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[Switch, Pre Order] Super Mario 3D All Stars $69 | Game & Watch $71.47 | Super Mario 3D World+Bowser's Fury $79 Del @ Amazon AU


Amazon is now selling the game for the same price as JB. Benefit is that it is posted out for free.

Mod Note: The Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros has been in and out of stock; best to check regularly if you're after one.

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    Is this meant to be a limited edition or something?

    • Allegedly it will only be available until March 2021, but Nintendo are like Bethesda and will no doubt repackage this again for make a dollar

      • Very unlikely this will be released again, unless it is in the very distant future. The previous Mario all stars was released in 1993 and was last re-released in 2010. Metroid Prime Trilogy received a similar limited physical release and once it was gone it was gone for good. The general rule is that if Nintendo say something is limited it’s true and you aren’t likely to see a re-release until the next anniversary milestone comes along.

        • The Japanese don't f-around with limited editions.

          Cries over missing a limited edition Hario metal filter

        • But the individual games from the original Mario All Stars were re-released several times before.
          There is speculation that after this limited bundle release the games will be released individually.

    • Nintendo has said that the physical version is being printed in "limited quantities" and that the digital version will only be able to be purchased until March next year.

    • The games will be available until March next year in digital form. No idea how big the physical run will be, it could sell out earlier or it may hang around on shelves past that date. My money is on stock being low given they have such a small window on the digital release.

  • Note, as this is a pre-order; if the price drops before release you'll pay the lowest price.

    Pre-order Price Guarantee! Order now and if the Amazon.com.au price decreases between your order time and the end of the day of the release date, you'll receive the lowest price. Offered by Amazon AU. Here's how (terms and conditions apply)

  • Game and Watch seems to be sold out on EB and isn’t in the newsletter they sent around. I’d jump on that early if it’s of interest knowing how hard some Nintendo hardware can be to get historically.

    At least the game you can grab digitally if it sells out up to March.

  • God damn it. Just bought with JB at $70.99 but with gift cards as I didn't think this was going to come back into stock at amazon!

    Edit: I guess it doesn't work out much different with Suncorp Gift cards, makes Amazon $66.93 delivered and mine was $67.44 (to think of all the bargains I could have bought with that $0.51!) It's just that I will get it way later from JB.

    • Considering this is looking like is gonna sell out everywhere, being able to buy one is already a win lol.

    • I've been informed from another thread that it's available for click and collect at JB now.

      Might be worth sending them an email to change your order/refund the difference :)

      • Dammit, I wasn't able to choose C&C when I pre-ordered it earlier. Will contact them and get it changed as I pass my local one on my way home from work anyway.

        Refuse to pre-order anything from Amazon again unless I'm not fussed about getting it on release day - THPS1+2 - released today but mine still hasn't even been shipped.

        • I was the same with JB, pre-ordered when it was delivery only, but emailed them to do C&C instead. Haven't heard back yet but hopefully no dramas!

          And yeah with covid happening, amazon hasn't been as reliable as it used to be. I used to get stuff on release 100% of the time, now it's a bit too risky, especially in VIC.

          • @mangobango: I could understand if they'd already shipped it and there's a delay in the actual delivery, that's not their fault. But in this case, it still hasn't left the warehouse yet lol.

            Just chatted to a support rep and all I've got back is "The order will be shipped today. I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused, I'll forward this issue to our team so it doesn't happen again". So it's too late to cancel and just buy from JB up the road which has it in stock. Lesson learned.

            • @MitchyD1989: Well if you really want, you could always go pick it up from JB, and then return the Amazon one once it arrives.

              Amazon return process is usually very easy, they make it simple for you.

              • @mangobango: If I'd known it was going to take this long I definitely would have, JB was selling it for only $5 more on release day. 10 days later and I still don't have it lol, tracking says it's been in Melbourne since last Tuesday but no movement since then.

                • @MitchyD1989: Damn that's actually crazy, I've never had amazon delay it that much even during covid (well, for games anyway, I bought a hairdryer that took around 2 weeks to arrive).

                  Hope it turns up soon :( Might be worth sending an email to amazon, if you complain nicely enough they usually give you some sort of credit/compensation.

                  • @mangobango: Haha yeah, pretty annoyed but oh well. I know Amazon can't do much once it's shipped, but the fact they shipped a pre-order the day after release day is what annoyed me the most.

                    I've bought a couple of things since that arrived the next day (probably due to those coming from the Melbourne warehouse instead of Sydney), so just got unlucky on this one.

                    It'll get here eventually, hopefully in the next day or 2 because I'm off work this week so would have been ideal lol. But yeah I spoke to them yesterday, and the guy tried to help by organising to ship another copy via courier but they're out of stock. In the end they refunded me the full cost plus gave me a credit on top. Definitely pays to be polite no matter how frustrated you are.

        • Im in the exact same boat with THPS. Looking at the app right now its still saying it will be delivered today even tho it hasnt shipped yet lol

          • @bazzil: Yep same for me.

            • @cc23: What's frustrating is some people got it yesterday, so they already had the stock and could have shipped it before today (mine also shipped today and won't arrive today as i'm in WA).

              The last time this happened with Amazon they said "oh we got the stock late" which could have been true but I got the same answer this time despite the fact SOME customers received it yesterday.

    • Just canceled from JB, email said if I paid via gift cards cancellation is still possible.

      • Yeah but then I am stuck with $70.99 of gift card… guess I could try and flog on the classifieds here. I wonder how cancellation works in terms of how long it will take to get the gift card money back.

        • Think it was 3-5 days or something. Said if I paid that way I'd get an email back with a new code.

        • Mine got cancelled yesterday morning, and I just got emailed the gift card now.

          • @MitchyD1989: What are you going to do with that gift card though? That’s my issue, like I’ll just piss it away on something I don’t really need.

            • @cc23: Oh I re-used it to get the game via Click & Collect instead of delivery (After Amazon screwing up with THPS I refuse to pre-order games from them that I want to play on release day anymore). Was more just letting you know how long it took to get the gift card back.

              For some reason JB can't just change the original delivery order to C&C so I had to get them to cancel it, wait for the new gift card to be emailed to me then put a new order through as C&C instead.

  • Thanks and even got $10 off with the: "Get $10 off only on the Amazon mobile app. Enter code APPONLY10 at checkout."

  • Thanks… FOMO from before.

  • Game and watch is OOS now
    This might be a real OOS, not for price adjustment purpose.

  • Thanks OP, ordered.

  • This too looks really cool an innovative, though gimmicky.

    Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit


  • 12.49pm today, the game and watch is still in stock on Amazon.
    I just put an order through.

  • Restocked, ordered one.

    • aaand gone again. I tried to grab one but had to update my card details on there cos hadn't since my card expired and by the time I entered em it was gone gaaah

  • Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros never goes to cart.

  • Game & Watch sold out again. Jumped on a preorder just in time. If this is what demand for a couple of Nintendo re-releases is like, how bad is it going to be trying to get a PS5 / Xbox Series X later this year?

    • I was tossing up if I want one, but I grabbed a preorder just in case.

      Since I doubt it'll go cheaper unless it releases with major issues or something.

      Have a couple of months to cancel if I make up my mind and don't want it.

    • The price for those would stamp a lot of people out.

      • Not with the loads of people earning more from jobkeeper/Seeker than they would have got from their casual job. They also have no where to spend it, PS5 will sell out in seconds.

    • Demand will be high, but on the other hand MS and Sony won't be announcing that the consoles will only be available until March 2021.

  • Amazon has super Mario 3d world on preorder as well. Priced at 71.47.

  • I'm going to hold my breath in the hope this will be discounted on Black Friday. Go, you good thing.

  • I rarely use Amazon, but there was a "$15 off any prime order" promo under the price for 3D All Stars. Bargain for $54! Going to cancel my pre-order from JB.

  • I did not see anywhere showing the game and watch is limited. Is it the Nintendo history makes this hyper or just people assume every item in the direct is limited?

  • Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury $71.47


    Perhaps someone can list it. (thanks to ce5himm for comment earlier.)

    • just checked the 3 camel, it comes out at 71.47. since it is not limited, and gona released next year, people may do not want to preorder it so early.

    • Glad I put down a pre-order before it went up to $79 whew.

      • You will see the price up and down before release. It's Amazon routine.

        • Yeah I know, but at least for now I got it for the lower price. Hoping it goes down a bit further anyway like usual.

        • At the end of the day, I think this game will be 69 at most before launch.just like other Mario games.

  • Seriously considering giving this one a miss. If they'd done some work on the ports then perhaps I'd get on board, but it's basically a straight up port x 3…I've got a big enough backlog as it is.

    Good deal though OP!