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[eBay Plus] Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 $394.21 Delivered @ Ninja Buy eBay

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  • Can you still get cashback even if you use the code?

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    Worth noting that the Bose 700 headset have very buggy firmware.

    v1.3.x is the most you can get at the moment and lacks EQ functionality, plus constantly stutters on some BT connections.
    v1.4.x and v1.5.x are no longer available as they had a habit of bricking the devices.

    So fine if you don't need bluetooth or are happy to wait in the hope that the next release might work… unlikely given their quality control record I'd say….

    • Agreed this has to be one of the most disappointing purchases I've made for a long time. I'm stuck waiting / hoping for the next firmware release.

      The stutter drives me so crazy, it just sits unused.

      I'm on firmware v1.5.1 and it still stutters. It also programatically degrades the sound (to AM radio quality) to account for its apparent internal management issues; sometimes even forcing a reboot. This has even happened during phone calls!

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        I'm taking mine back (only bought them last week) for a full refund as they are fundamentally unable to perform the function for which they were sold (IE: "not fit for the specified purchase").

        I'll get the Sony WH-1000XM4 instead

        • I missed that window :(

          It's so bad that when you listen to dubstep you don't know if you're hearing music or product faults

          • @morebierplease: More worried that what is considered "music" can be confused for a product fault haha

          • @morebierplease: I'd suggest given the price and expectations of quality around these, you'd be VERY entitled to a refund under the Australian Consumer Law. The whole "1 year manufacturer warranty" thing NEVER over-rides your statutory rights. And don't let the retailer tell you you must go direct to the manufacturer, as that's nonsense too.

            IMHO, audio cut-outs would be a massive improvement for dubstep, but that's just me :)

        • I had the 700's for several months and they worked ok to begin with, but then, like most people's experience, they became progressively worse (for voice quality on Teams and zoom meetings etc along with really bad stuttering) with the firmware upgrades. Amazon were really good and gave me a full refund despite being outside the 30 day return window.
          So I bought and have been using the XM4's this week for work (from home) and sadly I'll be sending them back as well. They are no better in regards to work meetings etc. Constant complaints from people in team/zoom/webex meetings saying they can't hear me and I sound muffled or like I'm in a tunnel etc.
          So annoying, might have to wait and see how much the Beoplay H95's are going cost…

      • Damn that's really weird… I was about to switch from XM3 to this. I will now hold back.

    • Haven't really had issues once connected on bluetooth. Sometimes I've had to turn on/off or manually connect but its fine when the connection has been made. Bought it a few months ago and can''t say I regret it.

      Now the sony earphones that everyone loves, I had major issues with them. Connection / stutters / bad fit for my ears.

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        I should be able to offer a comparison in a few days once the replacement XM4s arrive. :)

        The NC700's were a mixed bag. Rock solid connection on my PC with a cheap BT USB dongle, and similarly fine on the Macbook, but cuts out about once every minute on my Samsung S10 5G. Since the mobile is used constantly for work, that was a deal breaker.

        Glad to hear yours is working fine, but it looks like you're the exception to the rule going from all the feedback/comments on the Bose community forums. :(

    • BOSE = Buy Other Sound Equipment

    • I think the stutter happens if you are paired to multiple devices.

    • I had to return mine as it won't power on after a firmware update. But it was more comfortable compared to XM3.

  • How much better are these than the QCII's?

    • I don't have them but general consensus seems to be they are less comfortable, slightly higher quality sound, much better microphones, ANC similar maybe slightly better but as someone else mentioned they have lots of software issues atm.

      IMHO they aren't worth the upgrade from QC35 II unless yours are busted or something.

      • I chose the QC35II for the foldability and more tactical look. These look too much like an art piece that's trying too hard.

        The mic on the QC35II picks up heaps of bg noise on my end when video conferencing though. Not sure if the 700 has a better setup.

  • Worth noting these are not an official reseller so will be treated as grey market.

  • Be careful if you're getting the silver versions. They have discoloration issues.


    The Bose forum are very angry also at Bose's lack of updates. They release broken firmware, and the firmware upgrades automatically so you can't opt out.

    They borked the QC35 II ANC in an update almost 2 years ago… and there has not been an update for it since. Don't expect good support from their firmware team. They won't even update you on what they're doing. It would almost be ok if you just choose not to update your headphones but the process is automatic as long as you have an internet connection.