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Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller Neon Blue Red $68.22 + $8.71 Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon AU via UK


This came up on my watch list and I bought 3 which is the maximum limit since friends are always asking for them

I've never seen a genuine pair so cheap

Be quick!

From what I've read I wouldn't try to open multiple accounts to buy more than 3 unless you want your accounts banned

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Are these legit?

    Some reviews said they have been sent fake ones before.

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      It's sold by Amazon UK

      I've returned a projector to Amazon US full postage paid by Amazon $70 for a projector worth ~$100

      I don't imagine you'd have a problem but if anyone's had problems let us know

      • I ordered one to try my luck.

        Fingers crossed.

      • +1

        I think when it comes to global stores, "Sold by Amazon US/UK" doesn't necessarily mean the inventories are acquired by them. It seems Amazon US/UK sell some of FBA items on the Amazon AU shopfronts.

        Not 100% sure but that's how it seems to me. If you go to the corresponding US/UK pages you will frequently notice that the items are not sold by US/UK in their respective US/UK store but by a FBA seller.

  • Is that the same red as mario special edition?

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      No. The red from that edition is more muted and darker.

      This one complements the right Red Joy Con.

  • Reviews seem rather risky… Buyer beware

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      These review might be purchased from third party seller. I don't think there will have any problem with Amazon itself. Does not matter au UK or us

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        I was going to mention the same thing. The worst thing about Amazon is that their reviews are not separated out by seller, so any third party seller of the same item has the same reviews as anything sold from Amazon themselves. I have 3 pairs of JoyCons all experiencing JoyCon drift to varying degrees, so I'm taking the risk on this one.

      • Just for future reference, how can you check/tell if its 3rd party or amazon?

        • You can't, under the current Amazon review system

          • @ce5himm: You can tell who you are buying it from under the price (e.g. Ships and Sold by Amazon AU), but as ce5himm mentioned above, reviews do not mention who the reviewer purchased it from.

            The section “Other Sellers on Amazon” share the same page and reviews, and the reviews could have been purchased from one of them. My general rule is only trust Amazon (AU, US, UK, etc) unless you know the other seller. Check their reviews and how long they have been around if you do take the plunge on a 3rd party seller.

  • +1

    Considering the possibility of joy-con drift, I think it’s safer to stick to local stock

  • Brought one, mine start drift already, wd40 could only temporary fix it. Thanks op

  • Looking at the same item on Amazon UK (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nintendo-Switch-Joy-Controller-Pair...), it appears to be on sale as well (35.08GBP which is around AUD64). Since it's sold by Amazon UK, I imagine it's about as safe as buying from Amazon AU, only in this case it's being shipped from UK.

  • Thanks, going to take the risk 😊
    I've never had any issues returning items.

    Edit. It's coming up as $102.00 in cart but $69.22 on the item page 😢

  • +1

    Showing as $106?

    • That's crazy dude. I looked at the link like 7 minutes ago and it was at the asking price.

  • +2

    That was quick all over folks congrats to the lucky ones

  • $106.50. Guess I just missed it.

    • 102 from Amazon uk.but I don't think with the wait.

  • Party over.

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    Too long debating whether I needed this or not with the original joy con pair + pro controller I have :(

    • +1


    • mate I still got another pair i already have the following:

      Sweet potato joycons
      Original neon joycons with switch
      2 x pro controllers
      2 x PDP wired camo controllers
      1 x Nintendo online SNES controller
      1 x 8bitdo controller

      You can never have enough controllers LOL

    • Too much thinking. As ozbargainer, buy first, think later.
      At the bottom line, you can sell to you friends if they need, at this price, they would be happy.

  • +1

    Ooo. Recently replaced the joysticks on mine due to the right one developing drift and the left one stopped working cause I dropped it.

    Couldn't really connect the right one correctly as I had 1 stripped screw so now it doesn't charge and strictly works wirelessly.

    The right ones out of battery and I'm waiting for my drill bit to arrive so I could remove that stupid screw.

    No way in hell I was going to pay the initial aski g price but have I waited, then I wouldve pulled the trigger on this.

    Can't believe Nintendo of Australia can get away with not honouring free fixes for the drifting issue since it's known to be widespread.

    • I had mine start drift 2 days after warranty expires. Then I brought wd40, temporary fixed for couple of times. Until tonight. Guess this pair should last till next gen switch related.

      • You can find a few youtube videos showing you how to change the stick, takes about $15 and 15 min to do the repair

        • +1

          Yes, but another benefit of extra pair is it let my whole family play party games together. I currently only had 1 pair and 1 pro controller. The little one always cry when he can not play with us. Lol

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        Had my Joy Cons repaired in April this year which came with the console I bought in March 2018. It's worth sending them an email to check. However they didn't confirm if I would be charged for the repair until they had received the controllers.

        • Yes, they told me the same. Did you pay for the fix since yours are out of warranty.

          • @ce5himm: Oh I should've mentioned, they fixed them free of charge. Possibly related to the backlash regarding Joy Con drift including a class action lawsuit filed against them.

            • @ZachBlasphemy: Good to hear that. It's gonna drift again anyway, so I am just lazy dealing with them. Next time if wd40 can not fix it. Maybe I will give it a try later.

        • Exactly. Mine were done out of warranty for drift. Free.

          But they won't confirm until they receive it. If it isn't drift they will charge ($30+?) to send them back even if no work is done.

          They did list on the repair form that one joycon was a different issue. Frankly that was either BS, or because I was working it so hard due to massive drift. But they fixed it anyway.

          Of note they replaced not repaired. I sent in grey and got grey back too.

        • Currently, due to covid, they aren't accepting repair requests. At least, not for Melbourne.

    • What's this "drift" you speak about?

      I've never heard of it … but i guess its something i should know about …

      • If you are not a heavy gamer, you may not experience it until 1 or 1.5 years later. My case was just over a year and I am a casual player only.

      • +1

        The analog stick registers movement even when you are not touching it. So the in-game character drifts to that particular direction. Tends to happen with aged joycon because the rather fragile analog stick becomes worn out

    • They are being sued in the US as it's common, the fix has been known about since a few months after release. And it effects the pro controller, switch revision & switch lite. I've read over there they replace the joycons no questions asked ever outside warranty.

      We need a lot more complaints to ACCC as they knew it was a manufacturing defect & still sold the product. Once enough complaints received ACCC will investigate. Would love to see their price fixing punished while they are at it.

      • I’ve never heard it affecting Pro controllers, you sure about that? I thought that they were build differently to the joy-cons

        • +1

          My pro controller haven't experience the drift issue yet, it's been over 2 years. I do read the early batches may experience d-pad issue.

          • @ce5himm: Yeah I don't think it's a common issue like with joy-cons

      • Never heard of pro controllers with this issue and I have 2 I use often at home for 2 years and nothing wrong with them.

      • It's definitely not as common in the pro controllers. Likely due to their build quality being higher than the joycons. Haven't encountered any myself. Same with the switch lite. I'm just going on what the info I read about the lawsuit covered. Nintendo is in damage control for ignoring the issue for 3 yrs & remaining tight lipped aside from a half assed PR apology. They have also been trying get the lawsuit dismissed but it's been approved by a judge to the next stage so fingers crossed they finally fix the issue at manufacturing level.

  • oh man….. missed again….

  • Anyone had any updates on the postage or know how long it takes for them to post it out?

    • not yet, nothing from amazon

  • Not shipped yet. Guess I will get my Mario 3d all star before these joycon arrive.

  • Mine has been shipped out. Tracking journey started in France.

  • Mine was shipped too via UPS no info available yet

  • it's been 13 days now, my order still haven't been shipped. anyone else in the same situation? according to the comment at least two orders were shipped couple of days ago. i had good experience with amazon au and us for shipping, and never thought amazon uk would be so slow.

    • Could be another batch or alternative location

      I wouldn’t worry I waited a while for Playseat seat sliders at half price took a couple of weeks to arrive

      Hopefully you get a credit voucher if they can’t deliver it but that usually happens up front at this stage I would say they are honoring it

  • I finally got an email saying mine was dispatched today.

    • +1

      yay, looks like we are the same batch. mine is by DHL

      • hi5

        Its coming from the UK so im going to sanitise the f$*k out of the package when it arrives.

        • Lol, I even sanitise those from Melbourne.

  • +1

    Mine just got delivered

    Totally legit :)

    • mine is on the way, est 2 OCT.

  • Mine arrived today. Legit items.

    • Mine should arrive tomorrow or Monday at worst

      • +1

        Just got mine, looks fine.

  • Received mine today, box arrived squished.

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