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ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus ATX Motherboard $242.14 + Shipping (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Looking to get a new mobo and came across this, the wi-fi version is also available for another $45. I checked staticice and this seems to be waaaay cheaper than anywhere else.

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    Cheaper than many B550 boards

  • Damn. I paid $330 for the wifi version 2 months ago. Bargain

  • Went up $40 in 10 minutes

  • Sorry, clicked onto a different seller.

  • What are the VRMs like for overclocking on this one?

  • the bottom-most picture has a 4x USB3.2 Gen2 type-c = new chinese technology, ie 4 plugs into 1 port.

  • Any other differences with the wifi model?

  • how does warranty works for US imported boards?

  • I was also looking at this board, but the Gigabyte boards have also dropped. The https://www.amazon.com.au/GIGABYTE-X570-AORUS-PCIe4-0-Mother... at just under $300 looks good, and gives more USB2 ports out the back.

    I have been waiting for the 4000 chips to be released, and the rumours of RAM/SSD price drops.

    Might be time to bite the bullet though.

  • That tramp stamp logo though…

  • Only 1 gig Ethernet …. most b550’s have 2.5gb

  • I paid for 255 for this board like three days ago. I just hope it gets shipped to Australia in one piece and UPS in America doesn't use it as a Frisbee transporting it onto a plane because that return process is going to be hell on earth.

    • I'm in the same boat as you, hopefully it comes in with no issues. Packaging is usually decent.

  • I paid $569 for Asus x570-E Strix

    May I rest in peace…

    • I am watching for ryzen 4000, should I just buy X570-E or wait for 670 something?

      • There hasn't been mention of 670 boards and with the socket refresh after the 4000 series chips (5000 and above) meaning you have to buy a new motherboard anyway… I would buy a x570 board for a good price when it comes

  • Good deal although I've heard mixed reports about the chipset fan on these, particularly because long graphics cards block it. Also I think the fan continuously runs, there's no silent mode on it.

    • Most? X570 boards have a chipset fan due to thermals, if it's a concern go for a b550 board.

      • That's true but some manufacurers have:
        a) Placed their chipset fan lower so that a GPU in the top PCIe slot won't block the fan
        b) Implemented a fan stop mode so that when the chipset isn't working hard and its temperature is below a certain threshold the fan stops. This reduces noise and prolongs the fans life as it isn't always spinning because good luck replacing a motherboard chipset fan!

    • With no exceptions i'm aware of all X570 boards have chipset fans.
      I have the WiFi version of this board and i can't hear the fan unless i manually wind it up a bit.

      • Cool! Does that mean you set a custom fan curve for the chipset fan in BIOS? Looking at some Reddit posts I didn't think you could but they're old posts so this feature may have been since added.

        • Setting a custom curve is possible in my BIOS.
          That said I've left it default, can't hear the fan and the chipset stays cool.

    • I've got the wifi version….

      Computer is whisper quiet…

      No issues with chipset fan noise…

      • That's good to hear. Hey what GPU do you have? The only thing that worries me is I've got a pretty long 5700XT which will partially block the fan.

  • Hi my friends! I am looking at a build for Flight Sim 2020. Probably using a Ryzen 3600 or 3700X. Would this mobo be overkill? I have looked at some B550 boards that are around the same price as this one. I think the ASUS tomahawk B550 was high on my list.


    • Biggest roadblock these days for FS2020 is mainly GPU, even the 2080Ti struggles. Coupled with lack of optimisation I think any 6-8core should be enough, it seems to be maxing out about 4 or so CPU cores from what I've gathered.

    • Yeah Microsoft Flight Sim in general as been known as a future-proofing game, meaning it can only run smoothly on future hardware. Its possible for it to run 60 fps ish with a 2080ti or something similar if you turn off features like live traffic etc. But if you take a step down to say a 2060 super you aren't going to get smooth gameplay at ultra settings that is when you'll have to do a lot of tweaking. For reference this is a video benchmarking Flight Sim 2020 with a very high end rig and then swapping out a 2080ti for a 2060.

      As for whether this motherboard is overkill……no it's not especially in the current market. Considering most B550 boards are either the same price or $50 more, at this price, this x570 board is a steal. It doesn't carry as many features as some other x570 boards but its decent enough to get the job done and you can the future-proofing you need for next gen ryzen cpus.

    • Yeah you'd be just fine with an MSI X470 Gaming Plus MAX, it's $179 delivered right now at Centrecom. You could also go with an ASRock B550M Pro4 if you're going mATX. I don't understand why people are recommending such overkill boards.

      It's been months since AMD and MSI confirmed support for Ryzen 4000 on 400-series boards, it's like everyone's stuck in the past.

      • future proofing for me

        • How are you "future proofing"? Give me a reason. Both support Ryzen 4000 and both have good VRMs. PCIe Gen4 is out of the question when many cards barely saturate Gen3 x8.

          Oh boy neg anonymity is about to have my ass kicked.

          • @Rajeh: That's why it's future proofing, the ryzen 4000 and rtx 3000 are being released in a few month, who knows what the requirements will be in a year or two, and not everyone build a rig for just gaming or maybe they are, but they could change the rig later on to something that benefits from PCI 4

            Future proofing is like buying insurance, it's a negative NPV investment but people still do it as we are risk averse and prefer certainty

            • @ln28909: What benefits would you get from PCIe 4 short of wastefully fast storage and GPU bandwidth?

              • @Rajeh: Like I said you think it's wasteful now because there's not a lot benefits, but who knows

                • @ln28909: I think what he is trying to say is if you were building a new PC and didn't want to upgrade your mobo for at least the next 3+ years then this x570 board is the one to pick. Purely because of the price, $242, you aren't going to get a better deal with a b550 in this price range. A x470 board does not support next gen ryzen cpus (based upon amd's chart of compatibility on their website), in fact you are better off buying a b550 if you know you are going to upgrade your cpu to zen 3 in the next few years rather than x470.

                  P.S. PCIe 4.0 for GPUs doesn't mean anything at this point. Many new-ish cards boast PCIe 4 support but in action there is little to no improvements in-game. For reference, you can not overload a PCIe 3.0 slot even when doing 4k gaming.

                  • @mullman: MSI have confirmed support for next gen CPUs on their 400-series, especially on their "MAX" boards as they have the bigger BIOS chips.

                    • @Rajeh: That's cool but you would still be taking a performance hit pairing a 4000 series cpu with a 450

                    • @Rajeh: Also these boards need to update to a beta bios which is a one way trip and honestly anything beta is not my cup of tea.

                      So you are actually making software compromise in addition to hardware

                      • @ln28909: My B350 board is running a Ryzen 3000 processor, no issues. And this is from crappy Biostar.

                        • @Rajeh: Like I said, insurance, you might have gotten lucky, what if the beta bios is crap for the next gen, again we're trying to eliminate uncertainty here

                        • @Rajeh: Thanks for your thoughts on this. Just to help my understanding:

                          (1) If I buy an X470 rather than an X570 - and wind up buying a Ryzen 4000 series (let's say the successor to the 3950X) and a next generation AMD GPU - I'll be able to use them both without a meaningful difference in performance? Will the absence of pcie 4 matter to either the new CPU or GPU performance?

                          (2) Will flashing the bios of the X470 to use the 4000 series be much or difficult or risky than using the X570? Will you also need to flash the X570?

                          • @0118999: 1) There'll be no meaningful difference unless you go for a CPU with a very high TDP, like the 3950X, and also try to overclock it. At stock it will run with no issues, overclocked you may run into trouble but it really depends how far and whether it's even a safe overclock to begin with because Zen 2 is quite intolerant to voltages.

                            2) You will need to flash both. X570 was launched for Ryzen 3000, not Ryzen 4000. BIOS flashing is nowhere near as risky as many say, just don't do it in a thunderstorm or a house with very unreliable electricity.

    • Thanks for the replies! Looks like I'm back to PC Part Picker to tweak some specs.

  • The intel version of wifi ones comes with Wifi 6 !!
    the AMD ones are Wifi 5 !
    Annoying !

    • What are the tangible benefits if WiFi 6 vs 5?
      Genuine question as I'm a bit out of the loop

      • Well first you have to have a router that supports it. There are not many Wifi 6 devices around atm but it is definitely the future of wifi. Maybe give it a year.
        I have a wifi 6 router so the speed of transfer is about 2 to 3 times in theory. but more importantly the latency has been reduced a lot which could be the answer to gaming over wifi as to over Cable. read about MU-MIMO in wifi 6.

        I think this year flagship phones will all support it too. But again you need to fist have a Wifi 6 router.
        Hope it helps

    • Go with a different manufacturer, I'm using an MSI B550 Gaming Edge Wifi and it has wifi 6

      • or what I am thinking go with a cheaper none wifi and buy a PCIE wifi 6 card. that should do too. Though ill use one PCIE port but I dont think that is any issue with that.

  • Thanks OP, got one
    First piece of the new PC puzzle!

  • Price just went back up.

    Wi-Fi version still good price.

  • Back at $243.03

  • Thanks OP, got one as well

  • I just received mine today and they sent me a b550 and when i look into my orders its been changed from x570 to b550, im 100% sure i ordered the x570, it even shows in my bank statement that it took $242.14 im really confused and dont know what to do, can i get some help.

  • this is still in stock but is now $21 more expensive and comes from Aus