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[WA] $20 off $20 @ Spotlight Cannington / Cockburn


I’ve tried placing an item value of $20 into my cart online and put the code “BONUS20” which successfully brought the total to $0. Only had to pay the shipping cost.

Saw this on Facebook on Spotlight sponsored post:

Our Gift to you!

Due to fire damage, our Melville store is now closed. To support our local community, we would like to gift you $20 off online or in-store at Spotlight Cannington and Spotlight Cockburn. Shop now!

Online code: BONUS20

Instore Coupon number: 9341222365777

Offer is valued until 20/9. Exclusions apply.

note: This offer is intended for use at 2 selected stores. Usage outside of intended region (WA) may result in orders being cancelled.

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    Spotlight Cockburn

    It looks like they had some fire damage as well.

  • doesn't work for click and collect option, only showing … VIC stores???

    • Bugger hey. I was going to get a $1 ironing board cover.

  • If you do this with shipping they ship it but if you do a click and collect with only $20 they cancel the order.

    • How do you know?

    • -3

      spotlight doesn't even offer click and collect

      • In VIC they do.

        • That's new. So they decided to trial it in 3 stores around people who can't leave their homes? Interesting…

          • +1

            @wisdomtooth: we can leave homes. within 5km of home. we cant go into stores.
            we can sit in the carpark of bunnings and have staff put items in our boot.

            with the mail systems in meltdown it is not a terrible idea to trial local pickup.

  • If my house burnt down I wouldn't be giving money to my neighbours. Insanity. I'd rather they kept their staff wages going a smidge longer. But thanks to spotlight.

  • +1

    Confirmed it worked online for me in VIC 3156

    • Just got my order shipped out so can confirm this works Vic wide

  • Thanks OP. 20 tea towels delivered for $12.99.

    • You’re welcome :)

    • Do you mean 16 tea towels for $12.99? The cheapest I can find is 4 for $5.

  • Can Confirm C&C is available only for 3 VIC stores

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    Is this valid for all spotlight stores??

  • +2

    do they sell goat soap by any chance?

    • +15

      Let me search for you since your keyboard must have just broken.

      Edit: no they do not

    • +1
      • yes he missed the joke.

        my keyboard had a dead battery. do they sell eneloops?

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    My last three online orders have been cancelled and refunded without explanation…

    • hopefully they'll cancel mine.. I ordered in haste thought code will expire.

      Were you delivery or pickup?

  • +2

    ew postage is $12.99

    • -1

      Looked at Australia Post rates and even with undiscounted prepaid satchels

      Small - 35.5 x 22cm 5kg $9.20
      Medium - 38.5 x 26.5cm 5kg $12.45

      There's no reason for Spotlight to charge that much.

      • +5

        Handling, box/packaging, bubble wrap, sticky tape…

        • +1

          This is prepaid packaging costs.
          It's $13 to ship a teaspoon.

          We aren't talking about some guy shipping orders out of his garage. I worked in logistics for 6 months with a small company shipping orders and bubble wrap/sticky tape etc came in industrial sizes at bulk bought prices.

          I get that some orders will cost more than $13 to ship but I feel they could have split their shipping more effectively especially when click and collect is unavailable (except for 3 Victorian stores)

          • +1

            @pennypincher98: I ordered 18 items recently and they were sent from 7 stores in 7 parcels, all around Western Australia. I think without a central warehouse their postage costs are quite high. I only paid $12.95 shipping.

            • @Rrrlllddd3: Seems like a similar approach to what the Co-op bookshop used to do.
              Although a practice I hate that they do is they'll cancel parts of the order and still charge $12.95 to ship the remaining few items.

              Suddenly the items that were a good deal at only a few dollars become outrageously overpriced with $13 lugged on.

          • +1


            bulk bought prices.

            Bulk bought doesn't mean free. Also, the orders don't process and pack themselves.

            Either way, costs have to be passed on to customers. This is done by charging reasonable postage costs or incorporating the postage into item prices.

            I feel they could have

            Your feelings don't matter. You are welcome to start your own business and operate it based on your feelings.

            • -1

              @Krogers: See people like you are the reason that these kind of things exist in the first place.

              I have very simple expectations from a company. I expect what I order to be in stock and if they're not I expect to be contacted asking whether I want to continue with the order. I could almost forgive the exorbitant postage costs if this occurred.

              Also your whole point about "they don't pack themselves so pay for their time and the sticky tape" is rather limited. Every company does and Spotlight can't manage it. Simple.

              • +1


                I expect what I order to be in stock

                This has nothing to do with anything

                exorbitant postage costs

                It's not exorbitant. You're ridiculous.

                • -1


                  It's not exorbitant. You're ridiculous.

                  You're probably the same type of person happy with paying well over $1 million for a unit in Sydney.
                  Finding a unit for $900k might seem "cheap" but still very overpriced considering other cities.

                  Btw that first point does, not my fault if you lack the ability to link anything together.

                  • @pennypincher98:

                    paying well over $1 million

                    Jog on with your ridiculous straw men

                    • @Krogers:

                      straw men

                      Not sure where my second point is but seems you've gone from an inability to comprehend anything to overanalysing to the point you've become delusional.

      • Someone has to pay for all those freebies…

    • +1

      They have a very inefficient postage method. My order was shipped in three separate parcels from three stores around the country. One of them contained just a $1.50 pillar candle.

      • If that's bad, you should email their online customer support. If you're very lucky, they might actually read your query. In all likelihood what will happen is you'll get some BS scripted response that makes absolutely no sense.

        • It's not something I need to complain to them about - they would know how their shipping works. I'm just adding to the discussion here about what may be contributing to the postage charge being so high.

          • @brokenxsmile: My apologies, I mistyped my response. I didn't mean to suggest for you to email them (I really hope no-one has to, it's that bad). My reply was merely a comparison of your experience to mine, and how there are similarities in their poor approach to business.

  • +1

    Doesn't seem to work anymore?

    • Try items that are not discounted (on sale)

      • Actually, I tried on a few items that is ON SALE and it works now. That's weird. Maybe it's really selective.

  • +1

    I just order some roller blinds with Click& Collect. Total was $36 - $20 = $16. I'm in Vic.

    Received Order confirmation also.

  • +1

    Thanks op😊. It worked

  • Thanks OP. Ordered a couple sistema tritan containers that are currently 1/2 price.

  • +1

    Surely this is an error and they will cancel, right? :(

  • Ordered C&C for $34 Victoria, had to re-enter the code at checkout and it worked.. Confirmation email etc received

  • Thank you so much!!!

  • -3

    I'm no prude OP; but I and many others on this bargaining forum would prefer if you limited the toilet humour and stuck to posting lucrative deals. I'm sure that I'm speaking for many when I post this.

    • Assuming that's humour, it's way too subtle to… pull it off

    • +1

      Limited the toilet humour.. stuck

      Sounds like someone needs prunes.

  • Seem to have cracked down on it "Promo code is invalid or conditions not met. Please note, promo codes are case sensitive."

    • +1

      Enter it again, uppercase. I found it worked when I tried again.

  • Thanks! Ordered a bunch of pillar candles I use regularly.

    The website / checkout / payment functionality is so poor. I couldn't get it to accept a manually entered address for my parcel locker (even though they use Australia Post for delivery…).

  • Thx op , It worked . It can be delivery orders as long as it’s above $20 orders . It wasn’t working when order was only $12 with $12 shipping . Shipping is killing it But I still ordered thru .

  • code not working
    Promo code is invalid or conditions not met. Please note, promo codes are case sensitive.

  • I like this one… You only have one choice of colour though! ;D

  • Has anyone tried instore purchase with the code below?

    Instore Coupon number: 9341222365777

    • Tried at castle hill, staff entered the coupon manually but the system didn’t recognise.

    • Yes, it works at Spotlight Cockburn as of today.

      • Did you buy sale item or full price?

  • Just received confirmation that my order is ready for pickup (VIC). Total order was $20.50 - $20 = $0.50

    What a great find. Thanks OP.

    • Lucky. Mine cancelled. $21-20 pick up vic

      • Me too, cancelled and refunded today (4.9) :(

    • Mine got cancelled too… what did you order out of interest?

      • Sistema containers.
        I did 2 separate orders. Both confirmed and picked up.

  • my order is being shipped from a brisbane store to my brissy address

  • This code 'saved' me $42! I added a fabric dye to the basket worth $22 only to be prompted with a promo: buy one get one free. So I added another one. Instant discount of $22 minus the promo code of $20 = $2.00 to pay. Click and collect in Melbourne. Already picked up, no issues. Thanks op!

  • Sweet. Basically got 3 tubes of paint for the price of two and free delivery to SA.
    Thanks OP!

    • How do you get free delivery?

    • What code did you put in for the free delivery? It stacks with the BONUS20 code too?

      • -2

        I did say basically ;P
        3 tubes was 22.50 + 13 postage - 20 = 15.50 which is the price of 2 tubes + 50c….got it? :)

  • +1

    Was told by staff at Cannington to show email?
    This appears on my Facebook feed. I don’t think there is an email?

  • Order partially canceled was going to get it delivered. But now will have to cancel the lot

  • -1

    only some stores are click and collect so its largely a waste of time trying to do online with spotlight…

  • Can anyone else get it to work successfully on clearance stock?

    I had success with full price and on sale items, but clearance items seems to be one of the exceptions.

    • Edit: I was able to use the code purchasing while full price, sale and clearance products, as long as the full/sale price items exceeded the $20.

  • anyone order multiple orders and collected with no issues? Was wondering if can do more than one order with same email?

    • is it still working? I did it with same email

    • I ordered a few, one per transaction, and managed to collect all today. But I just tried it again, and it doesn't seem to work anymore.

      EDIT: I'm in Victoria.

      • just tried too, doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I went to collect a few packages today, got asked if I used the code more than once. manager told me that head office is going to ban my VIP account…

        • Uh oh, thankfully I was running anonymously…

          • @Ameowzon: how did you manage to do that? I thought they checked for ID?

            • @beagem: Only my wife had a VIP card. I didn't. I checked out as guest. They didn't ask for ID when I got there.

        • @beagem and @ameowzon Which store did you go to and did you manage to pick up your items?

          • @Hennahh: Fountain Gate, VIC, and yes, I managed to pick up my items.

        • Did you manage to pick up your items? Which store did you go?

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