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Cast Iron Potjie Camping Cooker $49.99 @ ALDI Special Buys


Potjie (Pronounced Poy-kee) pots have been used for decades in South Africa as a multi-use camp oven placed over a fire or hot bed of coals, made out of heavy duty pre-seasoned cast iron.

  • Heavy duty pre-seasoned cast iron cooking pot with lid
  • Cast iron feet to allow air flow around the pot
  • Opening Diameter: 24cm
  • Centre Depth: 18cm
  • Leg Length: 9cm
  • Wooden Storage Crate

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  • +5 votes

    just in time for halloween
    my costume for this year is 50% sorted…
    just need to borrow some pointy hats n shoes

    • +2 votes

      …..Double, double toil and trouble
      Fire burn, and caldron bubble ?


        By the way, does anything other than 'trouble' rhyme with 'bubble'?

    • +2 votes

      have fun lugging this around all night


      Yes, spread the 'rona from door to door and be rewarded with cheap candy

  • +3 votes

    just remember to keep ferrero rocher wrappers for wrapping brussels spouts for trick or treat

  • +4 votes



    It looks adorable. Shame I have no use for it

  • -1 vote

    It's pronounced that way unless you're a cape coloured and then it's Pot-Chi