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[VIC, NSW] Get up to $100 in Bill Credits (on Your First Bill) When You Sign up for Electricity and Gas @ AGL


Get up to $100 in bill credits (on your first bill) when you sign up for electricity and gas with AGL ($50 for elec, $50 for gas).

Other benefits include AGL Rewards membership (ie 5% off at supermarkets, retailers etc) and Flybuys points collected which are both BAUfor AGL.

NSW & VIC only

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  • is that the best you can offer 100 off?

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      $100 is pretty good considering it's a low margin industry, and there are other perks as mentioned. In addition to that, they have the highest ranked energy app, and a 24/7 call centre.

      If you really wanted, you could use their rewards program and save another $500 a year with discounts at supermarkets etc

      But each to their own, cheers!

      • "low margin industry"

        Whatever you say there, buddy. AGL is a vertically integrated energy company, they're not leaving anything on the table.


          Perhaps my definition is wrong, but I believe that to be incorrect. AGL do not distribute energy and yet have to pay distribution costs to those ie citipower, ausnet, jemena etc. So not really full supply chain like you are suggesting.

      • Thx for explanation.
        I do not see any bargain from your post. Just marketing stunt.
        When you guys look for new cust, every time your company throw a bone by offering 100 off first bill lmao.


          It's a limited offer that is $100 better than standard pricing. I have disclosed affiliation with the brand. Not sure what else I can say here, but if you aren't interested, all good! But if you were on poor rates, that $100 + ongoing savings in your pocket, so I would see that as a pretty good bargain, better than a $20 UBER voucher code lol

  • Is this elec AND gas only, or can be either one?

  • Are current Click Energy customers eligible?

  • Why no QLD?

  • Geez, I'm glad I got the solar plan before they changed in August. I get 21c/kWh with no cap, the best they offer on their website now is 17c/kWh for the first 9kWh, then 9.5c/kWh after that.

    • Where does it say it is restricted to the first 9kW? I had a search on the website and couldn't find it!

      • Looks like it's changed again. It appears to be a flat 17c/kWh now, which is worse than what I got but better than a month ago.

  • Is this a bargain or free advertising?


      It's a limited offer - you can join, then leave if you so desire. Deals like this are run across retailers throughout the year, some people jump form deal to deal given that energy is a commodity and switching is a 5 min job.

      But I'm sure there are people out there who haven't switched in years - deals like this not only put them on better rates saving them hundreds, but give them a bonus upfront. If it gets people to check their rates and move to better deals with any provider, I'm happy.

  • Nothing for existing AGL customers? ;) :D

  • Thanks been meaning to do this for a while this is an incentive to do so ta

  • Powershop are dropping $200 atm

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      i just did a quote on their site for VIC postcode and it came up 3% higher than the VDO - didn't see the $200 mentioned but you'd need it considering most retailers are about 8%-11% below the VDO

      Their model relies on pre-paying for discount which can be useful, but if you forget, you get punished

  • Any deals with Solar tariff in Vic?
    Thanks OP

  • At least in the case of Vic this deal is getting some unjustified criticism imo.
    Since the state government brought in the default standing offer the divide between the best to worst value plan has deceased massively and for energy bargain hunters like myself
    I'm worse off under the new arrangement. There aren't many sign up deals out there in Vic anymore, if you're a low consumption household then shopping these sign up bonus deals can be quite lucrative. For example the 9saver click energy deal the other day is quite a good offer the rates for my area are
    Click Energy 9saver offer
    Supply charge $1.06
    Consumption 22.18 c/kWh

    Now AGL offer
    Supply charge $1.1281
    Consumption 23.60 c/kWh

    I average 10kwh usage a day.
    That means I would be saving 21c a day on Click Energy compared to AGL
    That means it would take me 238 days on the Click Energy plan before I'm finally break even with the $50 offered by AGL.
    Not to mention Click Energy doesn't lock in the rates so they could increase any time
    AGL lock the rates in for 12 months but you can leave the contract anytime you want.

    The point is you can make these deals work for you, just DYOR and see if they work for you.


      great summary donkat, it's true the rates are so close now, that a $50/$100 incentive can make it worthwhile for almost a year before needing to review again

  • Does it work if I have agl for my house but I'm looking to open an account for my investment property under the same name?