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Mechpro 174pc Tool Kit $69 Delivered (RRP $129) @ Repco


Great for father's day gift.

Offering great value, the Mechpro 174 piece cantilever tool set is designed for the home handy man, or for a second kit to have in the back of the ute.

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  • No cable ties though.

  • If I hadn’t been collecting tools bargains here, would take this in a heartbeat. Excellent kit.

  • For the price its ok.. As for qaulity, its pretty ordinary. But can't expect much for what you are paying.

    • Agreed. Those sockets will let you down. Soft metal.

      • Thanks! i almost hit the trigger button

      • Softer than Bon Jovi and Europe?

        Thank you.

      • For home usage I've always used crap cheap sockets and spanners.

        Never had an issue with slipping or anything, I'm guessing its more of an issue for prolonged every day use not me messing around with a car here and there.

        • Yep. I got a cheap socket set from Kmart close to 10 years ago. Have used it to do various jobs on the car including tearing the engine down to do manifold gaskets and have almost completely taken apart two different motorbikes as well as the different odd jobs that pop up. In all that I've only broken 1 socket which cost a few bucks to replace.

    • What will be quality sets/brands for ratchet wrench and sockets?

      • I was a motor mech and had some high end tools over the years. Unfortunately, I've also had a few garage thefts so my latest kit is quite stripped back and consists of some vintage Sidchrome 1/2" sockets and a breaker bar, 3/8" KCTools (crazy cheap but excellent) and some 1/4" that aren't branded.

        Almost anything I've bought in the past 10 years has been unbranded ratchets, sockets and breaker bars from either SCA or ebay. I'm not sure how they'd go in day to day use in a workshop but for home they do the job at a reasonable price.

        All the sockets I bought have been 6 sided impact sockets (my preference). The 3/8" & 1/2" ratchets work fine and don't slip. The 450mm 3/8" breaker bar off eBay for $25 is great quality.

        I think toolkits can be a bit useless. My first toolkit i bought was ~120 pieces and in 5 years I used maybe 50 of those items. I've still got a few tools left from that kit 40 years later that I have never used (even the thieves didn't want them). :-)

        • Thanks for your insight.

          I had to buy a kit a while back to fix a DIY. It was a very small Stanley set, something named and I can afford. I am atm eyeing to expand what I have.

          I think I’ll pay more attention to garage sales to see if I can find some decades old bits and pieces that’ll very likely out rank cheap steel we have now a day.

          • @addrv: Stanley is good.

            2nd hand stuff is worth hunting down. On sockets look to see if the inner teeth are worn. A lot of the name brand ratchets can still get replacement ratchet assemblies.

            I have a YT channel (Bondi Scrapper) where I pull things to bits to recycle the metal. A lot of the tools I get out I mention their age and where I got them. The oldest I can think of is "The Green Hammer" which my grandfather owned. It's at least 60 years old that I can verify. I've also got screwdrivers, etc from Dad that I can remember using when I was early teens.

        • OT but GARAGE THEFT? Did they break the door down and take your tools???

          • @Naigrabzo: 1) They cut through the cyclone wire of the "secure" cage they were in at work. On the bright side, I then had proof that the tool storage at work wasn't secure and could then claim the trip to/from work on my tax as I had to transport my tools. That didn't last long as I left a few months later.

            2) They busted off the hasp lock on the side door of the garage

            3) No sign of forced entry but the police said that there are only about 20 different keys on an old B&D tilt-a-door and also the key number is stamped on the lock, so they either had a set of keys or they got the number, got a key from the locksmith and came back.

            In each case insurance paid without question. Unfortunately, some tools are irreplaceable, or hand made. You also forget what you have bought and even if you try to keep a list, you forget to keep it up to date (I do anyway).

            • @brad1-8tsi: Thanks for the background information. The SCUM. I actually removed the side door to garage because of those security issues. It's annoying but the garage is at least less appealing to crims.

              My next build is probably going to have a metal door with multiple locking points as the side garage door.

              Sometimes it pays to take photos of tools etc if they are hand made.

              • @Naigrabzo: Olden days.
                Would have been film camera at the time and to be honest, I was probably too busy sailing, getting drunk and renovating a house as well as working my clacker off.

      • Old stuff, I have a set that was "made in West Germany". Hard to know these days, as many brands have been sold off.

    • For average home use a dozen times per year I have found these to be perfectly fine from household nuts/bolts to servicing the car - ie brake pads, wheel nuts, sump bolts, etc it's been fine. The kit has paid for itself many times in the amount I've saved from DIY vs mechanic.

  • 82 of those pcs are crimping terminals.

  • Makes a good present for anyone that's sick of that loved one/friend that borrows your tools all the time!!

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    Looks to be $10 delivery. How do you get it for $69 delivered?

    • It's free delivery in metro vic & over $49 spend. Add postcode to site and at checkout, check delivery

      • Hmm showing $9.90 for metro Sydney. Might be a Vic thing. I guess if I am not willing to walk the 3 minutes to my nearest Repco, I don't really want it.

  • Rank newbie question here - what's the name for attachments for a socket wrench that have a male bit? I have some six sided bolts that need a bit inserted into them to unscrew them but every time I look for sockets all I find is female stuff.

  • At first thought this was a good deal, but you could get all that stuff for much cheaper.
    Kmart have a similar beginner set for about $40 if you don't need the steel tool case.

  • Of which 50 pieces are bits and allen keys.

    Also, unless there are more tools hidden from view, not sure the rest adds up to 120.

  • Which toolkit do you guys recommend instead of the mechpro?

  • I have this set and I recommend it for the house tools you would use once in a while for those little projects.
    Definitely not heavy duty.

  • Similar kits have been $40 in the past… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/392312

  • I just bought this for the odd car and home job. The included toolbox was totally worth.

  • Grabbed one because I don't have anything for the house except computer bits, and it's a bit annoying trying to fix minor things on a car with an ifixit toolkit.

    Interestingly, it was delivered WITHIN AN HOUR.

    Not even sure how. Guess the very close store wasn't that busy.

  • Is the Mechpro Blue one they have on sale as well better quality or just blue in colour?


  • Nice find, stack this with Cashrewards $20 Bonus and your out of pocket $49 - Score!

  • https://www.repco.com.au/en/tools-equipment/tool-kits-sets/t...
    Looks like the same thing in the better quality blue version