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~85% off T20 World Cup Apparel (e.g. Adults Spray Jacket $10, OOS) + $10 Delivery @ ICC T20 World Cup Shop


Due to covid pandemic and subsequent cancellation of the T20 cricket world cup that was to be held in Australia this year, there is now a sale for all the fan apparels. If you don't mind having a T20 world cup 2020 Australia logo (some seem to be generic), then grab a bargain.

T20 World Cup Adults Spray Jacket $10 (Was $80) Out of Stock

Stay protected on rainy match days with this T20 World Cup Adults Spray Jacket. Made from lightweight polyester for comfortable, the jacket features zipped pockets to keep your belongings dry; contract colour panelling and heat transferred detailing on the front.
100% Polyester
Contrast colour panelling and zip toggles
Zipped pockets
Heat transferred logos and word marks
Manufactured by Elite Group

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  • These MFers send a mail after 20 days that most of what I ordered is out of stock. Cheaters. And they a one (profanity) email to contact which I am sure they won't reply. Can we do something to get a full refund? any advice? Seems like they sold most of the hoodies and jackets behind for profit.

  • No reply back on email… so going to try the bank and see if they can get my money bank.

  • Got my polo and cap. Cap is nice quality (worth it), polo is more like sports material fabric (definitely not worth rrp).

    • did you get any tracking? or any emails?

      • Tracking on auspost app. Emails couple of days later.

        Didnt get the entire order though. Still waiting for refunds (which they emailed about). They will refund shipping cost too apparently.

        • Weird didn't any email about the refund just email about having large influx of orders. Probably should contact my bank to get my refund this is taking ages no contact on their side.

  • They've sent my order to the wrong address. What an absolute joke.

  • I ordered two orders one has been received the other appears to have been ignored by then but they've debited the money from my account

  • Got an sms out of the blue saying order arriving today. Got me excited then saw an email about partial refund 40 out of 50 dollars. Ended up getting hats but no jacket or hoodies. Bit bummed out but at least i got something. Interesting to see they now have a message on their email address about orders. Still poor form

  • Messed up my refund got just $70 instead of $130 for the out of stock items. Been over a week now no reply pathetic had to lodge a dispute via credit card.

    • Similar thing happened with me. They issued a wrong refund for out of stock items. Raised a PayPal dispute today after no email response from vendor for more than a week.

      • I should have paid via PayPal would have been much easier to file a dispute. Honestly this lot should be banned on OzB complete waste of time.

      • How did it go did you manage to get rest of your refund back?

        This lot are either hopelessly inept or bunch of scammers.

  • No hoodies either which is the main reason I ordered. Lets all combine and do a class action lawsuit against these guys!

  • No contact since ordering until today when I received an sms from Auspost about a delivery. A very sad looking satchel with 1x stubby holder in it (missing polo + hoodie from the apparently "fulfilled" order, according to the website). Appropriately worded email sent.

    • No emails about it, but just checked my credit card, and they've refunded all but $5, so although not happy they didn't send everything, at least they refunded everything else + shipping.

  • Ordered about 20 items. Got an email about 10 days later saying out of of stock for 5 items and will be refunded. Refund did come through. Was expecting to receive the remaining 15 items. Received a tiny satchel with 4 items in it. Not sure how to get my refund for the items that have not been sent out. Paid via afterpay and they said cannot help, contact merchant. Any suggestions as to what my options are? I can't approach my bank, can I? No response to emails or Facebook messages to the t20worldcup Facebook page.
    Velocity brand management website "under construction". Very dodgy.

  • Check your orders carefully. Not all items ordered were received. I received an email saying 1 item was oos, but other items are also missing. Can't get through on the number provided.

    • Just received an email saying 1 more item is being shipped. Looks like orders might be coming from different warehouses but it never mentioned anywhere it was going to be a split delivery.

  • Ordered more than 30 items. They told 20 are out of stock. Finally they send one hat. What to do with these $&@&@!$ ?

    • No use contacting them they probably won't reply. My advice is just open a dispute via PayPal/credit card rather than wait. I mean ffs it's been a month now and they still can't seem to fix their screwups. Useless can't even process refunds properly.

  • I contacted them and they said they sent it but it got returned

    They asked if my address was correct and then I checked the tracking they had and they had manually typed with the wrong first name, Street name incorrect and no unit number provided in the address

    Never seen anywhere manage 3 errors in an address that shouldn’t have been manually entered in the first place

    • How did you contact them?

      I have emailed them a number of times over the last 10 days but no response yet. Received half the orders and no refund or notification about the rest of the orders. Unbelievable service!

      • These aholes are complete waste of time. They don't seem to reply for the most part. I mean it has been well over a month now so plenty of time to sort this mess out. Also the phone number on there does not work it's a dud.

        However googled Velocity Brand Management Pty Ltd and got this number (02) 8353 7738. Rang them just now and actually got through and left my info. Let's see what happens.

      • They responded to a couple of my emails

        However I just got the package finally and no hoodie, never been told this was missing
        I didn’t order an Aussie hoodie and I ordered the night this was posted, I’m sure they had no logical date order when fulfilling orders

        • I dont know if it will help at all, but decided to take things a step further after no reply from the emails and decided to message this guy on LinkedIn after doing some digging about the company:


          Not sure if I'm allowed to post this so delete if it's not allowed but thought it might be worth a shot with their ridiculous service

  • Finally got my full refund back after months and numerous emails. Not sure if it was down to the whole covid situation but that was horrendous customer service probably the worst I've come across.