This was posted 1 year 8 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Stanley Petrol Pressure Washer - 5.5HP, 2500 PSI $99.99 + $21.50 Shipping @ Supercheap Auto eBay


Back In Stock but unlikely to be fulfilled.

Seems like a good deal for a branded washer.

Much better than the slightly cheaper Blackridge Petrol Pressure Washer also on sale at SCA eBay in my opinion.

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  • Bought one, thanks.

  • +5

    The vibrations on this POS will kill it in no time. Read the reviews. Had it too.

    • I regret it now, try to refund.

    • Yeah I bought one last sale and I'm always surprised that it's still working after every use. It vibrates like the one in this video and it seems like that is how they designed it-

      I need to run it on grass otherwise it starts to move by itself.

    • You think washing the car once a month will kill it?
      I can't see anything better in the price range.. I've been through a few Gernis that chuck a fit when using the foam cannon.

      • This will poke a hole threw the cannon foam making mesh. I rate gerni as the best and makes great foam

        • Mm my mate has a pretty powerful petrol washer and his cheapo ebay foam cannon is still going strong after a few yrs.
          Maybe I just got unlucky with my Gernis :(

  • Thanks OP, will give it a shot at this price.

  • It's also available as $99.99 directly from SCA
    It says Delivery + C/C unavailable, so I'd call ahead, but potentially you could save on Delivery.

    Not that I would recommend it, these don't seem to have many positive reviews.
    "Third time lucky"…."Boat anchor"…."Cheap and Nasty" on 3 of the 4 Reviews on SCA

    • Ouch. And these retail for close to $600.
      I'd be very upset if I paid near RRP for one of these.

  • "Please enter a quantity of zero or less" So that would be sold out so?

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      That means you're supposed to give them one.

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        Chuckle, Chuckle!! :-)

  • Yep gone! I've been watching this for a few days now as it was on sale before but I managed to get one this time. if it goes faulty in its got a warranty and can't grumble at $99 + Delivery, hopefully it gets delivered…haha! :-) Its a very good deal for such a low price…

  • FYI - i ordered this last Saturday the 29th and still nothing.

  • $50 postage to Darwin. No thanks…

  • It's back on right now…

    • Would there be stock?

  • +2

    Got a cancellation on the blackridge order I did last weekend, not to hopeful for this one.

  • Ordered the Blackridge cleaner a week ago, just got email to say can not fulfil order and will refund money in about a week. This one wont let you order it at all using the link

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    I've just had a lengthy chat (1Hr+) with SCA about my orders as I ordered the Karcher p/w as well, basically their pricing is accurate but they don't have any stock, all/most of the orders will be cancelled as they physically don't have the stock levels for the number of people that have ordered the items, I was advised that a lot of their stock comes out of China but with the ongoing trade issues this has had an effect on the stock levels. She said the orders will be cancelled but it could be weeks before they do it so I've jus requested them to cancel now and refund my card.

    Maybe a few orders would have went through…..

    I'll be posting negative feedback on each item so they pay more attention to their customer satisfaction as I'm sure like me you'll all be disappointed as well.

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      K Karen

    • Thanks for letting us know mate! out of interest, who did you contact from supercheap? like was it a store or head office? cheers

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        All good, just a shame they couldn't fore fill what they were offering to buy.

        Under "More Actions" in Ebay they have the contact number listed there, took a while for them to sort it, asked them to process the refunds and just received refunds from paypal to come back to my account. So assuming it was was their call centre/hq…

        • +1

          Ah okay awesome thanks for that. Just cancelled today and bought this from Autobarn

          3 yr warranty as opposed to all other ones I've seen sub $500 for 1 year. Also the autobarn one has rubber flexible engine mounts, the unit doesn't shake at all when I tried it, and its built like a tank. Such a good unit, I know its more expensive than some deals but its got a huge engine, and 3 year warranties are so worth it with these things.

    • Not surprising but i wonder why they keep putting more stock on the listing after they sell out? Surely it’s a manual process and I’ve seen it happen three times this week with the Stanley, including being able to purchase right now.

    • What BS from SCA. Bought this Stanley 10 days ago and have had donuts from SCA. No shipping/tracking or response to cancellation etc. Dead silence. Now lodged a PayPal refund claim. Will call today. If you're looking this is their no. listed for ebay sales: +61 1300 175 010

  • Back in stock.

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    Yeah, so annoying after the lengthy chat and they said they'll take it off sale…….such a waste of everyone's time!

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    I found the one that took all your pressure washers and now is asking for 400 each….. Your here arnt you

    • Judging by the reviews they will be dealing with lots of returns. So a karma of sorts.

      • It's a private sale tho so they will just use caveat emptor to protect themselves. (profanity) move tho, asking that much knowing they will shake themselves apart. Hopefully any one intrested will google and find this


        • I've personally sold things on Gumtree with warranty, depends what agreement is hashed out. Even without warranty he may end up with a lot of angry people turning up on his doorstep. Can't see him selling at this price anyway.

  • still waiting for my cancellation .
    i suggest giving bad feedback like everyone else.
    its started to add up and looks terrible for them.

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    3 weeks after original purchase, and after I had to chase them. I got this…

    “Hi there,

    Unfortunately due to no stock of the item we were unable to fulfill your order. The order was cancelled due to a system issue, which prevented out of stock items from automatically being removed from our eBay page. A refund has now been processed for you. We apologise for any inconveniences caused with this. “

    I love a good system issue. Especially when it takes 3 weeks to realise.

    Jumping on the bad feedback for SC bandwagon.

    • Same. Only got a refund after prompting them. Did anyone here actually get one?

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