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[Pre Order] Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros $60.06 (RRP $79) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seems like an awesome price on this, currently $79 @ JB :)

This item will be released on November 13, 2020.

Can also stack with $10 off $39 Spend (Excludes Third Party Sellers) for First Time App Users @ Amazon AU thanks to Hamza.

Description from JB:

Here's a blast from the past! Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. arrives in stores on November 13th.

This new collectable device is inspired by the original Game & Watch systems first released in the 1980s. The original handheld device included a game and could also be used as a watch to tell time. The original Game & Watch series sold more than 43 million worldwide.

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. features a modern +Control Pad. In addition to playing classic games Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (released in Japan as Super Mario Bros. 2) and a special version of Ball with a Mario makeover, Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. also functions as a clock, with 35 little touches to discover, including some guest appearances from Mario’s friends and foes.

As always, enjoy!

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  • +4

    I hope Amazon doesn't pack this in padded envelope.

  • Thanks doweyy, this and the amiibo are the ones I wanted.

  • Almost seems too cheap! Could be amazing but scared it'll have a crap screen (like a $99 phone) or something - did a quick search and couldn't find detailed enough specs to reassure me.

    • +20

      Nintendo are asking 80 dollars for an NES ROM and a 2 inch screen. You really think they can't get a decent screen for that price?

      Hell, for around 10 bucks you can buy full blown NES emulator consoles in mini Game Boy form factors with the same size IPS screen all over the place. I would be genuinely shocked if either A. Nintendo released something with such a shit screen at all, or B. Nintendo weren't making 90% profit on this thing minimum.

      First response on Google for "Ali Express handheld console" … 3 inch screen, 400 games, $14.25 delivered, use the $4.16 new user coupon and it's $10.09 for the thing delivered. Nintendo's got this. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000321218828.html?src=googl...

      • +1

        Puts it in some context for me. Cheers and hope you're right :)

        • +13

          I'll be honest, those clone consoles are really (profanity) cool if you just wanna play some retro stuff on the pooper or on the train or something.

          I have several, I have some much newer and more powerful ones that can run PSP and Dreamcast even pretty well, but they obviously cost more. A lot of the more basic ones are pretty bloody cheap, and if you look around you can find better deals too, that was very literally just the first result that came up. Ironically enough, some of the photos in the review section show it playing Super Mario Bros. as well.

          Way I look at it there's 3 main options with these clone consoles

          1. Cheap under 15 buck ones like that one I linked. They usually come with a couple hundred NES games and no ability to add more, all the basics are covered usually, my BittBoy 1 has Pac-Man, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, etc.
          2. Pretty cheap ones for around 30/40 that will run GBA and earlier. They run into some issues on big games like Asterix and Obelix or Duke Nukem 3D, but then oddly enough handle full 3D stuff like Driver 3 fine, go figure. Anyway, most of these will also, whether they mention it or not, be able to run NES, SNES, and Mega Drive ROMs fine too. Probably some others but then, I have my newer ones to play on so I haven't tried anything new on my RetroMini GBA since like 2017.
          3. Around a hundred bucks. You can look into stuff like the BittBoy Pocket Go 2, the Anbernic RG350, even the RK2020 if you wait on a sale. They'll all handle PS1 and earlier pretty well perfectly. The RK2020 is a knock off of the Odroid Go, there's a fair few knock offs tbh, and if you can get it for around a hundred bucks it's my go to at the moment, love the form factor, hit and miss with PSP performance but Dreamcast is surprisingly good and everything earlier (bar some N64 games, but you expect that) runs flawlessly, even has a DS emulator nowadays.

          If you're just killing time or wanting to hit up some old games, which is, outside of collectors/scalpers, who this Mario G&W is likely aimed at, then a cheapo Chinese clone console is probably the way to go. The screens look really good at that size for the older games too, nice bright and vibrant colors.

          • +1

            @TheDukeOfNukem: Out of those handhelds that you mentioned, is there a favourite or would strongly recommend over the others? I know those you mentioned are well generally well received.

            • +9

              @cheepo: It really depends what you're after to be honest. If you just want some old school ROMs on a no fuss, nice cheap portable with a cutesy lil screen, just grab the one linked (well, find another one that ships quicker tbh) and call it a day.

              The original Pocket Go was my go to for a while, I love making things needlessly small (can't wait for my FunKey S to ship in November), but it's still bigger than a GBA micro. Anyway, it's got the micro's button placement and form factor and whatnot. Runs the usual NES, Mega Drive, etc. flawlessly. I've personally had no issues with SNES games, but I have like 80 Mega Drive ROMs vs a dozen or so SNES games so I haven't tested a million. He's a bit older but the price is reflective, I got mine mid 2019 as a gift, price has dropped a bit since then, sitting at 33 here plus shipping (feel free to try to find a cheaper price though, there likely is one, but 30 is the ballpark figure I guess) https://pocket-go.com/collections/frontpage/products/pocketg... and that has an 8gb memory card included and setup, the Pocket Go and a LOT of the newer ones have real cunty to setup custom OS's and honestly, I hate it. The Pocket Go is great and can play a tonne of stuff, NES, SNES, GBA, GB, GBC, Mega Drive, Game Gear, Master System, Atari 2600, Wonderswan / Color, and more off the top of my head. It can even play PS1 games, though not super well. I did get halfway through Spyro 3 and Spider-Man 2000 with pretty playable speeds with frame skip set to 1, but the audio was trash. Dpad, ABXY buttons plus L&R, all you'd need for GBA and SNES stuff.

              The BittBoy 3.5 is the same OS with the same pros and cons, but without the L&R triggers. While I prefer the form factor, it's only 3 dollars less to lose those buttons, same screen and battery, honestly, if you were choosing between these two, pay the three bucks more. https://pocket-go.com/collections/frontpage/products/bittboy...

              My favorite before the Pocket Go was the Retro Mini (https://www.retromini.com/collections/gaming-consoles/produc... … you can DEFINITELY get it cheaper, I paid like 30 three or four years ago delivered). It's got A and B on the front and the L and R bumpers, it's basically a GBA but in a GB/GBC mini form factor which I love. Unit is sturdy as shit, screen is the right ratio for GBA games so no stretching or anything (though the screen is a bit smaller than the PG or BB) and it runs GBA, NES, SNES, and Mega Drive. The website I linked claims to run GB and GBC, but I'd check if it really can or if it means it can through Goomba, which is a PC app to "convert" GB/GBC files into GBA ones. It handles most GBA games fine, but there was the odd thing like Duke 3D that was slow as balls, but for the most part, 95%+ of my games worked a treat. Speaker is nice too, but the build quality is soooo good. Nice and sturdy. Best of all, no bullshit firmware, you need to put the ROMs in the right folder to have them show up properly outside of the file explorer but other than that, the thing is plug and play box of piss easy. The screen admittedly is a lot brighter and prettier on the PG/BB, buuuuut, this thing is still infinitely better than the OG GBA.

              Anyway look I gotta go but I love a good ramble and will likely continue this later when I get a chance. But for right now, if you don't wanna spend a tonne, the choice is between a cheapo NES on a chip cloner, or spending a bit more and getting a gooooood stack of retro goodness. I love the Retro Mini form factor, I really do, but the bigger and better screen, and the much higher number of emulated consoles on the Pocket Go make it the better one for the price to me, unless form factor is suuuuuper important to you.

              PS tbh you could also just buy a cheap preowned PSP, easily soft mod it (easily) and have most of these and more, and be able to play the bevy of amazing PSP games out there.

              • +1

                @TheDukeOfNukem: Thanks for posting such great info!

                Like CT Eon, I'm also wondering what you'd recommend for Option 3: something that can play PSP.

                • +1

                  @rebates: PPSSPP, an Android emulator of PSP, runs REALLY well, I know I'm going against these consoles here, but trust me, your phone will shit all over any of them, a cheap Bluetooth controller is a much better bet. But nonetheless, the Retroid Pocket 2 (or original, AFAIK, it's the same internals, though I wasn't interested in it so can't comment too much) runs Android and PPSSPP, it's likely the best performing one. I have an RK2020 but full disclosure, it died after about half an hour and I have a new one on the way, so I can't comment super great on it's performance, but I hear it's surprisingly good, but still far from perfect for PSP. For PSP, I'll be real, the best on the go option is either a decent phone from the last 5 years, or a PSP itself. Well actually, a Vita bc you have two thumbsticks and can map the right one to triangle, square, X, O, which is what a lot of games used in lieu of a second stick.

                  • @TheDukeOfNukem: Thx for the tip Duke. Have just put and order through for a retroid :)

                    I know I can do all that emulation on my pc (and it is hooked up to my tv)..but for some reason I just can't get any interest in playing it like that. I'm a huge console gamer and even when hooked to tv I don't wanna play it like this..hopefully this puts me back into some good old fashioned retro gaming mood.

                    You have my thanks :3

              • @TheDukeOfNukem: Thanks Duke - I knew you were going to provide some good information. I have been looking in the some of the these third party handhelds for a few weeks and it never occurred to many just how many are now out there. I normally steer clear from clone or consoles made by third parties.

                Some seem better then others but like you said, I think it depends on what you want it to do and your own budget. There are a few existing devices I can use to play most things up to the 16bit era (including my phone) but I find setting up it all up to work correctly is sometimes the biggest problem - for me at least. That's why these handhelds seem like a better option.

                I like the Anbernic RG350P and Retroid Pocket 2 based on what I've just seen and read but like you said, if you're then spending that sort of money (around $100 or more), you may as well purchase a pre-owned PSP or even a 3DS which then also opens up the option to play games that run natively on those systems. Going to take a closer look at the Pocket Go and Retro Mini that you've suggested. Thanks and happy gaming.

                • +1

                  @cheepo: There's a shitload of them, yeah.

                  It absolutely depends on what you want, how much you're willing to spend, and what you expect. 16 bit can be done on pretty well anything admittedly. But yeah, if you want to avoid setup, unfortunately a lot of the more advanced clone consoles will have you dealing with custom firmwares and flashing memory cards and ROM paths and whatnot, which, while it's usually a one and done thing bc if you're like me, you have a big stack of ROMs and just copy them onto everything, it's still a bitch. If you absolutely want to avoid the setup and dealing with that crap, from the ones I've personally used, the Retro Mini is probably the best combination of value, options, build quality, all of it. For SNES though it's shit because it's missing the X and Y buttons, Mega Drive you get by with only an A and B because L or R (I forget which) is used for C at least. But the Retro Mini plays 95% of all GBA games I've thrown at it flawlessly. NES and Mega Drive also run flawlessly, and I don't remember much in the way of SNES but TMNT4 ran full speed for me. If you can find one of them shipped for 30 or less, I think it's good, if you really enjoy GBA. The screen is the right ratio for it and the games look great without being stretched or having black bars. But moreoever, the best thing is there's no bullshit setup. GBA ROMs go in a folder called GBA or GAME or something and that's it that's all you do, drag and drop. But if that's too much, you can just throw everything anywhere, because the unit has it's own file explorer (which is how you launch any console other than GBA, since it's only gonna show you GBA outside the explorer) and they'll work, save states and all. The RM does have 32, at least mine did, GBA games built in on flash memory too, which is appreciated.

                  Buuuuuuut. The Pocket Go is probably my recommendation due to it's lower price than when I last looked. 2.4 inch screen, while not huge, is a deal bigger than the RM's. The brightness and colors and whatnot really pop on the lil IPS screen too. It plays NES, SNES, MD, GG, PCEngine, NEOGEO, Atari, Wonderswan, some PC ports like Doom and Wolf 3D, MAME (reasonably well, but again, I haven't tested much), and PS1 (though not good enough to not have a disclaimer next to that it's more a novelty than a playable thing). It comes with an 8gb card and the partitions are (profanity) crazy. It is admittedly drag and drop, once you find the ROM folder anyway, but due to the formatting and whatnot, you can't just slap a bigger memory card in there, you WILL have to flash a new card properly and it was a real shit for me tbh. Thankfully though, since PS1 is far from perfect, and you'll be playing mostly older tinier games on it, 8gb was enough for me to jam hundreds of GBA games, and hundreds more earlier smaller systems. Honestly, I'd recommend the Pocket Go for price, screen quality, sheer number of emulated consoles, and to absolutely just don't (profanity) around with the memory card on and you're set.

                  While I loved the RK2020, there were plenty of people who had crashed and even bricked units from copying games wrong, and flashing the card constantly was an absolute (profanity) and a half. The RK is fantastic if you have the patience of a saint.

                  350P is basically a PS1 and earlier machine, nothing newer (obviously GBA is included but you know what I mean) and it does that well with the two sticks, but I'm not paying that much for PS1 emulation. I do believe it had the 2 card slots though, so one was the one with the OS and the other was just for ROMs, this could make it pretty easy if you want to avoid setups. Retroid looks great, but being Android based it has the inherent setups and issues that any Android emulator does which could be a bit much if you really don't want to deal with that shit. A PSP would be the easiest thing overall tbh, because while you have to install the emulators, it's basically drag and drop, I was shocked how easy modding the PSP was the first time I did it. Can't comment on the 3DS line, but I've heard it's pretty easy too.

                  In short, yeah, unless you're looking for something shinier than the PS1, the Pocket Go is kind of the perfect little guy for price and performance. Battery life is also quite impressive, I don't use mine all that much anymore, but when I'd clock in a quick sesh almost every day on the train to work, I'd go a few weeks without charging no problems.

          • +1

            @TheDukeOfNukem: Which one would you recommend for something that can handle PSP/ps1? (option 3). Wanted to splurge on one but I could never find one that looked reliable

            but I did get this bloody thing anyway as much of a ripoff as it was >.>….I'm sorry wallet…but it just looked so sexy :(

            • @CT Eon: My hand is getting sore bro, so I'll keep it quick, also feel free to read the above ones.

              But for PS1. Best bet is a modded PSP, or Xperia Play if you can find one cheap enough. The emulation on PSP is Sony sanctioned and official, flawless performance. Otherwise you've got the Anbernic RG350 series, but they are quite expensive, but they have 2 sticks and real good PS1 performance, but the price is a bit much for me when a PSP is sitting right there. On the cheap, I don't know about PS1 emulation, once you're over 60/70 bucks I'm not bothering unless it's something special to be honest. The Pocket Go 2 supposedly plays PS1 games pretty well though, I like it's form factor and look, and the screen is lovely, but it only has one stick so bare that in mind. For PS1 though, you really can't go wrong with picking up a modded PSP. I know it's not as fun as getting a shiny new machine, but it's cheap as (profanity), and runs fantastic, and will let you play a shitload of other consoles, not to mention PSP itself.

              To emulate PSP, it's still a way's off being perfect. The Retroid does probably the best job of most of the consoles, but it's far from perfect, and outside of Dreamcast, and DS, most of the stuff you'd emulate otherwise on it can be run on PSP, a lot of N64 games even run pretty good these days on Daedus or whatever it's called. I know it's a shitty answer, but if you want to play PSP, the best bet is still to buy a PSP. That being said, PPSSPP on my SHIELD TV with 5x upscaling and whatnot looks (profanity) incredible, but it's not exactly portable.

      • You're right - but why is the first response when you see it still 'Ooooh, I would love to have one of these!'? Nostalgia.

        • Just lik the NES and SNES classics; sure you could buy one of many different Chinese made consoles with 6000 games built-in (who doesn't want to play Mario 14), but you have to admit the Nintendo ones are well done.

      • -2

        I have something like that handheld, they are barely competent at best…

    • Preorder now and cancel if you find info prior suggesting it’s crap?

  • +18

    Son wants a switch. This might have to do.

    • +9

      Not really the same haha. Get him a 3DS, then I hear some awful people hack them and fill it with games for free.

      • +14

        You read my mind, from 2-3 months ago when I did just that. He still wants a switch though but I like disappointing him.

        • Lol I guess 'you don't always get what you want' is an important life lesson

          • @Merlict: I really really regret that my father just gives me a Sis 651 for playing counter strike 1.5, fps around 40, one smoke and my system would totally be freezed.

        • +10

          As a child I was willing to drink a cup of super mega hot chilli at this festival me and my parents were at. There was a $200 prize if you could keep it down. The year prior, the guy who "won" it, we ran into him, he was still genuinely crying, tears streaming down his face, around 8 hours later.

          I begged my parents to let me do it so I could use the $200 to buy a Game Boy.

          Your boy is doing okay with a 3DS.

        • Well, the item's info on Amazon does say Platform : Nintendo Switch

  • This will sell like crazy!

  • +1

    OMG i want this! Have two original Game and Watches somewhere in parent’s storage boxes.

    • +13

      Yeah sorry bud they sold them to me last week at the garage sale.

      • +11

        $3 each. Never leave stuff of value in old peoples homes.

      • +2

        I bet you told them you cant buy LR43/LR44 batteries anymore, as they may emit cancer. LOL.

        • Lol! Love this thread XD

  • +7

    Are they going to release Donkey Kong, too?

  • Already gone :(

  • Dammit, missed it… was too busy checking out the Mario games…

  • Nostalgia+

    • Never had this but I had the Zelda and Gold Cliff and a friend had Punch Out which was pretty amazing since it was 2 player.

  • Does anybody know if it has connectivity ports? I'm curious to see if somebody will figure out a way to add more games to it later. Just like the mini consoles. Though the version of the game running on it seems custom.

    • +1

      It has a USB type C port!

      • +1

        Thanks - let's see! Hopefully they have enough to go around.

        Edit: Sold out already! 😧

        • +1

          Pre-orders are still available via JB Hifi or EB Games (but not as cheap).

  • this is pretty epic

  • Wow, wish i didnt miss out!

  • -1

    Colour screen on a game and watch just looks wrong.

    • nah, it's like when gameboy went colour.

      • Two completely different generations of device.

    • You've never seen the Panoramas or Table Tops?

    • Control crosspad on a single screen G&W looks wrong.

      • Now that you mention it - yes too. And two red buttons horizontally rather than vertically.

        This game and watch is like watching black sabbath live in 2019.

  • Damnit I wanted this :(

  • Quite likely a pricing error with all the other stuff. All pulled down.

    Hope all you early birds get them honoured :)

    • Don't think so, Amazon often have flash sales like this then bump the price

  • Damn that sold out quick

    • this was really quick was thinking about the kart live and this was gone

  • What? i just went looking for it

  • Wonder if I should wait or just buy from JB?

    • You can always cancel a pre-order. This is ridiculously cheap lol.

      • No I mean I missed the Amazon deal. :(

        • I pre-ordered from JB, will cancel if the Amazon deal comes back.

        • oh Sorry, order from JB cause this stuff will sell out

  • +8

    Am I the only one that doesn't understand the hype on this? Is this a Nintendo cult/fanboy thing? No shade just actually curious..

    • +2

      Yes pretty much… Nostalgia factor.

      • No probs, figured that was the case. Thanks legend!

    • +2

      Nostalgia mate. I had one in the 80s and can't believe I'll have one in my hands all those many years later.

      • I can understand that mate. I only had a OG Gameboy as a kid, which is still in my bedside drawer so I'm set haha.

        • Haha awesome!

          I'd love to have a gameboy now. I hope Nintendo brings it back like the minis. Keep the same size obviously but with a better screen and a lot of classics.

          • @TLZ: You could upgrade an original DMG with an IPS screen and use a flash cart for cheaper than Nintendo would release one for probably.

            • @smartazz104: I saw a few ones ready made on ebay that go for 250.

    • +1

      I actually wanted to buy a second hand one (original) in Japan but it was $600+. This is much more affordable.

      • Holy lawd, can understand the hype over $60-80 then.

      • What G&W are you buying that's $600? Most I've seen (even locally) are in the $80 - $350 (absolute MAX) range. I've even sold a few myself.. Even in absolute mint complete condition you won't see one go for more than $400.

      • 600! :O

    • I collect famicom and 8 bit Mario stuff. I'm pretty cut I didn't catch this one.

    • Reminds me of the NES Mini. I'm not blind to the brand name nostalgia factor but it was like paying jacked up RRPs (or worse brodens) for something which isn't even matching the original.

      But hey, clearly enough people wanted one so Nintendo are the ones laughing all the way to bank.

  • +1

    Already? Bloody hell I didn’t even know it existed when I went to sleep

    • +3

      it did not exist when you went to sleep. it only existed like less than half hour at this price during you sleep.

  • Super mario is the only thing you can play on this?

  • +1

    Glad I didn’t stuff around with cash back on this or I would have missed out.

  • -1

    Buy this now people, you will not regret that decision in 5 years time when people will pay $400 for it.

  • Why does the listing say it's for the Switch?

  • +5

    Watch the prices of these skyrocket even further when people figure out they can hack them using the USB port and run loads of NES and Gameboy roms.

  • This is where the buy now think later pays off.

  • Bugger, I went straight to EB and preordered it, didn't think to check Amazon!

  • It ran out quickly, Geez.

  • +1

    So sad, I missed out.

    I love the Game and Watch series and will get this for my collection.

  • +1

    This thing is going to be a scalper’s wet dream.

  • +1

    Damn it. I usually check ozbargain 100 times a day. Was busy with work this morning and miss out on a gazillion Amazon Nintendo deals

  • Back in (Pre-order) stock now.

  • It's back, $10 more expensive tho

  • Back again @ $71 now. :(

  • Grabbed one for $71. Still way cheaper than JB's + delivery

  • Ordered 1 even it goes up for $10. Still cheaper than jb

    • Same here. The FOMO is real.

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