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[eBay Plus] AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT $370.51, Ryzen 7 3700X $473.21 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay

  • AMD Ryzen 5-3600XT = $469 before 21% off = $370.51 after 21% OFF

  • AMD Ryzen 7-3700X = $599 before 21% off = $473.21 after 21% OFF

  • AMD Ryzen 7-3800X = $669 before 21% off = $528.51 after 21% OFF

  • AMD Ryzen 7-3800XT = $759 before 21% off = $599.61 after 21% OFF

  • AMD Ryzen 9-3900X = $919 before 21% off = $726.01 after 21% OFF

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  • A few of these prices are cheaper on amazon. Also, with new CPUs coming shortly these prices are likely to decline further.
    - https://www.amazon.com.au/AMD-Ryzen-3700X-Processor-100-1000...

    • Still trying to hold out for new CPUs, hopefully soon! I need to upgrade my i5-6600 looking forward to a decent bump.

      • Saaaaame. 6700K here, >4 years old. 3080 GPU got me excited to upgrade so now I'm spending every waking moment watching reviews reading spec sheets and second guessing every possible choice for new components :)

        • I'm the exact same right, lol.

          Can't afford the whole build that I want, but I might keep my eye on the motherboards a bit longer.

        • 6700K

          That's still such a capable CPU. Would such a minor upgrade be worth it? Are you really CPU limited in anything right now?

          • @ItsMeAgro: Nope, which is why I'm not really in a hurry to upgrade, just looking at 3080, which lead to looking at new CPUs and new motherboards and new cases and new coolers and new fans and new….

      • 6600? - I wish - Still rocking a 3770k and a 1060gtx - though I'm not attempting flight sim - I keep holding out and missing my chance - this year…..will be different, im selling my kidneys! snigger.

        • Bruh, I'm still using a 670 lmao

        • Same here, still have a 3770k from 9 years ago and swapped my 2xGTX 670 for a RX580 a few months back! For 1080p gaming don't really think we need to upgrade still do we? XD

          A $4k build every 10 years seems reasonable… doesn't it? :P

          • @Chromeo86: True 1080p is enough for now….but its time to throw down the $$ - but can't really fund it at the moment. Still I hope to get away with around $1800 for system (sans M.2 and HDD - have spares) and sans the RTX at the moment.

            $4k over 9 years - not much at all really.

            Scary thing is that we have a handful of 1080ti & 2060s & 2080's working in the office as number crunchers…..I'm sure that they could be better spent in my gaming box!

      • If you are for gaming then I'd stick with the 6600 for at least another generation and put the money towards something that'll give you a better bump. I upgraded mine and felt like it was a complete waste of money.

      • Jeez my 6600 (HTPC) still holds up fine, however my i7 920 needs an upgrade even though it still works fine OC'd @ 4.2Ghz + 12GB RAM.

      • I'm still rocking my i7 4770 :D

    • How soon are they likely to come?

  • Thinking of starting my first build since I was 14. I'm currently suffering (lol) with a i5-6400T and GTX 1060.

    What's Ozbargain's opinions on value - Ryzen 3600 (and variants) or Ryzen 3900 (and variants)?

    I'm aware the 4000 series is coming but honestly I want to use that as an opportunity to snipe some deals on the current series.

    My needs aren't great. Want to use for work and game at 1440p/100 - 144hz (already got a good monitor). Maybe pair it with a RTX 3070 or whatever Big Navi ends up being.

    Ryzen 3600 seems pretty capable going by past discussions on here/elsewhere on the Web. But dem pretty coolers on the 3900…

    • When you say using the rig for 'work' what do you mean? Rendering/editing or just general chrome/email stuff?

      • Yeah mate just general browsing/email/docs. It'll mostly be for gaming in the down-time, if I'm honest. Want to start with the right CPU and motherboard combo.

        • If you're focus is gaming you'll get better results going with Intel. Something like the 10600K. 10900K if you have money to burn. Intel is better for gaming, AMD is better for workstation (rendering, editing etc), but you'll get good gaming results with either. AMD has more cores/threads but games don't use them.I guess wait and see what the AMD 4000 series benchmarks are like, maybe they have improved their gaming performance.

          • @OrionAU: I've seen the (small) gains Intel has over Ryzen for gaming benchmarks and such, but the cost is a bigger factor for me. Haven't seen any good deals on the 10600K for a while unfortunately, whereas Ryzen has had quite a few more consistently pop up (that I've unfortunately missed!)

            • @Spawn Peak: I hear ya - basically went the same way when I first started looking. The price savings are quite substantial particularly at the higher end. Was looking at a 3900x (I know it's overkill but figured why not future proof for something that I wont change for another 5 years probably) but then ended up down the rabbit hole of youtube vids and reddit posts and now leaning 10600K or 10900K.

              3600x vs 10600K is about $40 diff
              3900x vs 10900K is about $135 diff

    • You could probably get away with a 3300x which has better clock speeds than the 3600 so will be faster in games. 3900x and above are overkill for most people.

      Probably better off waiting for the release of ryzen 4000. I don't think the differences will be too great between generations but is worth waiting.

      • Do you think Ryzen 4000 will be fairly expensive upon launch? I want to avoid early adopter tax, hence looking to snipe deals on the remaining 3000 stock.

        3300x looks like a nice budget option… but if I had my way I'd try and get something mid-range for some level of future-proofing.

        • You're idea of getting a 3000's X (or XT) at 4000 launch isn't bad. It's what I'm doing. I'm also going for a 3900X due to needing the cores for running VM's.

        • Look at Ryzen 3000 retail prices, shouldn't be too different.

        • I want to avoid early adopter tax

          Hopefully the older CPUs will come down, but unfortunately, it's not a given. Often the launch prices are already pretty good and so they stay stable for months and months, or even go up due to low stock, like the 3300x.

    • PS I wouldn't go with the stock coolers tbh, there are much better air coolers out there.

      • Especially for the 3900x. But for the 3300x, 3600X and 3700X(maybe) I hear they're ok.

        But you can also swap them out for an aftermarket cooler later if you find they're not to your liking.

        • be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 or Noctua D15 chromax look very very nice assuming your case has the clearance

  • Looks like the r5 3600 is also up on sale for $288.25 after the use of party21 coupon code.

  • Would love too upgrade too AMD Ryzen 9-3900X,.. yummy 12 cores 24 threads CPU from my Ryzen 7-2700 (standard) 8 cores 16 threads CPU,…

    I wonder if there would be a noticeable difference in real life speed? and probably would cost me a bit too upgrade and also doubt if I'd get much on eBay for my 2700 anyway,.. 😎