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Philips Hue E27 A60 Colour Bluetooth Bulb $79 @ JB Hi-Fi


Philips Hue E27 A60 Colour Bluetooth Bulb was $99, now $79 - a $20 saving!

This is the Edison screw fitting, but if you need a bayonet globe, see Philips Hue B22 A60 Colour Bluetooth Bulb.

There seems to be a few deals going across their Hue lighting range.

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  • I actually don't get how people justify a $79 light bulb, i personally use the smart globes from kogan ~$10 on sale. I haven't had issues and it's been 2 years, but if the light bulb fails for whatever reason, you need to replace it for another $79 bulb? what are the pros of getting a branded bulb?

    • Well I got a Hue starter kit for a stupid cheap price and tried to supplement with a cheap Ikea globe for one of the bulbs, and it flickers and resets once a day. Pretty annoying as it's my office light, working from home. Apparently it's a known issue and Ikea won't help as I'm not using their bridge.

      Hue has a pretty decently long warranty as well.

      Anyway, I'm sure most of us have a few somewhat frivolous things we spend our money on, I try to just spend that money when those frivolous things go on sale.

      • I got a Hue starter kit for a stupid cheap price and tried to supplement with a cheap Ikea globe

        Ditto, except 3 Hue kits and about 30 Ikea globes (clearance, or the $15 kit).

        You can't expect Ikea to support that, but their return and exchange policy is easy. I had to exchange a couple of bulbs that I could not reset.
        Unfortunately, you need the Ikea hub to update firmware, so old stock might be an issue. Exchanging for new one should fix it.

        • Not worth returning, I live in the country. I'd rather just pop it in a lesser used lamp once I have another Hue globe to swap it with. I'll just leave it on the default warm light most of the time then.

          I definitely understand why Ikea can't help me, just a bit frustrated that I didn't find this issue until after I'd purchased. My fault for not doing the research. I didn't pay too much though so it's not the end of the world.

    • I actually don't get how people justify a $79 light bulb

      The one advantage of the Hue ecosystem is that it is a holistic environment. Like the Apple ecosystem, it has its issues but in general it all just works. No messing around with multiple apps for lights from different manufacturers that all work in their own way.

      Anyone who pays full price for Hue is mad though, just hold out for sales. $79 only brings it down to about what you pay per bulb in one of their typical starter kits at full RRP.

    • If they fail, Philips sends you a new one. I have 20+ around my house and they've done this twice now.
      It's definitely a premium mark-up, however, for me the justification is the brightness and colour range/quality is unmatched.
      The IKEA ones are a good trade-off of price vs quality but you can definitely tell the difference having the bulbs side by side.

      I'm guessing the $10 Kogan bulbs are simply the white/yellow lights? I believe the Philips equivalent are something like $40 but I picked up a few on sale for my bathrooms for around $25 each.

    • The Hue system is dummy-proof, can use the hue switch to control lights when out of wifi, or internet something like that, or suitable for all people with and without smartphones/ assistants

  • These retail for $99 now?? Or were they always that price? Swear they hooked me with colour bulbs for about $60 about 18 months ago

    • Yeah I thought the same thing. I've purchased these for sub $50 on sale years ago. The RRP seems to have gone up,

      • I think these are the new model, previous was wifi only, these include bluetooth and are a bit brighter.

        Im hoping theres another sale on some of the older stock

        • Just a nitpick correction, none of the Hue range is Wifi.

          Newer models add Bluetooth and can be controlled directly from phone with no requirement for bridge.
          All models use ZigBee (mesh) and rely on the bridge which exposes them to the network via wired ethernet.

      • heh i got the non bluetooth ones for dirt cheap

  • Can anyone recommend a cheaper alternative to Hue? I'm after some smart downlights to replace my existing dumb LED downlights but I can't find anything that's less than $55-$60 per light. The Hue Garnea is what I've been looking at but can't justify the price. I'd prefer homekit compatibility too but I know thats asking too much.

    • I have been using the ikea downlights for a year in the main living area without issue but just white no colour, works across homekit,google and Amazon. The only issue I had were that my downright had to be updated to gu10

      • So you changed from normal downlights to gu10? Is the hole in your ceiling too big though, or is there an adapter? The gu10's seem to be not as bright as other downlights and bulbs?

        • Hue GU10 are nowhere as bright as the hue downlights or other downlights. I have some in my living room (5) but wouldn't want them in the kitchen

        • The electrician used fittings that were right size for the hole. I find the downlights bright enough for me but its personal taste

    • I looked around. Garneas can go on sale at Amazon and JB from time to time but yes they're expensive. I looked around and no neutral wiring limited my options for smart switch etc. If you have neutral wiring I would look at cheaper downlights and smart switches instead.

      I ended up replacing the whole house with garnea (40+) and other hue lights. Then you start adding the sensors … It does get expensive. Haven't regretted it though! Reccomend that you don't go down this route if you don't want to blow cash away haha

      • Yeah my original plan sounds similar to yours - I was to get a few smart switches to go behind the wall switches. The Stitchy line from M-Elec was exactly the thing I was looking for as it allows you to control your current 'dumb' downlights, and you only need 1 per circuit. They are around $100-$120 each though. But these have been almost impossible to get my hands on. No one seems to stock them and you cant get it from M-Elec direct.

        We are in the process of expanding our alfresco and I want to get some nice lights out there to easily control and dim. I thought it' be much easier/simpler than it is - well unless I just buy 10 Garnea's which is hard to accept.

        Do you find the Garnea's bright enough? I currently have 10w downlights and from eveything I've read, the Garnea's will be noticably duller?

    • Do you want colour? Otherwise you can get inline or wall plate devices that will make your lights Hue-controllable, all you'd need is the bridge or another zigbee hub.

      • No I dont want or need color. I was originally looking at switches/dimmers that live behind the wall plate (as mentioned above), though its difficult to find some from a reputable brand and fully certified/licensed in aus?

  • Price match at Bunnings for 10% off.

  • I’m waiting for the dimmer switches to go below $30 again. I need 3-4 so spending $90-120 isn’t what I’d like to do.
    Been brilliant though, able to control one light from two different switches without calling in a sparky is fantastic, especially in a rental. The kitchen light switch was over the other side of the room compared to where we usually enter the kitchen, stick one of the dimmers on both sides and done.

  • My 2c is there is very little reason to get the colour model.

    If you are interested in smart lights, the Philips Hue are a great option. But get the starter/bundle kit when it's on special, then only supplement with non-colour bulbs as needed. I use them for bedroom and living room lamps. The living room lamp is the only place I'd recommend the colour, even then it's not necessary. The non-colour ones can change between warm and cool light.

    • I largely agree with this. Colour is nice but for most people it's an unnecessary expense. Unless you feel you need the colour (some examples below) then just go white ambience, or a cheaper alternative (knowing caveats).

      I went with colour everywhere since I always host parties and having the whole downstairs area change colours/beat to the music is amazing. Also great for themed parties like Halloween or for having nice scenes and gradual changes in bedroom etc (Hue Dynamic is a great 3rd party app).

      I use the colour light at the front porch a lot as well for Uber drivers or food delivery to make it easy for them to find me.

      Depending on how deep you go into home automation too, you can use different colours as silent alarms/reminders (e.g. garage open, past bed time, server offline); I'm not quite there yet though.

  • Wait for a discount on the starter kits. Three bulb colour kits were on special a couple of weeks ago for $138. Makes it $46 a bulb and a free hub to boot. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/561699

  • Really wish Hue was brighter, want to replace my 1100 lumen dumb lights but 800 is not going to cut it.