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3x Riddoch Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon $33 @ BWS


On super saver special at $16, however, for some reason, if I add 3 to my basket it goes to $33 from $32. Plus you can get the 25% cashrewards for $8.25/bottle.
Unfortunately 6 bottles is $81 rather than $66 and the 6 bottle 10% discount doesn't discount further (for rewards card).


Make sure you're logged in.
Don't use gift cards. Don't use the app. Better to buy 3 at a time but if you add something else you might get $10 off or qualify for bonus points - check your rewards offers.

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    Doesn’t work for me

  • Worked, Thanks!

  • What am I missing? I want this deal.

  • Yep doesn't work for me either - maybe it depends on the store?

  • No go for me.

  • doesn't work here

  • Tried two stores. Didn't work

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    Doesn't work if I'm not logged in. Maybe Everyday rewards linked?
    Tried a few stores in a few states and it worked if I'm logged in.

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      Ah yes - that did the trick!

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    Kraken Spiced Rum 700ml $52 is a cracking deal too!

    $39 after cashback (or $40.5 if cashback excludes GST)

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    No worko for me - edit - log in dumb dumb

  • Log in and got 3x 4 orders to make an even dozen, thanks OP!!

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      Ditto! If it is a glitch let's hope there's no issues when picking up.

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        Going in 20 mins so will see :) edit: just got my confirmation so head in to pickup!

  • Created account, linked to woolworthsrewards, $10 off, nice. Hope it does not cancel the cashback.

    • Got $10 off as well, no idea why. Shopped with BWS before and my rewards card has been linked for ages. Shouldn't mess with cashback though, T&C's only mention paying with giftcards will make you ineligible.

  • Logged in and still not working. Does it need to be via the BWS app via CR?

    • Might need to link an everyday rewards account?

    • Cashback is ineligible on purchases made through the BWS app.

      • [email protected]“& it. Done all of the above and 3 shows as $48. I’ll settle for the makers mark for $48 with 25% cash back. Anyone know if there’s a limit? Couldn’t see it in the details

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          Ok, so I added 1 to the cart. Then went into the cart and added 2 more for $33. Everyone can relax now.

          • @Pennypacka: Yes, that worked. Thanks. Waiting for the cashback email to arrive

  • Perfecto!

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    Worked thanks! I also added 1 bottle of wolf blass ($7) and Ballistic Brewing Hawaiian Haze 4 pack ($21) and for some reason got another $10 off in cart. Paid $51 for 4 bottles of wine and a 4 pack of craft beer. Plus the 25% cashback and bonus 1000 Everyday Rewards points a pretty good deal.

    • how come 1000 rewards pt? any other deal

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        Check your card. Probably a targeted fathers day offer.. 1000 points with $50 spend for me.

  • Picked up 6 bottles and get the other 6 tomorrow as local BWS only had 6, enjoying a drop now, thanks again OP!

  • How long does it take to receive the cashback notification email?

    • 79 mins for me

      • Thanks, that’s a while! Guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

  • Thanks OP , bought two lots of 3 for 15 off each.

    If you choose 6 in one go , still does 15$ off. Better to order lots of 3!!!

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    Bugger, went auto pilot and paid with gift card. Now ineligible for the cash back. Here, take my ozbargain licence!

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      me too :( :( :( :(
      Now just for 25% off will need to order another set of 3's

  • What a great find!!

  • It worked in the cart!

  • Delivery is $10?
    How much spend to get free delivery?

  • Just wondering how good this wine tastes like though? Is it just yet another random wine, or is actually decent wine? Just don't want to buy some wine that no one likes to drink it - I'm really a noob here so please educate me :)

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      Decent wine for $11 (before 25% cash back), can't go wrong. Albeit, this is an in-house Woolies wine.

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      I’ve bought quite a few of these when they were buy one get one free for $16 ($8 each) at Dans. great value at $8, good for $10-12, there’s better wines for $16.

    • If you know where to look, and follow some forums with wine deals youll find much better wines for $11-13 but you have to be active.

      It's a good price for everyday drinking for someone who doesn't care much.

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        Can you please point me in the direction of the forums you’re referring too?

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          me too plz

    • Coonawarra Cab Sauvs are usually decent.

    • Personally wouldn't even buy at $11/bottle, but that's just me.

  • Worked a treat! Cheers OP!

  • Thanks OP! Got the extra $10 off too!

  • Fixed? Showing $48 and I'm logged in.

    • Just worked for me, are you going through cash rewards?

    • Add 2 to cart then edit cart to add a 3rd.

  • Thanks OP, worked for me!

  • Works for me, but damn I wish it was a wine I drank

  • Awesome! Worked for me, and I added a bottle of whisky to make it up to $70 (targeted Everyday rewards offer for 1200 points) and got an extra $10 off for no apparent reason. Thanks OP!

    • had spend $30 for 900 points…paired well

  • Thanks OP, was able to add a James Squire Broken Shackles Lager to my order for free

  • Please check the price in the cart it works :)

  • I think they fixed it?

    Edit: It doesn't seem to work if you add it from the side search menu. Very strange, works in some flows and not others.

    I've ordered 6 from 2 separate stores, do you think they will pull me up for too many orders?

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    Still no CR tracking receipt.. normally BWS is very quick

  • doesnt work for me

  • Did it last night and still no CR registering the sale. Pretty sure I am not getting the 25% off

  • Placed 2 of 3bottles orders.

    CR tracked for one.

    Waiting for another one now

    and got sms from BWS to collect

  • Got the pickup confirmation. Hope the CR receipt isnt too far away..

  • Doesn't work for me. They might have fixed it

  • Not working for me either.

  • Dosnt work anymor e

  • Not working for me. Missed the boat with this one.

  • Just picked up mine.

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    Hi guys. TA from Cashrewards here. With regards BWS tracking, please see thread and all updates here & here. Thank you :)

    • Cashrewards site said issue at 9:30 AM and it's ~2PM. Is it likely to be resolved any time soon ? I'd love to take advantage of this if possible (I usually miss out!)

      • Correct. Offer stopped at 9:30am and won't be coming back unfortunately. See here.

    • Hi TA any update on this issue? Has been a number of days and this has not been reflected in my cash rewards

      • Hi. We sent an email to everyone on Friday. Please see here.

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    Picked mine up from North Sydney. The sales guy asked why I was ordering with friends? I had no idea what he was talking about, turns out he had four orders of the same thing last night, thought we were a group of friends ordering together…

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      Ozbargain friends….

  • Picked up today. Was told an email and had come from head office about this "they always cock up the online orders" I was told was the gist of it.

    • so these bottles are $16 in Dan Murphy's so BWS at $11 each likely little to no margin then with 25% cash rewards down to $8ish someone was cocked up but I'm sure for the amount ordered it's negligible given they are part of Woolworths

    • They wouldn't be losing anything. Dans had it BOGOF at $16 for members not long ago. Its a Woolies brand and would say it is marked up with a healthy profit margin. Probably tastes no better than a $6 bottle anyway.

      • ah I didn't realise it was a Woolies brand, so an ok deal but if BOGOF previously then this deal is the same as such

  • related to tightarse comment above, received email:

    We are contacting you because we recorded BWS click activity on your account between 03/09/20 and 04/09/20.

    Unfortunately, BWS has made us aware of an issue with order reporting during this period and your purchase may not have tracked to your Cashrewards account. If this is the case, please do not submit a claim at this time.

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    Email from CR:

    "Regarding your BWS tracking
    Firstly, we'd like to thank you for shopping with Cashrewards.
    We are contacting you because we recorded BWS click activity on your account between 03/09/20 and 04/09/20.
    Unfortunately, BWS has made us aware of an issue with order reporting during this period and your purchase may not have tracked to your Cashrewards account. If this is the case, please do not submit a claim at this time.
    We would like to assure you that BWS is in the process of identifying and fixing the issue. We are awaiting advice and will reach out to you with an update when we receive further information directly from the store.
    Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We will be in touch again soon.
    The Cashrewards team"

    • Same

      • +1

        Am I invisible?

    • Same. Shopback also sent a similar email

  • same

  • Wanted to get out at lunch and pick mine but work was crazy. Had a thought that it might be cancelled but it wasn’t! Long story short picked mine an hour ago :)

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    will hold off pick up until cashback is tracked…otherwise will juat cancel order

    • Can you cancel BWS order?