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Optus Prepaid $30 Sim Starter Pack for $5 Delivered @ Optus

  • This ad pops up from my Facebook.

  • Limit to one per customer, new customer only

  • Includes $30 recharge on your chosen plan.

  • Activate on Epic Data Plan and get 35GB data

  • 3-in-1 SIM fits all phones

  • Transfer your number from another provider or get a new number

  • Offer ends on 15/9/2020

  • Order before 12pm AEST for express delivery. Optus aim to deliver all orders within 2 business days in metro areas and 5 business days to non-metro areas.

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  • +3 votes

    When do we need to activate please?

  • Thanks. Got one!

  • Ye thanks excellent, this 'll satisfy my telecommunication needs for six months.

    • $5 is only for first month

      • It can be activated on 186 days plan.

        • thanks for clarifying

        • Sorry, how do you get this? Do you need an existing long life plan? Meaning it will cost more than $5 if you don’t have any Optus product yet?

          • @Nitrous: @nitrous - You can use the $30 value of the SIM towards whatever prepaid plan you choose.

            I'm stuck overseas atm due covid and had a $150 365 day BOOST plan that expired in June. I realised I was still getting TEXTS even though no active plan. Just had to recharge within 186 days from expiry to keep number.
            Had planned to recharge another 365 $150 Boost in December. That deal no longer available and thanks to OZBARGAIN I read that BOOST is STOPPING all overseas service from 13 October.

            I just need to be able to receive OTP texts for FREE.

            I looked at Telstra but they also STOPPING overseas services on 13 October for any PREPAID plans.

            THIS $5 deal is BRILLIANT for me. I intend to activate it on the $30 186 Day expiry Long Life as I just need it for being able to access Banking/MyGov etc with the security OTP (Onetime passcodes).

            You can use it towards any of the plans you want - plus I also understand that the activation date is the expiry date on the SIM card, not 'within 30 days of purchase'

            Hope that helps you - it is a little confusing but basically you're getting $30 value to use to buy any prepaid plan you want for just $5. YOU get to choose.

            • @Msfrugal: How are you getting the Sim card shipped overseas?

              • @wildweasel: My housemate is going to mail it. Having to send International Express Post for $40 as ordinary mail is going by boat taking 6 weeks as there are no flights . Oh - and when I checked it does say 'activate within 30 days of purchase' on this one.

                EDIT: I scrolled down and found this comment from another person - just copied and pasted. And someone else said the same. Go by the expiry date on the SIM

                "Definitely go by the expiry date. I bought this last time it was $5 - about 2 years ago (October 2018). The pack had the instructions 'activate within 30 days', but also had an expiry date of April 2020. I activated it in March this year, no problems."

    • six months? it s only for one recharge?

    • Doesn't seem to include any data or calls. I guess it would be good if you just want a number for incoming calls and texts or if you don't want to give a business your normal number.

      • Includes $30 credit: calls cost 25c/min, data 7c/Mb, Texts 25c

      • 186 DAYS EXPIRY
        $30 MY CREDIT

        TALK & TEXT
        25c per min for a call to standard Australian mobiles and landlines, 13/1300 numbers and voicemail and 25c per text to standard national SMS (160 characters) and MMS.
        7c PER MB DATA
        Charged per KB.

        That's a potential 120 minutes of talk.
        30/.07= 428.6 MB Data
        What more could you possibly need?

        • Telstra network!

          The Telstra simplicity / creditme2u plans are apparently ending next month.

          Anyone seen a Telstra based version of this?

          • @tunzafun001: No usable signal from Telstra in my house - I can sometimes get an SMS on a phone on the telstra network with the phone balanced in the window.

            Back in the days of CDMA I could make a voice call with Telstra from this house. Now Optus rules, with Vodafone a poor second.

            • @Its4me: I'm a regional user, so it's still Telstra or nothing in those areas. But I still grabbed one of these Optus Sims for metro use. My point i got negged on above was there is no Telstra long life options in the $30 category like this anymore (as their grandfather simplicity plans end at the end of the month). Aldi do similar, but not full Telstra. Boost go close, but not for $30.

  • Thanks, grabbed one. Amazing price!

  • Anyone else get a $20 off next prepaid purchase voucher code on the order confirmation page?

    • I’ve got it too

    • What's this $20 voucher for? Can you use it on the $5 Sim?

      • No, voucher can only be used to purchase sim at $30+

      • Limited to 1 promo code per customer. Offer ends 22/09/2020. Discount cannot be used for recharges or in conjunction with other offers. Offer is only applicable online on full price Prepaid purchases that are $30+.

        Can I assume the code is linked to my account? Or could someone else use it? It seems unlikely that I will find a use for it.

        The 100 GB 365 day expiry starter kit is $150 down from $180. It's a shame the voucher only applies to full price purchases.

    • Yeah got $20 voucher too. Anything worth buying with this voucher? It expires 22/09/20

  • Last time $5 was 2 years ago.

  • thanks!

  • thanks got a couple

  • Is there any way to get Optus Sport for free with this?

  • What's the expiry of this Sim ?

  • 30$ optus has been on sale for $10 at the supermarket last few weeks, no doubt most of the ozbargainers already have stocked up on those as I had…

  • why are people stocking up? isn't it a hassle to keep switching SIMs?

  • i wonder if they will let me port over 2 services for this…

  • Afaik you can activate until expiry date. The $40 prepaid mobile phone sim I bought last week expires April 2022. Afaik the $30 will get you unlimited calls and or data, as much as a $30 per month plan gets you.

    • Don't quite understand what you're trying to convey here

      • AFAIK I guess ..

      • As Far As I Know

        It had in the terms about activating within 30 days, but as far as abacus knows they can be activated until the sim expiry date.

        • Thanks Miss B, a breath of fresh air. I got the sim today. It's a regular starter pack with expiry of November 2021, the same as the one I bought a few months ago for $15. The first comments are incorrect, it can be activated until expiry and even beyond. I don't need the smart comments to put me off and stop helping others in the future where i can.

  • Cool, now let’s go price match at officeworks. :))

  • Is it really that hard to port in from catchconnect to optus since catch's provider is Optus too? My catchconnect plan is gonna finish this next month

  • when do these sims expire? planning to only activate if I really need the data…

  • Don't know as I looked everywhere,.. can an Optus Prepaid sim plan work for Optus 5G or only Postpaid plan?

  • Anyone able to use the $20 prepaid code to get $150 sim pack for $120. I only bought the sim for that offer and it won't let me use it :(

  • Thanks OP , got one , it is the solution for my pixel 4 deal last year , 65GB/month I've only used less than 1GB/month , contract end in October.

  • How is the definition of "NEW" customer? Back in the analog days I used to flip flop between the 2. Got the $100 reward quite a few times for switching. Telstra had no privacy adherence. So after making 100 Optus calls they rang me up teasing with $100 for a changeover. Once I managed to squeeze $200 out of them in one go. When prepaid came out Optus kept selling startup kits with a $30 recharge for $25. So I never recharged, just kept on buying new kits until one day they eventually woke up and screamed at me. Made them honor every single voucher! Virgin never made any money, the funniest failure was GRL if anybody remembers them. I was one of only 3 stick voiders (if one can define gender that way). Members of the Sing family are going to line up for this deal. Optus is going to spend more on repeat customer prevention that they will ever make out below the line. Optus burn baby burn…

    • Yeah I had an second hand analog Motorola beige brick, bought for ~$99, in the early 90s in uni. Used to take it to uni just to have a phone for emergencies or very quick calls to organise when and where to meet people. Most mobile phone users at that time were road-warrior business types, using their mobiles a lot, so phone companies made good money from most customers and were keen to offer incentives to get you onto their network. Managed to flip flop between Optus and Telstra for 3 years collecting ~ $120 credit each year to swap, which covered the full cost of the line rental /connection as well as a handful of calls, so you just paid for extra calls, but I made so few & such quick calls that I only paid about $10 or $20 per year. After 3 years both companies worked out they would never make a single cent out of me, and refused to offer me any incentive, so I disconnected, until mobile services became cheaper again in the early 2000s.

      And at $5 this offer isn't bad at all, but it's not the best ever, and I highly doubt it will harm Optus' bottom line.

      • Didn't think it was a good deal last night I saw it, yet it got 149 votes as of now, when Kogan has it for $4.90 with more data https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/543472

        • Main benefit of these is longer expiry if you have a SIM stash. These SIMs probably won't expire until early/mid 2022 (around 1.7 years), versus 3 months / 0.25 years for the Kogan offer. So take advantage of the Kogan / Catch / Belong offers when and as they become available, but have a few of these ready to go for those months when the offers intermittently dry up.

  • Has anyone done a sim swap recently? Could you do it via live chat?

  • Any cash back eligible for this deal?

  • +2 votes

    I got my SIM today!

    It says expiry: 01 Nov 2021

    But it also says Activate within 30 days of the purchace or by the date advertised on a promo

  • Did anybody receive tracking info? I made multiple purchases and haven't received anything.

  • Thanks Turd!

  • I can confirm that this can be used for 2x months of spotify premium at $11.99 per month (taken from the $30 credit).

    • How is this done?

      • Activate it on the long life plan, this gives $30 credit valid for 186 days.

        On Spotify (using the account section of Spotify) sign up for the $11.99 standard plan (none of the others work). When you get to the section to enter your card details (or if you've already got them in there) click the update section and you should have a drop down box with different payment options - one of which is "Pay by Optus" (or something like that).

        It'll ask for your Optus mobile number and then send you a 4 digit pin to confirm. After that, it's all done and it'll use the balance for the next two months after which you'll have a pointless balance of $6.02 remaining enough for 24 minutes of calls or 86mb of data.

  • Was quick delivery, Ordered in the morning, got it the next day. Must be local stock

    Anyone can confirm real expiry date? Within 30days of purchase or longer? Lots of contradicting posts in this thread

    • Definitely go by the expiry date. I bought this last time it was $5 - about 2 years ago (October 2018). The pack had the instructions 'activate within 30 days', but also had an expiry date of April 2020. I activated it in March this year, no problems.

  • So basically you get 35GB of data for $5 in your first month, along with unlimited calls and text?

    • Yes, if you select the one month Epic Data option.

      You also get additional 10GB streaming data to use on Netflix, Stan, and ABC Kids. (Need to have some regular data balance to use)

      Or 6 months long expiry and pay as you go out of $30 credit per rates mentioned above

  • Got my sim today… Can the start date be pushed out over 30 days? Don't want to miss out on finishing the 3 month Kogan deal :)