Catch Now Allows You to Cancel Club Catch from Your Account

Many have had trouble or did not sign up to club catch trial for this reason. But Catch has finally come to terms with it, and now you can cancel Club Catch membership from your account settings or the link below.

You also get to keep the benefits for the entire month you signed up for, that means you can cancel it as soon as you sign up to a trial and use it for an entire month.

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    Finally. That was the grubbiest practice I've seen from an Australia business all year.

  • Well, at least something went right this year.

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    I guess it started costing them money with all the chargebacks.

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      Or that it’s under Wesfarmers now

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      I bet the people who worked there got complaints from their friends all the time. Even the CEO, "hey Bob, I signed up for that app you run and it wouldn't let me cancel, ya big dope"

      • "Yeah, ya big dope"

  • Sounds like a good find Op, I avoided Club Catch after hearing about others having issues with cancelation. However when signing up for a trial it still states you have to contact them for cancelation.

    Can anyone (currently with Club Catch) confirm with a screenshot that you can actually cancel at any time now?

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      I cancelled mine last night in 2 seconds. Forgot to take screenshot.

  • does anyone know if you can easily just create a new catch account for the trial again? i've used it once but want to create another for 20x flybuys points instead of 10x points on already created (and used trial) account.

    need to do anything special? not same linked card? IP login history? should i use VPN?

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    Just wanted to let people know I just signed up (with an old pre-paid credit card, just in case) and can confirm that it is now simply a click of a button to cancel.

    Screen that comes up when you hit the cancel button:

    Thanks again Op.

  • It seems like they removed the cancel button again, even though the support article states you can cancel the membership through the "Club Catch" section.

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