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ALDI- Multifunction Airfryer $149, Smart Thermocooker $499, Air Compressor $169, Portable Freezer $499, Cooktops $199, Oven $249


From the upcoming Aldi catalogue starting on 9 and 12 September. 12 September Items

ALDI- Multifunction Airfryer $149 9/9
Smart Wi-Fi 3L Thermo Cooker $499 9/9
Air Compressor $169 12/9
Portable Freezer $499 12/9
Cooktops 59cm $199 9/9
Electric Oven 80L $249 9/9
14 place stainless steel dishwasher $349 9/9
Table Saw $199, 24V Cordless Hammer Drill $79.99, Air Nail Gun $39.99, 250g Strawberries $1.49, 1kg Carrots 79c 12/9
Instant up tent 4 person $129 12/9

Scan Full credit to the Facebook poster.

Mod Note: Several items are not available to purchase in VIC.

To ensure that we are encouraging our customers to follow the Victorian State Government’s Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions, that only one person per household can leave home to get necessary goods and services, we have removed some Special Buys™ products from our Victorian stores (plus Albury & Lavington stores) that require two people to safely lift and purchase the product.

This includes the advertised:
1. Smart Wi-Fi 3L Thermo Cooker
2. 16L Multifunction Air Fryer
3. 14 Place Stainless Steel Dishwasher
4. Electric Oven 80L
5. Table Saw 254mm
6. Vertical Air Compressor 50L
7. Glass Display Cabinet
8. Boxing Tower and Bag
9. Spin Bike

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      • Dodged a bullet, thanks!

    • +1

      I got one, happened to be at aldi just after open by chance. Really low quality, and much smaller than i thought it would be. You absolutly did not miss out.

  • +1

    Is the Air Compressor decent?
    How's it compare to this Ryobi Airwave 50L 2.0HP Air Compressor ($209) ?

    • Previous Aldi compressors were quite decent, I'll be hunting one down. That Ryobi is pretty low airflow at 120l/min FAD (190l/min max). This SCA compressor on special for $20 more is 180l/min FAD.

      • Thanks. Never owned one so not sure what to look for.

      • Can the airflow usually be adjusted if a lower flow is needed? I've never owned one either.

  • Can anyone comment on the quality/durability of the ceramic cooktop or electric oven?

    • id like to piggyback here and ask are these (cooktops) easy to install? i bought one off kogan ages ago after dropping coffee and smashing mine but been too scared to install it

  • dammit - wheres the mountain bike

    • -1

      Unfortunately I think they had the 29" mountain bike in March this year, unlike other years when it was at the end of winter… Was hoping to get one this year but was completely focused on something else in late March…

    • +2

      March and September have been the mountain bike months in past years. Dont give up hope yet.

      That said, global demand is still out stripping supply for bikes at the moment.

      • People avoiding public transport?

        • Yeah, mainly transport, and for exercise during gym closures.

          I guess demand will ease now the northern hemisphere is heading into winter.

  • Dang, I'm waiting for the sous vide stick to come again..

  • Cheers. Can we get a price update on the dishwasher in desc? Reads as $349 in catalogue

  • +1

    dose any one knows about there dishwasher that is on sale ?? is it any good ??

  • 16L air fryer! So huge.

  • Does anyone know what will be available in Melbourne? I know they have been hesitant to offer the bulky products (boxing bag/spin bike etc)

  • And theres the kmart sausage roll maker!

  • +2

    Before you buy any high price electrical item from Aldi, you should check how long they carry parts if it breaks down. A friend night a washing machine and it broke after two years and Aldi didn't have the parts and luckily he got a full refund.

    • how much is the warranty on these big items

      • Firstly, it depends on what the retailer/manufacturer gives you eg 1yr or 5yrs etc.

        Secondly, the ACCC gives you “statutory warranty” which is what they believe a product should realistically last. Typically, statutory warranty is much longer than the retail/manufacturers warranty.

  • +2

    And whilst y'all fight the battle of the air fryer, I'm going straight for the chocolate and German food.

  • How does it compare with this Kogan one: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-12l-1800w-digital-air-fry...

  • +1

    I am planning to renovate kitchen and change the appliances. Can someone tell me about quality of Gas Cooktop, Dishwasher and oven. Can anyone also tell me how much warranty these items carry.

    • -3

      How lazy.

      • I can't find anything online. Would appreciate any link for reference

        • As with all no name brands you’ll struggle find any reviews of their products.

          Although there are some YouTube channels that review small Aldi/Bauhn appliances eg steam cleaners etc.

          So, try YouTube!

  • Does anyone know if they still do the frozen bake at home pretzels they used to do around Oktoberfest time?

  • Here to remind you that airfryers are just a gimmicky crippled convection oven for dudes who want their tendies cooked six minutes faster so they can spend the extra time arguing about Marvel Vs DC on twitter.

    • +2

      Don’t those types just get their mum to cook the tendies?

    • Don't agree! Have both and the airfryer wins for almost everything frozen, except frozen pizza, and if it can fit in your air fryer.

    • +1

      Or it's for people who cook real food and realise it's faster and much easier to clean in many cases. I made pork belly last night and chucked the airfryer drawer in the dishwasher after use. No oven scrubbing required 👍
      But I'm not a dude so maybe I'm doing it wrong?

  • Note: the Vertical Air Compressor 50L won't be available in VIC

    Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have removed this Special Buys™ product from our Victorian stores. This is due to the nature of the product being heavy and requiring two people to safely lift the product.

  • I can't decide between this Aldi airfryer, the Kogan one, or to wait for the Kmart one to be back in stock…
    These are all functionally pretty similar with similar specs and attachments. Aldi has largest capacity, but I'll only cooking for 1-2 ppl, but I do prefer more space rather than cram things in, even if it's more power usage?

    (I'll get there early but there'll be none left anyway lol)

    (only available after mid Oct)

    (hasn't been in stock for most of this year, but website shows "back online soon" though?)

  • how many of the air fryer u think they will have in store?

    • had about 6 or 8 at Eastwood store. I was 4th in line, didn't realise I had to run when the doors opened, people dashed in behind me and I just missed out when I got to it.

  • Don't bother going to ALDI to get one .. they mentioned on their facebook page that there has been a shortage in stock already from overseas —> shorturl.at/mpwFG

    there will be riots tomorrow morning with people not on here and fb being prewarned.

    " COVID-19 has impacted the delivery of some of our Special Buys. The 16L Multifunction Air Fryer and Pastry Maker have been impacted by shipping delays resulting in limited stock availability in our stores.

    We apologise in advance for any disappointment this might cause our customers, and remind everyone to shop with kindness in this challenging time. "

    • You are right, i went there this morning when they open. Air fryer is not available, people arrived there were very disappointing.

      • I am in WA. Managed to grab one. There were plenty but gone within 10 minutes of opening.

  • +1
  • Anyone got any reviews on the portable fridge?

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