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Kogan SmarterHome 7L Desiccant Dehumidifier $279 + Delivery (or $239 Delivered with First) @ Kogan


I’ve spent a bit of time looking for a good value dehumidifier for the cold damp rooms in my house for the last couple of months. Now this popped up… I think is a good price compared to other brand names I’ve seen e.g. Ionmax 610. As a bonus I think the SmarterHome features will come in handy sometime, i.e. can control via the app. Too bad I already bought the Breville one for about $150 more. But this is a good deal I think for those still looking, especially if you have Kogan First membership.

Dimensions 300 x 200 x455mm
Water Tank Capacity 2.5L
Weight 5.7kg
Effective Area <40m²
Operating Temperature -5 to 50°C
Dehumidifying Capacity 30℃, 80% RH, dehumidifies at 7L/D | 20℃, 70% RH, dehumidifies at 6L/D
Noise Level ≤52dB
Power 650W
Voltage AC 220-240V
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year

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  • How do you find the Breville? The 612 is $369 and is pretty much considered the best though.

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      I think the Breville does the job. Collects quite a fair bit of water and has helped reduce humidity a lot. I move it between the bedroom and the bathroom daily. I actually started off with a cheap Peltier type one (not suitable) before getting the Breville. Looking at the specs of this Kogan one now it seems very similar and I would have given this one a go had this price was around last month!

      • Did you consider the ionmax? If Breville is doing the job that's good, can't regret it mate. What state are you from? I'm in VIC, main prob for me is Winter when I get a lot of condensation on my windows.

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          I did consider the Ionmax but decided I didn’t want to wait for delivery. Got the Breville picked up from TGG when they were having a 10% off storewide deal. VIC based as well and had enough of soaking up at least a litre of water off my windows every cold winter morning last month.

          • @kenichiwa: Thanks man. Same, been putting off this purchase for a few seasons. Gotta bite the bullet. Did it totally solve the problem? Reduced it for sure yeah?

            • @herrod: I got the 612 and it’s completely solved the problem. Run it before bed and when I wake up. Really helped with the same issue - also Vic.

            • @herrod: Definitely reduced a lot of condensation. There will still be some days when there is some fogging but it won’t be anywhere as bad with it. This year probably has been worst as we’ve been at home a lot turning the kettle on etc.

        • We have ionmax 632. Love it. Any dessicant dehumidifier should function as well as our ionmax. Guess only difference is warranty etc.

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    The page says its on sale, but I swear it's always this price.

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      Always this price. Was monitoring when deciding on a dehumidifier but decided to go with the ionmax 612.

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      It used to be $499, but that's just what some sellers do - Kogan in particular. It's their own product so no competition. They put it up at an inflated price, say that's the regular price, and then drop it to a 'sale' price which is the price it should have been in the first place.

  • I rather pay $100 more to buy the Breville brand with 2 year warranty.

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      Note this one you’ve linked is a compressor type dehumidifier and it wouldn’t be as effective in colder climates. Always look for a desiccant type one if you live in colder climates - I have the all Climate version.

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    I bought this a couple months back. Was dead from day one and took almost 6 weeks to get a refund. Never again, Kogan!

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    Anyone have any recommendations in the $100-$200 range?

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      Buy a proper one second hand. Avoid the little toy thermo-electric/peltier models unless you're doing a wardrobe or closet.

  • I bought this one on presale for about the same price. My first unit had horrible creaking noises(but still work) and took about 7 weeks to get replaced. Kogan support literally took a week to reply each email. I’ve decided with replacement because it works pretty well and it did solve my problem. I had a condensation issue in one of the bedroom which was made worse with mould mites multiplying everywhere. Vacuuming and killing them didn’t help as they would just multiply again but within the first week of using dehumidifier they all disappeared.

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      Same here. Their support is atrocious.

  • Dumb question but do the desiccant type ones require replacement of the desiccant on a regular basis or are they using the silicone based reusable stuff ?

    • My one does not require replacement. In fact I think all the desiccant dehumidifiers I’ve seen on the market recently don’t require them to be replaced. Check the unit’s operating manual if you’re unsure.

  • Why do people need a dehumidifier whilst we need several humidifiers because our rooms are so dry with ducted heating … you can send some our way

    Isn't the reason you have high humidity because of a design problem with your house or because you don't heat it enough?

    I had a place that had some mould problems but we simply ran the ducted heating for the winter (previous owners didn't since the heating was broken) and we didn't have a problem

    • I live in a very old home. Gaps everywhere in and around the windows and cracks through out. Can’t patch them all. A dehumidifier will get me by until I one day I save enough from ozbargain to rebuild my home ;)

    • The ducted heating was retrofitted to my home, which although is old, is relatively well insulated.
      Even if I did run the heating hotter/longer (which I don't to save on energy/gas), I would still get condensation in certain rooms.

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    This Kogan one is loud 52db and it's Kogan (nuff said).

  • Watch out about Kogan. It's dodgy. I got a POS claimed to be "quiet" that sounds like an aircraft taking off.
    You can't get a refund, and they throw you around their excuse merry go round. They threaten charge you a restocking fee because they will deem it not damaged.
    Buyer beware.

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