. So stay away from this rubbish.

    • I've been using the AX6000 since first came out upgrade from TP Link AC3200, best thing I ever did. No problem whatsoever. Thesignal is fantastic. For the price can't beat it. Wonder what kind of issues people are experiencing? Definitely not rubbish for me and I'd buy another one in a heartbeat. Try switching the output to mid rather than high, could make a difference. Not that mid is that much less powerful. I have about a dozen if not more devices linked to it.
      My computer is using WiFi 6.

      • Unfortunately I've tried setting the transmit power to low/medium/high - didn't make a difference.

        Similarly I've tried every different 5GHz channel, no difference.

        The only thing that maybe helped reliability was setting the channel width to 40MHz - but then the WiFi speeds were so slow that I might as well not have a WiFi 6 router in the first place.

  • +3 votes

    If the monitor dropped a bit more to under $300, I would buy to take advantage of tax deduction next year. So close…

  • Bought the monitor :) - was looking at this monitor only a couple days ago at PLE.

  • Had a look on google, reddit and youtube and I cannot find any reviews or experiences people have had with the Mercusys system. I am moving into a new house soon which is 300 sqm, probably 250ish excluding the backyard and it is double story. I'm moving from an apartment and at the moment only have 1 router for my home, I was wondering if the Mercusys system would be a good option for my house or should I buy something more reputable.

  • FYI eariler this year I ordered this same monitor from Wireless1 on eBay when they had a discount sale. They sold it without having it in stock, and after about 3 weeks waiting for their shipment to come in I cancelled it and the next day picked one up from MWave for like $10 more.

    I vaguely recall some having similar problems with them, but a few chimed in and said they'd ordered with no issues with ordering.

    • To be fair there were no issues cancelling my order, and they were fairly responsive to my messages.

  • is the monitor 144hz?

    • I wonder all the information you will get if you opened up the link and looked at the specs….. But no it's not

  • Anyone had problems in regards to their order? Been getting voicemail and emails to call them back in regards to an 'error' but they won't elaborate.. Called them and it just goes to voicemail 😒
    Ordered and paid for the monitor..

  • Don't buy the monitor. I bought it and it's got a yellow tint compared to regular monitors. It's also not as sharp as my other viewsonic 144hz monitor. After buying it and noticing this I went to google reviews and other people had the same issue.

    If you do buy it, it's cheaper elsewhere (search it up in the search bar).

    Also having issues where black bars will appear randomly if I use one HDMI port (but not the other).

  • Archer AX6000 $425 fee shipping with eBay Plus > https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TP-Link-Gaming-4K-Router-Archer-...