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Crucial P1 SSD M.2 500GB $72.95, 1TB $132.95 + Delivery @ Shopping Square

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  • $12 Shipping to Melb. Seems excessive to me.

  • Can anyone help me to know what benifits I could reap if I put these in Synology ds918? I am mainly using it for Plex and as centralised storage for all my photos and videos . Thanks

    • Are you having any performance issues at all? If not, then no benefit (AFAIK the m2 slot is used for caching only)

  • So I put in my cart 2x SSD + 2x USB-C enclosure. Total Shipping $34.99 ($39.99 - $4.99 discount combined shipping). ummm how about no?

    No shipping combined? best way to loose a customer !

  • Bought some SSD and MicroSD from Shopping Square before, I think they mixing fake and real product and sell them.

  • Worth putting it in with a SATA adapter? Or just get a SATA SSD? Already have 970 Pro in M2 spot.

  • What's the best way to clone a hdd to move it over to this SSD? Any software in particular or built in windows tools? Google gives me lots of answers but I wanted to know if there was a tried and tested method.

    • I have used Macrium Reflect free version to clone running OS from HDD to SSD on a few machines….worked like a charm. There are a few other software but haven't used them.

  • lousy store - totally untrustworthy

  • open a beer, sit back, waiting for 1TB for under $99