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ALDI- Multifunction Airfryer $149, Smart Thermocooker $499, Air Compressor $169, Portable Freezer $499, Cooktops $199, Oven $249


From the upcoming Aldi catalogue starting on 9 and 12 September. 12 September Items

ALDI- Multifunction Airfryer $149 9/9
Smart Wi-Fi 3L Thermo Cooker $499 9/9
Air Compressor $169 12/9
Portable Freezer $499 12/9
Cooktops 59cm $199 9/9
Electric Oven 80L $249 9/9
14 place stainless steel dishwasher $349 9/9
Table Saw $199, 24V Cordless Hammer Drill $79.99, Air Nail Gun $39.99, 250g Strawberries $1.49, 1kg Carrots 79c 12/9
Instant up tent 4 person $129 12/9

Scan Full credit to the Facebook poster.

Mod Note: Several items are not available to purchase in VIC.

To ensure that we are encouraging our customers to follow the Victorian State Government’s Stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions, that only one person per household can leave home to get necessary goods and services, we have removed some Special Buys™ products from our Victorian stores (plus Albury & Lavington stores) that require two people to safely lift and purchase the product.

This includes the advertised:
1. Smart Wi-Fi 3L Thermo Cooker
2. 16L Multifunction Air Fryer
3. 14 Place Stainless Steel Dishwasher
4. Electric Oven 80L
5. Table Saw 254mm
6. Vertical Air Compressor 50L
7. Glass Display Cabinet
8. Boxing Tower and Bag
9. Spin Bike

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  • Cheers

  • Any opinions on the Air Fryer

    • I wouldn't call this an airfryer, I'd call this a fan forced toaster oven.

      Once you start introducing racks into an "air fryer" the ease of cleaning which has been key to the popularity of the "drawer type" air fryer all but dissapears.

    • Just like an oven but you have to clean the whole thing rather than the tray. I guess if you put a tray in it would block the air circulation.

      Tray design below also on special


    • Would be nice to get some opinions from actual users rather than those speculating that it's like their existing fan forced oven.

      I have a 6L no name brand and it's amazing, I just wonder how well this aldi one cooks larger portions (whole chickens, etc). Hopefully it's powerful enough to make use of the capacity.

      • It is literally a small oven though Air Fryer's work in exactly the same way as a fan forced oven. The benefits though are they are smaller so heat up quicker, the air can be circulated a bit better as well, but for all intents and purposes they are a fan forced oven.

        • You're not going to get that sort of airflow in your fan forced oven. That's where people are mistaken in saying it's just a small oven.

      • I have never used it but my one from two years ago from aldi came with the rotisserie specifically for chicken. So I'm assuming, yes.

    • can only see a picture of it so no ideas of its specs - but in general, air fryers good; and I think this looks like a lot of other ones on the market that appear essentially to have the same specs but are different cosmetically. Eg, devanti make one ($240) that looks a bit different to the kogan one (at $129), but has the same functionality, programs and accessories. i have no proof, but it does look like they are the one product tweaked for different retailers. I have a kogan one on order, with free delivery and $5 for subscribing to their newsletter. Mattblatt have a range of them as well, including the devanti i refer to

    • Bought their similar model two years ago and I love it! I use it almost daily for a range of meals. Great for the normal things like potato gems and chips but I also have on the odd occasion cooked steak on the bottom rack with some chips/roast veggies on the top rack. Great for bacon (in the fryer) and eggs (in the pan) on the weekend as well.

      I live by myself so I find that I have been using my oven less and less due to this air flyer.

      Clean up is easy, wire trays and bottom tray in the dishwasher, wipe down the side and door and you're done.

      Happy to answer questions.

    • Did some digging around online. Looks like it could be a rebranded version of this one: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/1800W-16-Liter-Digita...

  • My Melbourne catalogue has much less, no thermo cooker, dishwasher or oven. Poor lockdowners :(

    • what? You mean the thermo cooker is not available in Melbourne?

      Always thought the specials were national wide, well at least East side.

      • Must be a covid thing, normally it is consistent. All my local Melbourne stores switched 2/3 of their special buys space to regular grocery space, so I'm guessing their distribution is affected.

        • I was checking Big W site and they are offering free books when buying in store, EXCEPT in Melbourne, o i guess they are trying to avoid having such good offers that people would leave their houses and form a crowd just to get an air fryer or thermocooker.

      • Melbourne Aldi is not stocking anything that requires 2 people to carry as only 1 person from household allowed to shop per day.

    • Are you sure you have the catalogue posted here?

      Normally not available until Monday or Tuesday at the earliest

    • I actually wanted the punching bag to exercise in lockdown, and they SHITCANNED IT! 😡

  • Wonder how smart thermocooker is.
    How does it compare to the $2k+ thermomix.

    • If this had half of the function of a thermomix it would be an awesome product.

    • This thermocooker looks like a big improvement over lthe previous model that Aldi sold earlier this year.

      • That’s what my thoughts were. But won’t pull the trigger until I see some reviews!

        • The previous model fared well against the Thermomix.

          So the addition of touchscreen should make it more premium. I will definitely be queuing up.
          I am returning my unopened Kcook Delonghi smart thermocooker.

          • @jamba: You would be better keeping the kcook. It is unlikely to be able to be used as a true food processor and will probably not cook to 180C. Unless you want it for "milling". The kCook Multismart is a more flexible machine.

            • @staceleebrown: Thanks for the advice. So you reckon the kcook has more features? Plus I bought the kcook for $343 which is $150 cheaper than the Aldi cooker.

              • @jamba: The kCook has the independent processing tower so you can grate & slice. It also has the ability to stir without “mushing” the contents. The app is clunky to find recipes on, but once you do find what you want to cook, the machine does a very good job. The Thermomix TM6 advantage over it is that it does a better job of “blender” style milling & grinding, but the other machines with the exception of the Magimix Cook Expert do a better job of stirring. The TM6’s biggest advantage is the guided cooking and access to Cookidoo which is constantly being updated with more recipes. I don’t think that Aldi will be able to provide the level of support that Thermomix provide so their machine won’t have that advantage over the kCook.

    • Thermomix is an overpriced pyramid scheme product. (okay, MLM specifically, but that's just hiding behind semantics)

  • So…..let me get this straight……no liquor cake this year? fffffffff……..

  • I have this one from Kmart www.kmart.com.au/product/3-in-1-air-fryer-oven/2754803 it's very similar and $20 cheaper delivered, but out of stock at the moment.
    Gets excellent reviews, I can not recommend highly enough.

    • I've been pondering about that Kmart one for a while. For when the cheapie Kogan one eventually dies, if ever.

      Think I'd rather the Kmart one of it's available later since the ALDI one ain't going to have much support after the special buy period.

    • Honesty the best purchase I’ve made. Use it everyday

    • I use my Kmart one on a bi-daily basis. It's awesome.

    • Agree with the above.
      I've been using this almost daily whilst I've been working from home.
      Makes lunches more interesting as you can do things that you would normally do in the over but do not need to wait for pre-heating.

      Roast Pork Belly and Roast Pork works out fantastic with this.

      I also make beef jerky with mine using the dehydrate function.

      • Does it have a rottiserie?

        • The Kmart one does - i actually haven't used it myself so cannot comment on effectiveness.
          It is only rated to 1kg so don't expect to do anything massive.

          I have used the rotisserie basket for chips but it's a pain to use so i just use the trays.

      • Can you elaborate on the jerky part? I nearly want one just for this feature alone! I've been wanting to make my own jerky for a very long time, does it go dry enough? I like it very dry/hard, something a lot of jerky/biltong can't achieve since the (good) Geronimo days.

        Air fryer for everything else is a bonus.

        • I've never had geronimo.
          but yes it can go hard and dry but i can't comment if that will be enough for you.

          • @dasher86: Geronimo had deals a plenty a few years ago before they got bought out and eventually closed down.

            They used to be the OzBargain go-to.

            As long as it's not chewie (almost moist) like a lot of jerky I've tried, I'd be sold.

    • It's been pretty much out of stock since at least the beginning of the year, I have periodically been checking as I've been wanting it for a long time. Don't see it coming back anytime soon, so might go for this Aldi one or even Kogan (spec wise almost identical to the Kmart one it seems, just bigger by 1L)

  • Remember people, when fighting for the last Airfryer, fists up, protect your chin.

    Throw the empty cardboxes at the opponent's children. Enough to deter but not enough to hurt them.

    • +3 votes

      And gentlemen in England now a-bed

      Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,

      And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks

      That fought with us upon Aldi Special Buys' day.

  • In the market for a tent, but unsure on quality of this product.

    Anyone have experience with Aldi tents before? reviews?

    • Yep, our first tent was a ten man tent. Had no issues with it except it was too big for us. Changed to a Coleman's and it snapped the first time we put it up.

    • You've got 60 days to return it, even after use. Try it.

    • I bought this tent about 3 years ago. I believe it's a Roman brand. I've had a great experience with it. I'm quite tall (1.96m) and can stand up inside.

      Haven't been out in rough conditions though.

      Easy to fold out and easy to pack down. I'd definitely buy it again.

    • Bought a 6 man tent from Aldi a year ago on clearance. The 'instant up' design is great and makes the unpacking/packing really quick and easy. Material is a bit thin compared to other tents on the market, so may not last you many seasons if you camp a lot. I rarely go camping, so am happy with the purchase.

    • Bought this 6P and been happy with it so far. Only used a few times though and hasn't seen any really windy or wet conditions (just a little light rain) so not sure how it would handle that but has done the job for us as casual campers (2 adults, 2 kids).

      Then again, different tent, probably different manufacturer so could mean nothing when it comes to the one on sale now.

    • we love ours from a few years ago. a few friends have since bought one.

  • Last time, I went to Riverwood Aldi , every air fryer gone…, people waited at the front door long before I came…

    • …and you call yourself a ninja?

      • Ha ha that is my kid when he played games years ago , anyway I came early but people are earlier than me and they know where to head to when the store open, it took me one minutes to navigate to there ..too late

    • When I got mine. I had to line up. It was the second last one there. One guy had rushed in, grabbed 5 and piled them up. I'm assuming he 'reserved' them for other people coming a little latter. People left without one. That was the first 2 minutes of the shop opening.

      This was also the time when they advertised a mountain bike with only 1 in stock.

  • Got a picture of the portable freezer?

  • Damn, I thought it was the multi snack maker again. Went to 7 stores and couldn't find any on the day it came out