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[eBay Plus] Nintendo Switch $385, Ring Fit $95, Xiaomi Mi Curved 34″ $499, Cyberpunk $65 @ eBay


Credit to Press start.

Ebay is rolling out some great deals to celebrate its 21st birthday. There’s four great deals which will be taking place on different days over the next few weeks. You’ll need to be an eBay Plus member in order to be able to access these deals. You can grab a free 30 day trial HERE.

You’ll be able to access all of the deals HERE, but we will also update the below product links below as get them. Obviously, you need to be prepared to get these deals.

Xiaomi Mi Curved 34″ Ultrawide Gaming Monitor – $499 ($250 off) - promo code PNOCO09 - Out of Stock

  • Saturday September 12th at 4pm (300 available)

Cyberpunk 2077 – $65 - Code PRPUC98

  • Monday September 21st at 10am (500 available with multiple drops throughout the day).

Powerbeats Pro $199 Delivered

Expired -

Nintendo Switch Neon Joy-Con Console with 8bit Mario Travel Case Bundle – $385 ($115 off) - promo PJZRD96

>- Tuesday September 1st at 10am (500 available with multiple drops throughout the day). Drops at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm.
> Ring Fit Adventure – $95 - promo code PJZHK98

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  • The other thread had this source site: https://www.techradar.com/au/news/today-only-nab-a-nintendo-...

    The Xiaomi 34" is listed for $549, where are the source in this thread is $499. Might be pulling the trigger if its $499.

  • -2

    Spent a few minutes trying to buy Ring Fit Adventure on the site and in the app, neither one worked. Either couldn't get to checkout or wouldn't let me enter the code. Easiest unsubscribe of my life. Only wish I wasn't stupid enough to give it a + vote so quickly.

    • I got one at 10:05

      • I was on from 10:00 trying to buy it with no luck. Already sold out when I commented here (10:05) but the listing says there were some sold afterwards.

        • +2

          Give it another go at 12pm, 2pm or 4pm, you'll get one eventually with some perseverance.

          Similar thing happened to me yesterday with the Switch purchase; tried to order at 12:05pm, but I took too long to check out (entering discount and an eBay voucher codes), and it was sold out at 12:08pm, but from the sold history I could see some were sold as late as 12:14pm, go figured! But I tried again at the 2pm drop and got one. I think it's a better arrangement this time around, better than the lottery in June to say the least… but then again it's no Apple stuff which people would go crazy for!

    • +1

      Keep it in your cart for the next drop along with the code and card deets etc. Then the moment it ticks over the hour, just spam the buy button. If you don’t get it, keep it in your cart and repeat. You’ll get one 100% unless there’s some inherent issue that we are not aware of.

    • +1

      Ended up getting it this time. Again the website first wouldn't let me checkout when I added it to my cart. When I clicked buy it now it wouldn't let me add the code. Had to bring up the app again and luckily it let me proceed there with no further issues. Neg me all you want but it doesn't change the fact that ebay has problems, I've never had problems buying anything from them with or without codes unless it was this sort of deal.

  • I receive the Switch this morning, watching the package until get my first switch game.

    • +2

      Wow, that was quick! Hopefully ours would come soon enough, with the Ring Fit game later the week too. Happy gaming!

  • So confused as to why eBay Plus aren't offering the Free Express Postage to WA (and the other areas that they've excluded) fairly sure it's standard pricing no matter where it's sent

  • Does anyone know whether this was Nintendo Switch V1 or V2?

    • Just received mine

      Stamped on the back - HAC-001 (-01)

      Apparently this means its a V2

  • Received my Switch already !

    In Melbourne No less !

    Very impressed !

  • one coupon per customer??? really???

  • Received mine today Ring Fit today!

  • Can anyone see the xiaomi monitor deal live?

  • +1

    Would like to know what the link is for the xiaomi monitor for this saturday please

    • I think the live deal comes up on the landing page for eBay. For instance the RM Williams deal is the current deal that comes up when I open up the eBay app.

  • Is it the landing page (ebay.com.au) or the Deal landing page (https://www.ebay.com.au/b/Special-Offers/bn_7109744159) ?

    The latter I presume, as currently it's got a banner which reads: Coming soon. Apple iPad Mini (300 units).

    No doubt the 300 Xiaomi monitors are going to go quick this Saturday, so I just want to avoid faffing around for 5 minutes trying to find the right URL! :)


    • +1

      Me too! I have no idea how it works but just assume we click on the link on the page and follow the instructions?

    • +2

      Probably won't go that fast. The previous 120 units in the banggood deal last a day or two.
      The price of this monitor is sinking too fast. It seems some people are waiting for a sub $450 deal.
      I would like to see AOC drop the price for their CU34

    • What time does the iPad mini drop and which generation do you know? Cheers

      • The iPad mini is already gone, it was on Thursday and was a 5th gen with a US power plug

  • Xiaomi Mi Curved 34″ Ultrawide Gaming Monitor has no HDR? what the?????? wondering if I should buy or wait for a better version

    • +4

      You're not getting good HDR under $1000 AUD as far as I'm aware, so it's kind of irrelevant on such a cheap monitor.

  • sooo does anyone know the time zone? 4pm is a bit ambiguous………..

    • +3

      4PM AEST. Says so on website and on the app.

  • Did anyone else here buy a switch from this guy? Have you got it and does it work?

    Mine got delivered super quickly, just had a chance to open it and it doesn't work. Like the screen just seems to be broken. (The switch works in docked mode, i've tried a hard reset and a software update, the actual switch monitor just never powers on).

    Going to contact the seller and ask for a refund.

    • Shit happens. Get a refund or warranty via Nintendo.

  • +1

    What's the actual seller ID for this deal? It's not the Mi Official Store is it?

    • +1

      I've been wondering this also.

      • +1

        im trying to find it now so im ready to hit the button

  • I just paid 49 dollars for eBay plus to get the xiaomi monitor, if I don’t get it I will try and request for a cancellation and refund..

    • +2

      The trial is free…

      • +1

        The trial is finished, but the membership comes with a 50 dollars eBay voucher so it’s not too bad…

        • Just make another account
          EDIT: you got the $50 voucher too which is good
          Did you manage to get the monitor?

          • @jayboi: I did get it which is great ! :) I am quite happy as I get the 50 dollars voucher and can just spend at Coles ebay. although I must use it within 30 days .

  • Has anyone found a link yet?

    • I'm under the impression that there isn't exactly a link, but you'll see the product on the landing page no?

    • +17

      I think it might be this link from Allphones, as the ad said save $250, $499+$250= $749

      Allphones is the only one selling at $749


      • +2

        FREE Express delivery is nice

      • You could be right Sherlock! I have that page opened and am pressing F5 every second ~_~

      • +3

        Listing just went out of stock….. looks like you are correct. It may reappear at 4pm with new price.

        • so what do we do?

          • +5

            @Rukiata: Refresh at 4pm with the power of a thousand suns.

            • @watwatwat: how do i get the code?

              • +1

                @Rukiata: Like any other promo there will be a code on the Listing (Something like "Pay only $499" and a code will be there)

                • +2

                  @KDOZ: Good luck everyone!

                  • +1

                    @Draycen: Managed to get one!
                    Took about 2 minutes to sell out

      • 3:58pm - refreshed this link "out of stock"

        • PNOCO09 is the code, got one.thanks

      • +2

        thanks for the link! got one

      • +3

        1 million votes to you sir!

        Hope you got one.

        • yea i got one, thanks :)

      • +2

        u are a fking rippa mate thanks for the heads up!

      • @ozvictor wow, how did you work it out.

  • +4

    1.5 hours to go. Knees weak, arms are heavy..

    • +3

      Can't wait to lose to bots :D

      • How to increase odds… 🤔

        Faster with Telstra 4G or home NBN? Mobile or laptop?

    • +1

      got one 4:00

  • +1

    Got one… I think

  • +1


  • +6

    gone one, code PNOCO09

    • +2

      Thanks for mentioning Allphones as the seller, saved me a headache!

  • +2

    Boom! Bought for $499. Thanks for playing everyone.

    And thanks to ozvictor up above for the tip.

  • +1

    Got one!

  • +1

    Yes! Got one.
    EDIT: Thanks @ozvictor!

  • +1

    Easy! thanks

  • +1

    Yes, got one. Thanks OP!!

  • +1

    Yup just got one. Thanks lads! Code is PNOCO09

    • How do you find the link? I have no idea how people find the link beforehand and have it handy 🤔

      • I got it from OzVictor above. Granted I also had a few more monitor listings open but refreshed that first link first and that was it

  • +1

    Got 1, can't use together with 50 EBAY PLUS signup vouvher… sigh…

  • +2

    Took about 2 minutes for it to sell out, not too bad

  • +3

    Winner winner chicken dinner. Stop watch is going to see how long it lasts

  • +2

    got 1 too!!

  • +2

    Nice! Thought they'd be sold out immediately. Entering the world of ultrawides! Thanks OP

  • +2

    looks like sold out in 1 minute, code has now disappeared

    Edit, last person got it at 16:01:48, so 1 minute and 48 seconds to be correct

  • +5

    Got one!! Heart rate going at a hundred miles an hour but worth it

  • +3

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA it was fun boys

  • +1

    missed it god damnit, paypal slow as

  • +2

    Got one! Thought apple pay would be an option on the app but it didn't come up? Had to manually type in my cc details but still got it so not fussed

  • +1

    Got one thank you….!!

  • +1

    Just bought monitor for $499. Thanks

  • +1

    Got mine too!

  • +2

    Yeah boiii got one! :D

  • +3

    i missed out by seconds… F*&$!!

  • +1

    Somehow managed to snag one.. wonderful, I even used Afterpay like an idiot.

  • +1

    Nice got one.

  • +3

    After I got mine I went back to the page "416 sold" I clicked regresh "714 sold"

    150k just went through ebay lmao

  • +1

    paypal was even slower this time , asking to link to google
    Wasn't expecting to sell out in 1 minute being just $70~80 cheaper than other regular deals

  • +3

    Wow, I didn't see that many comments in this thread so didn't think this deal was too popular. Now 4 mins after, all these hidden commenters come out of nowhere and they did 300 units in… 2 mins? lol.

    • +2


  • I got mine with afterpay. I was having second thoughts but went for it 😬

  • +1

    Aaaaand it's gone. Still got one but dayum.

  • Dw if anyone missed out, the price for this monitor will hit $450 in the coming months

    • +2

      Pretty disappointed to have missed out. 300 in 2 minutes I wasn't expecting. Either it was very popular or there were indeed a lot of bots.

      Oh well, back to my decade old 24" :|

      Edit: In fact thinking about it more, I'm pretty annoyed too. As I was quick enough to get one in my cart. So it looks like Ebay doesn't count that as anything, as otherwise I'd have been able to checkout too.

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