This was posted 1 year 4 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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~85% off T20 World Cup Apparel (e.g. Adults Spray Jacket $10, OOS) + $10 Delivery @ ICC T20 World Cup Shop


Due to covid pandemic and subsequent cancellation of the T20 cricket world cup that was to be held in Australia this year, there is now a sale for all the fan apparels. If you don't mind having a T20 world cup 2020 Australia logo (some seem to be generic), then grab a bargain.

T20 World Cup Adults Spray Jacket $10 (Was $80) Out of Stock

Stay protected on rainy match days with this T20 World Cup Adults Spray Jacket. Made from lightweight polyester for comfortable, the jacket features zipped pockets to keep your belongings dry; contract colour panelling and heat transferred detailing on the front.
100% Polyester
Contrast colour panelling and zip toggles
Zipped pockets
Heat transferred logos and word marks
Manufactured by Elite Group

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    100% polyester t-shirts

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    Too slow to load up. OzBargained.

  • Couldn't find a size guide on their website.

    • Small cog icon next to the buy it now. But most sizes were out of stock when deal was posted

      • Thanks

  • they may still struggle to clear it. was looking for kids but branding is pretty big

  • +2

    Site was struggling with lots of OzBargainers visiting but seems to be a good range of sizes left, at least in the Sri Lankan gear. All set for the next holiday to Colombo (well, one can dream in a COVID world!)

    Thanks OP!

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      Buy some Sri Lanka gear there like I did - it will all be knock offs and weird sizing but it's not terrible.

      • Actually thinking about it I bought it in Galle. Same applies though.

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      Go Lanka Go!

  • Managed to get a handful of things, some of the items I wanted evaporated while waiting for mates to let me know about a combined order… The site was running fast when I first saw the deal!

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    502 Bad Gateway

  • +2

    My God the site is struggling! I can't even checkout. Thanks for the deal though OP.

  • The sire is darn really struggling… i selected a few items checked out.. made payment via paypal.. but its just stuck on redirection
    I have received a mail from paypal for the transaction but no confirmation mail from the site as yet.. i hope this transaction does not get lost ..

    Nonetheless thanks for the post OP,,,

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      Same. After paying on PayPal it got stuck redirecting back to the online shop and timed out. Email from PayPal says I have paid though so let's see what happens.

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      I did received an email from them just now… please wait for 15-30 minutes. Cheers

  • +3

    Performance test completed guys. thanks :)

    • +1

      And I bet it Rocked!!!

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    502 bad gateway


  • She's not happy.

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    Hope the OP actually completed their order before posting :P

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    What a useless website. Hard to believe site is hosted by one of the richest sporting bodies in the world.

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    Thanks, I'll probably grab a few shirts to wear at home with my unlimited supply of 502 Bad Gateways

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    Guys can you hop off the T20 site as I’m trying to buy some merch?

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    It keeps telling me to choose my state when checking out but theres no where to select one. What a broken website

    • +2

      It takes some while to open the option for state.

      Slow and steady…

      • When I do get the state to show up, it then tells me it's missing all my info when I go to checkout

      • +1


        A neg vote to actually help…

        • +1

          You deserve an upvote :)

  • Damn it… bought few stuff have no idea what I will do with it !!! After putting up with so slow website had to complete the order..

    • +3

      Probably wear it

  • After trying few times, finally managed to buy. I think they did 502 Bad Gatways intentionally, so at the end, you complete the order!

  • My credit card has been charged, but I haven't received a confirmation. Nor did I manage to get to a screen which confirmed my order.

  • Well half the stuff I was trying to get disappeared from my cart but I was able to check out some things.

  • +1

    Took almost 1 hour to order 6 items. 😊😊

    • Same. Now the waiting game begins - didn’t get any email from the site, so not even sure if I’ll get anything! 😅

      • I haven't received an email from them. Received one from PayPal. I created an account during checkout and can see my order when I log in.

        • The email eventually came through for me, and I can see for many others too. Hopefully you got yours too Miss B!

  • +1

    Got a few things but couldn't get all that I wanted as it kept getting timed out.
    Glad I managed to grab some.
    Thanks OP, hope you managed to order something :)

  • I cannot even get back on site anymore. What's up with the site?

  • +1

    Ordered. Took a while but worth it. Haven’t got an email tho but got the receipt from PayPal.

    • I’ll be surprised if the order actually goes through. I’m assuming PayPal will be good enough to refund in case the order doesn’t go through?! 😊

      • +1

        Received confirmation from the world cup shop!

        • It just came through for me too! Now, looking forward to receiving these and possibly watching a game on the telly with the jerseys on! Can’t imagine a game at the ‘G anytime soon…

  • looks like it's running a bit better now. took about 20 mins. when the state field shows up right away in the cart, it should go through for you. I got timed out when clicking 'checkout' about 10 times.

  • Thanks OP, I was looking at this merch before the pandemic and was like wow, thats expensive. Ordered a few things, got the Paypal confirmation, so lets hope it goes through.

  • Got Paypal, no confirmation. Went back on the site and saw my items still in the cart. Should I be worried?

    • Happened the exact same thing to me! PayPal is pretty good with refunds, worst case scenario

      • Same with me - Paypal conf received but items still in cart. Paypal confirmation does have an Invoice id - hope VBM is able to confirm the order.

    • If you go into your account you can see your order details

      • Where? under completed orders?

        • Nothing in there for me! You're right though, there's an invoice ID in PP invoice so here's hoping.

          • @RhysNZ: ok, just logged into the site again and shows 1 under completed orders and an order confirmation below.

            Is the invoice id on PP conf like 19000———? Cause that is the order number with VBM as per their site

          • @RhysNZ: Did it work Rhys?

            • @RM: No nothing, so I placed a new order and it went through fine. Now to dispute the first one as I can see them not responding to their emails and I magically end up with 2 orders lol

        • When you click on my accounts, it takes you to account dashboard and on the page it shows completed orders.
          Did you get the email with your order number and details?

          • +1

            @pramki: The email conf just popped up now - literally 5 secs ago Thanks so much.

            • @RM: Relief. I know the feeling when you have paid for it and not sure if it went through.

              • +1

                @pramki: True - that's where PP and credit card come handy - can lodge a complaint anytime.
                But its the items that worry me more - don't wanna miss out.

    • Same happened for me.. :/

      • Check PayPal txn
        Check your email
        Log back into the account in the shop website to check your orders there under my account

        • Received an email from Paypal on the transaction.. No other email received.. Logged out and logged in.. items still on cart.. and nothing listing as Order under my account.. :O

          • @vikramhkumar: Refresh and give it a little more time. PayPal so you should be covered if some issue

            • +1

              @pramki: Thanks mate.. I refreshed, waited and finally checked out from my cart and this time it went through.. however I now have 2 creditcard transaction howing pending..
              Received a confirmation email received for 1 order..
              As you said I paid through PayPal, so I hope I should be good.. thanks again 👍

              • @vikramhkumar: same happened to me, now have 2 x paypals, I opened a paypal dispute straight away incase the warehouse team doesn't talk to the customer service team and I end up with 2 of everything. As their website says, no refunds after ordering.

  • +1

    This site sucks, never loads

  • Does anyone have any idea about the sizes?

    • There's a picture that sort of looks like a tape measure that's the size chart.

      • Anybody know why hips measurement is smaller than waist? :S

  • Paid through PayPal and got the below message. But no order number- interesting

    Thank you for your order with ICC T20 World Cup Shop.
    Your order is important to us and will be dispatched from our warehouse ASAP.
    Delivery times will vary depending on your location, find this information on our shipping page.

  • Took a good 45 mins but ended up with 6 items over 2 orders cause the jumper size I wanted went out of stock then came back in stock… Received both order conformations about 10 minutes after placing the orders so should hopefully be good to go.

    • Oh man! Me too! Double shipping coz the jumper went out of my cart the first time

  • took over an hour to place order, got confirmation from PayPal but page stuck when it was about to go back to show Order success.

    • Yea, I refreshed and it gave me the order confirmation

      • Tried that but still a blank page. Going back to site from another device and items are still in cart

        • Keep refreshing… the order should show up in your account.. Took a few goes for me.

          • @Crusader: Yup - got it. Thanks

          • @Crusader: Kept refreshing but didn’t work. Clicked on back once and then refreshed it worked.

    • Same thing happened with me but received Afterpay confirmation email.

  • Haha….refresh refresh…click click….pay….Thanks from Velocitybra ;)

  • Afterpay confirmation email received but couldn’t even make it to the confirmation page. It’s been 20 mins. Should I be worried?

    • YES

  • Thanks OP. Been waiting for some of the T20 woman's WC to go on sale. Had my stubbie holder stolen. Gee 80k ppl at the G. So long ago. Great final and atmosphere. Shame the men's postponed.

  • Are these price errors?

    • +5

      offloading the merchandise otherwise no one will buy. WC is cancelled.

  • Ordered through PayPal and got a confirmation email from t20 shop, thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    Ordered last night, Card got charged, received email this morning saying, items are still in cart. Logged on this morning, and surprise surprise, Cart is empty. Checked again, and website just wouldn't load.

    • same here.

      • Their number doesn't work either 02 8367 6808. They do however have a head office number off of Google. Might give it a go in a bit.

  • Got a couple of polo shirts last night at 1.30am in the morning, honestly most of it is polyester crap and not really worth the bother.

  • no links working…

  • Ordered just now with paypal, no problems.

  • I ordered with paypal and received paypal confirmation but my account still shows 0 orders completed and items still in cart. Should I resubmit or do you think it has gone through successfully?

    • This happened to me. I resubmitted after an hour which went through fine but now I have 2 payments and hope 1 of them is returned.

      • OK looks like I mistyped my email/login ID so I never got the order confirmation email if there was one. Account still shows 0 orders and the items I wanted have now sold out.

  • I got the confirmation email and the Tax receipt as well as the Paypal Notificafication.
    With the site being completely down now, kind of worried if this was legit.

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