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Send a Free Dessert to a Friend in Melbourne after 8pm (Up to $20 Including Delivery Fee, First 1000 Per Day) @ Uber Eats


Start sharing some love (and not hate like some here like to do).

So this week we’re helping everyone outside Victoria send some love to their Melbourne mates. Each day this week, the first 1000 people from anywhere outside Victoria will be able to send their mate a free dessert or ice cream delivery, valued up to $20*, from a local Melbourne dessert business.

This #lockdownlove offer will run from 8pm each day this week, till Friday September 4, and is one way we can all show Melbournians that we’re here for them.

How #LockdownLove and Share My Delivery works:

  • Enter your Melbourne-based loved one’s address as the delivery location in the Uber Eats app. When you search the app will show restaurants near them, instead of you.
  • Click the #LockdownLove banner at the top of the app to see the available selection of restaurants.
  • On the checkout screen, enter the promo code mondaylove (tuesdaylove, and so on). The first 1000 eligible dessert orders each day made after 8pm will be able to send their Melbourne mate free dessert (up to $20, including delivery fee).
  • Press “Order Now”, then click the “Share this delivery” option at the top of the Uber Eats app.
  • Send the tracker link to your friend. When your friend opens the shared link in a browser window, it’ll show where in the delivery process that surprise treat is in real time.

Referral Links

Drivers Only: random (57)

Referrer gets $300 once referee completes at least 40 deliveries.
Referees may be eligible for special offers based on the number of trips or deliveries they made after signing up through an invitation.

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  • +2

    hit it at 8pm and it showed high traffic….

    • Yep. RIP. Classic OzB error

  • +1

    from "this promotion hasn't started" straight to "Our systems are receiving unusually high traffic, please try again in a few minutes. Thanks for your patience." again…..

    • I got the promotion is no longer available.

  • +3

    Did anyone get the code to work? Did they forget to enable the code? Wrong code?

    • +1

      Same. What a crock of shit. Yes i'm salty

  • +1

    I have a code but I'm not sure if my friend in Melbourne is home :(
    Happy to send something to someone here.

    • none of us have been able to apply the wednesdaylove code

      let us know if it works for you!

    • Any chance you could send something to my mate?

      • +1

        Sure, let me know what would you like to send and the address.

        • Send me a pm and I'll let you know :D

          • @Slothalicious: You guys know how it works, right? The code is not unique and the allocation has been exhausted

  • +3

    I got the code right on 8, partner sitting next to me did it two seconds later and came up as promo no longer available.

  • -1

    3/3 so far. Winning.

    • Jelly!

    • What's with the hate? Isn't this a daily thing?

      • +1

        Pay it no heed my guy. Congrats

        • Thanks. First pm with address gets tomorrow's.

          Edit: Taken.

      • +1

        yeah congrats and happy for your friends in Victoria. people just crying cause they were the unlucky ones. Still 2 more nights to try again.

        • -1

          Yeah. As if it's my fault….

  • +2

    Got the code to work yesterday spamming the add promo button at 7:59pm, tried same technique today "promotion no longer available" it was gone in 1 second.

    • +3

      Apparently the promotion was mentioned on the news last night. RIP

  • +2

    Worked for me but the delivery partner was an (profanity), he took a photo of his dash marked it as delivered and I'm guessing he ate it.

    • Wow what the? How do you report that?

      • +1

        It happens, reading forums it's usually the person was hungry or whatever and claims you didn't answer the door or some BS.

        You can via the app but I mean no recourse this time as the order was FREE.

        • That sucks. Well at least you didn't pay.

    • Yes my driver picked up the 2 orders and ate them $40 worth

      • Thats really terrible! Did you watch him on tracking? Just didn't come or what?

        • He drove past and stopped down the street and c ya later

  • -2

    Anyone want to send some desert to my lovely GF? I will of course claim it as all my doing! :D

  • Tried last night from NSW and received “not available in your area”. Bit strange?

  • Does anyone not get the banner?

    The first day I saw the banner but was busy at 8. Now I get "you're not eligible" -_-.

    • +1

      Same thing today. Banner shows at random times throughout the day but never shows at 8 and says I'm ineligible when I try to use the code. Quite pissed at Ubereats for wasting my time, I'm gonna order from a competitor from now on.

      • Same. At 8pm, not eligible then high traffic. What a waste of time.

  • Already not working… "promotion is not available"

  • -1


  • +3

    Spamming for a straight minute, went from not started to no longer available.

    • +1

      yep same. there must be Bots on it now or something. gone in like 0.1 second, give up now, not trying tomorrow.

      • -1

        I just wait till 8pm and 1 second before submitting code. Seems to work every time.

  • +2

    Anyone get it? Said not started yet next second promotion no longer available.

  • +1

    Finally managed to get it! My partner right next to me who tried to claim the code a second after me said "no longer available". It must be IP based

    • Did you put it in right at 8:00pm or you were spamming it a few minutes before?

      • +1

        did not spam at all, tried that first night and I got stuck with "high traffic" error for an hour. Had the code typed in and waited till 8pm to confirm

  • +4

    Every night I’ve tried this and always get the “unusually high traffic error”. The deal is basically unobtainable, just like those previous eBay Plus deals. What a waste of time from Uber Eats.

  • +2

    I got in at 8:00:01. Missed out last night with same tactic. Had my item in cart and added promo in cart rather than in promo tab. Not sure if that makes any difference. Good luck to all tomorrow!

  • +1

    Finally got it! Thanks OP
    Now that I've been successful, I will not have a go, so that others can also get to have a chance.

    Good luck all

  • +2

    Promo code for $20 free isn't not working for me, but just noticed this in the banner:

    For those of you living outside of Victoria who still want to send an order from a participating desserts or ice cream restaurant delivered to a Melbourne-based loved one, we’ve got a promotion code for FREE delivery: FRIYAYDELIVERY. Offer available between 8pm and 11:59pm AEST.

    • It don’t matter, you can’t even put in any promo code without the high traffic error.

      • I placed an order and a friend has too.

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