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Aeropress Go $39.95 (Sold Out) / Five Senses, AXIL and Proud Mary Coffee (eg. AXIL 1kg $37.95 Shipped) @ Direct Coffee


Hey Folks,

Hope everyone's doing well!

We've just launched the Aeropress Go on our site so we wanted to share a good deal with the OzB community :)

Aeropress Go - Use Code: DCAEROPRESSGO

Shipping for Aeropress. Order before Monday at 1:45pm AEST: Aeropress is then shipped out to you on Wednesday.

  • SOLD OUT Aeropress Go $39.95 (Shipped)

1kg Coffee from Five Senses Coffee - Use Code: DCFS1kg0309

Shipping for Five Senses. Order before Monday at 1:45pm AEST: Coffee is then shipped out to you on Wednesday.

  • Five Senses - Crompton Road Blend 1kg $39.95 (Shipped)
  • Five Senses - Darkhorse Blend 1kg $39.95 (Shipped)
  • Five Senses - Hi Fidelity Blend 1kg $39.95 (Shipped)
  • Five Senses - Tightrope Blend 1kg $39.95 (Shipped)

500g Coffee from Five Senses Coffee - Use Code: DCFS500g0309

Shipping for Five Senses. Order before Monday at 1:45pm AEST: Coffee is then shipped out to you on Wednesday.

  • Five Senses - Crompton Road Blend 500g $24.95 (Shipped)
  • Five Senses - Darkhorse Blend 500g $24.95 (Shipped)
  • Five Senses - Hi Fidelity Blend 500g $24.95 (Shipped)
  • Five Senses - Tightrope Blend 500g $24.95 (Shipped)

1kg Coffee from AXIL - Use Code: DCAR1kg0309

Shipping for AXIL. Order before Monday at 1:45pm AEST: Coffee is then shipped out to you on Wednesday.

  • AXIL - Seasonal Blend 1kg $37.95 (Shipped)
  • AXIL - Vader Blend 1kg $37.95 (Shipped)

500g Coffee from AXIL - Use Code: DCAR500g0309

Shipping for AXIL. Order before Monday at 1:45pm AEST: Coffee is then shipped out to you on Wednesday.

  • AXIL - Seasonal Blend 500g $22.95 (Shipped)
  • AXIL - Vader Blend 500g $22.95 (Shipped)

1kg Coffee from Proud Mary - Use Code: DCPMC1kg0309

Shipping for Proud Mary. Order before Monday at 1:45pm AEST: Coffee is then shipped out to you on Wednesday.

  • Proud Mary - Humbler Blend 1kg $39.95 (Shipped)
  • Proud Mary - Ghost Rider (AWARD WINNING) Blend 1kg $48.95 (Shipped)
  • Proud Mary - Angel Wings (AWARD WINNING) Blend 1kg $48.95 (Shipped)
  • Proud Mary - DECAF 1kg $48.95 (Shipped)

500g Coffee from Proud Mary - Use Code: DCPMC500g0309

Shipping for Proud Mary. Order before Monday at 1:45pm AEST: Coffee is then shipped out to you on Wednesday.

  • Proud Mary - Humbler Blend 500g $24.95 (Shipped)
  • Proud Mary - Ghost Rider (AWARD WINNING) Blend 500g $26.95 (Shipped)
  • Proud Mary - Angel Wings (AWARD WINNING) Blend 500g $26.95 (Shipped)
  • Proud Mary - DECAF 500g $26.95 (Shipped)

Enjoy :)

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  • +1

    What's the difference between Go and Original/Classic? It comes with a travel cup?

    • +2

      It's also more compact. The whole unit fits inside the travel cup :)

    • +5

      i have the go since a week. It´s slightly smaller, and comes with a cup, that's it. This is a nice video, not really like the guy's style, but he explains everything pretty well.

      • +1

        Super frustrating reviewer. ‘I don’t need it, so no one else must’ there is plenty of backpackers, van dwellers etc that will love this compact version.

        • +24

          I didn't find it frustrating at all. James is a very balanced reviewer.

          It's a totally fair point to critique the niche that this fills. It's not significantly smaller than a regular aeropress. As someone who backpacks, this is not nearly compact enough to come hiking. And a regular aeropress fits just as easily in a van setup.

          • @DisabledUser220804: Yeah, i was surprised too, i was thinking it would be like the size of a can of soda, but it's way larger that i expected. Since i'm using it at home, i just left the cup and some of the accessories stored in the box and just use the main part for my coffee.

          • @DisabledUser220804: Exactly. Basically you're paying more for a slightly smaller aeropress with a cup. If anything they should have made a larger one for 2 cups.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser220804: I have seen hikers pull out the full sized aeropress at the camp site. Hey OP what is the weight of this vs the orig?

        • +1

          I think he makes some valid points. He didn't say no one needs it. But if you're a backpacker you would most likely have a metal cup. Likewise van dwellers. Plastic cups are a bit meh. IMHO. But keeping it all in one container is nice.

          • +2

            @bargainshooter: Been using my regular Aeropress from a previous deal for a week now. Really enjoying the coffee and the process. Easy to clean, minimal mess, tastes great and gives a sense of achievement.
            I have a regular mug sized coffee and the original Aeropress fills it perfectly. The Go is about a third smaller I recall so you'd have to top up with hot water if you want your own mug filled full.
            Porlex ii Grinder is soooo much better than a similar style I got from AliExpress.

        • +6

          This is not an argument from authority, but for what it's worth, James Hoffmann is the World Barista Champion.

          • +8

            @paveln: ^^^

            Also he has reviewed basically every good piece of coffee equipment on the market at various price points without ever being sponsored by those companies.

            Pretty good source if you ask me.

            • +7

              @DisabledUser220804: He funds the purchase of the coffee equipment he review from his Patreons, then gives it away to a Patreon after the review.

              About as unbiased as you can get in the world of cash-for-comment influencers and sponsorships these days.

              • +1

                @henno: Summarised beautifully. He's basically perfect as far as YouTuber transparency goes.

        • +4

          Yep I don't see how any of what he said is anything like 'I don't need it so no one else must'…
          I've been looking for an awesome space efficient travel grinder+brewer combo for years, he's right they missed an opportunity there.

        • +2

          James Hoffman does great reviews but the aeropress is exactly what I said in the aldi thread of the aeropress. They were great like 7 years ago, it's now 2020 and batch brews are better, even the Brazen Brewer is better or just a V60.

        • +1

          I subscribe to only handful of people on youtube. James Hoffman is one of them. He is very hard to please. I respect his opinion very much. He very rarely does product reviews.

  • +1

    Hi there, do I need to do separate transactions for the aeropress and a 1kg of coffee? (also to use $8 referral link credit?) payment screen will only let me use one code.

    • Hi, our system is currently set up to only allow one code per transaction. So unfortunately you will need to separate them out.

      • +2

        thanks, ordered Aeropress Go and Proud Mary Humbler 1kg. would love to stack offers in the future - can't see a way to use the points or referral code with a purchase of a special when the specials use the coupon code.

  • what is the best blend from five senses for milk drink like latte and flat white.

    • Hey there, depends what kind of tastes you like. Are you looking for a more chocolatey rich taste or something a bit fruitier and acidic.

    • As rep said, depends on preference. More traditional profile (chocolatey, nutty) would be Crompton Rd. The other blends would then move up from there in terms of fruity/floral notes due to origin components (and acidity -edit- generally, although roast level probably plays more of a role).

      Based on the blend components, I think progression would be Dark Horse, Tightrope, then Hi fidelity. Maybe rep or someone more familiar can comment? I've only had Crompton Rd and Dark Horse in recent times.

    • Highly recommend darkhorse. It's the first blend I ever tried that got me interested in specialty coffee! Shoutout to Hoopla Espresso in Perth :)

  • +4

    Any deals on a filter for the Aeropress??

    • Were you interested in metal or paper filters?

      • +1

        I’d also be keen on pricing for the Go filters, before ordering, please? Pricing on both would be great thanks! (I tried searching ‘filter’ on your site but no luck?)

        • +5

          They're normally ~$8 for 350 paper filters. The Go comes with 350 in the box.
          I've had my aeropress for 3 years and havent finished the filters that came with it, but I dont use it everyday (obviously, cause maths)

          • +4

            @theguyrules: Hey there, we'd be looking at selling them for $6 for a 350 pack.

            I'll try and get them loaded up on the site later today.

        • You can even reuse the paper filters, the inventor uses it up to 80 times

      • Is there a deal for a metal reusable filter? cheers

      • im after a metal one

  • +1

    How long is the shipping? I need coffee soon :)

    • +1

      Orders will be dispatched next Wednesday.

  • +1

    From the choices whats good for Cold Drip sir?
    Love your coffee

    • I love Hi Fidelity as cold drip 👌

      • +1

        Ordered! Thank you!

        • Thanks for ordering :)

  • +2

    Ordered an Aeropress Go to give it a… go.

    One Aeropress for the office and one for home/travel.

    • Hahaha very good!

  • +1

    Have been waiting for a good deal on aeropress … thanks!!!!!

  • Hello, whats a good coffee for Filter?

    Currently own Aeropress, Hario V60 Carafe and a French Press. I have had 5senses Raimutin & Heza. I prefer a more chocolatey flavour? If that makes sense? Not a huge fan of the fruity stuff. Sometimes it takes a bit too vegetal for my taste buds.

    • Gotcha, for those notes I'd be looking at Darkhorse, Vader or Humbler

  • After something with a strong bold chocolately taste that goes well with soy - any suggestions? Thanks

    • I'd suggest Vader or Dark horse 🙌

  • Aeropress Go was $25 two weeks ago at IW and their coffee blends were $25/kg…so this is not really a deal, or a decent deal.

    • What’s IW?

    • +4

      The Aeropress in the other deal was sold out before the advertised sale/coupon period, so no, it wasn’t a deal.

      OP got a sale out of me here, even if I had to pay more.

      • Thanks! I honestly find it hard to believe anyone got the Aeropress at $25 - happy to be proven wrong though.

  • How long will the codes be available for?

    • +1

      TBC - but should be available through until the end of the weekend

  • Good prices, FYI i got some shipped to Sydney took about 3 business days.

  • +1

    When is the roast date?

    • +2

      Hey there, if you order now it will be roasted on Monday or Tuesday next week

  • +1

    Which blend/brand would you recommend for black coffee made in aeropress?

    • +1

      Hey there, what kind of flavours do you like? More chocolatey or fruity?

      • +1


        • Awesome! In that case I'd suggest Ghost Rider :)

  • +1

    Awesome, been looking into an Aeropress Go - Bought!
    Any chance you'll be introducing ground coffee or beans only?

    If not, any reccomendations for a grinder that doesn't break the bank?

    • +1

      Grinding beans makes it quite a challenge to keep costs down.

      But hopefully we can find an efficient way to offer this service.

      In the meantime, I'd always recommend a grinder for home. If you can stretch a little, the Breville Smart Grinder is my go to recommendation:

      • +1

        Agree on the smart grinder pro. It's fantastic. Pretty much global good reviews.

        It's not cheap but your coffee brew method is, so I'd say save for a month or whatever it takes you and splurge on the grinder.

        It can grow with you too, you can use the smart grinder pro for any coffee method with any quality machine from a cheap moka pot to a decent espresso machine and it probably won't be the weak point in your brew.

  • How long do the coffee beans last in the bag unopened?

    • +2

      General rule is around a month after roasting you have stale beans, bagged or otherwise.

      • Do you know if freezing them helps? Or harm the oils/flavour in any way?
        Edit: I found this from a comment in another post

        • +1

          I mean, you caaaan… but I would do that as a last resort.

          Recency of roast date is basically the number 1 factor outside the bean itself (and catastrophically stuffing up a brew) that will affect how nice your coffee is.

          I'd only freeze beans if I had somehow got way too many accidentally or if I was halfway through a bag and was going overseas or something.

  • Anyone know if the Aeropress Go fits all neat in the cup when it's got a Fellow Prismo attached to the bottom?

  • +1

    Would love the option of a sampler pack, Eg 4x250gr coffee beans

    • Same. Filter combo etc

  • +1

    Good deal. Ordered 1kg of Vader. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    What would be the darkest roast among these? I prefer chocolate flavors :)

  • Do you do Five Senses in 250g?

    I like to try a variety. It took me a month or two to get through 3x250g Proud Mary filter beans.

  • +1

    Aeropress says sold out now. Was about to buy one.

  • Says sold out. Can we backorder

    • Amazon have for $50. Not as good obviously but still ok if you need it soon.

  • +1

    Got the Aeropress, but the Crompton Road blend is sold out :(

    • Crompton Road and other Five Senses coffees are now back in stock :)

      • Thanks, I got the email and chose to get the classic.
        Can I use the $10 voucher, along with the discount code above for the blend?

        • +1

          That code won't stack, but send me a message and I'll organise this for you.

  • Just got an email saying they received Aeropress Classic instead :( So either Aeropress + $10 voucher or refund… Really wanted the Go.

    Anyone have another link deal to the Go?

    • $50 through amazon as mentioned above. help yourself to a search for it if interested.

    • Hey there,

      We've now got enough Go's - if you didn't reply we'll be sending you a Go tomorrow :)

      • Oops I replied to refund but I really wanted the Go too. I sent a follow up email, hope it’s read in time :)

      • Thank you. I did reply saying I wanted to wait for the Go's next shipment. Hope it's all okay

        • Yep - you'll get the Go :)

  • +2

    Any chance Crompton Road will restock?

    • +1

      Hi Jerry, Good news! The Crompton Road (And all Five Senses coffee) is now back in stock.

      • +1

        Thanks OP. First time with you and for this coffee - just placed an order and looking forward to tasting the Crompton Road!

        • +1

          Thanks for ordering!

  • Today, I finally received my Proud Mary - Angel Wings which were roasted on the 7th September and shipped on the 9th.
    Chucked them into the good ol' Aeropress - not gonna lie, they are pretty disappointing.
    Good 3 minute brew with a medium-fine grind and received a pretty bland cup with just a bit of bitterness and nothing much more. Maybe it is due to all the time they spent with Auspost?

    Anyone else have experience with these "award winning" beans?