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[Switch] Super Mario 3D All Stars $64.08 Delivered @ Amazon AU


[Switch, Pre Order] Super Mario 3D All Stars $63.32 Delivered

Matching the Gamesmen eBay Deal. You will also be protected by Amazon's preorder price guarantee:

Amazon.com.au's price for not-yet-released items sometimes changes between the time the item is listed for sale and the time it is released and shipped. Whenever you pre-order an item eligible for Pre-order Price Guarantee, the price we charge when we ship it to you will be the lowest price offered by Amazon.com.au between the time you placed your order and the end of the day of the release date.

This item will be released on September 18, 2020. Released

Edit: 1 Per Customer. Thanks Jamiea

Edit 2: Targeted - $10 off $39 Spend (Excludes Third Party Sellers) for First Time App Users @ Amazon AU can be used for some.

Edit 3: 4/10 Available again at $63.44 ($0.12 more). Thanks dealbot.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • So is the price change automatic? As in I won't need to do anything and when it ships I'll just be charged the $63?

    • Wondering the same thing. It's usually what happens, but I checked my order and it still says $69.

      Wondering if I should cancel and reorder

    • The order summary in Your Account will reflect the lowest price within 24-72 hours of the price change if your product has not yet shipped. After shipment, the difference between your order price and the lowest price by the end of the release date will be refunded to your account automatically, typically within 24-72 hours following the release date.

    • Mine says 63.32.

      Previous experience for me is that you pay this price or refunded the difference if its lower.
      If on launch day its 79, you still pay the lower price.

  • Well I already cancelled my Amazon order for Gamesman… Don't think I can be bothered cancelling again.

    I believe the Gamesman order won't arrive day 1.

  • I was only charged $58.32 - it says $5 discount on the order summary, but doesn't explain why. Do they still have the $5 off pre-orders for Prime members deal going?

    • I'd be interested to know this. I haven't seen a $5 discount, or a price drop yet (although I'm not too worried, I've always seen the price drops eventually take effect with Amazon pre-orders)

    • I'm not seeing that so maybe you had some spare credit

      • When I first added to cart it showed as 58.32 but then when I added something else it went up and haven't been able to get it to go down again

      • Yes, I hopped on chat and they said I had a $5 credit from a missing item in my monthly subscribe and save. I honestly didn't notice the missing item out of 15 things we get monthly, nor did I see the refund go to 'gift card' balance and the credit doesn't show up anywhere. Strange system.

    • I also had $5 off because I didn't receive a pre-order game on the day of release.

    • I noticed I got an extra $5 off the other day when ordering Tony Hawk from the Amazon deal. No idea why I got it, but I wasn't going to question it either.

  • Ah, I have Amazon credits to be used but just ordered from gamesman this morning. Oh well, supporting local business then.

  • As much as I like Amazon, please support Gamesmen. They came out with a well priced deal and the code made it even cheaper. They deserve your business over a few dollars.

    • Would they have the stock? There were over a thousand orders last I checked. I've never run a gamestore (and they are just a small one compared to the other retailers) so I've no idea if that's a lot or not…

      • Given this is a huge release, I don't believe 1000 is really that scary a number.

        When Gamesmen did an insane Switch Lite deal (well compared to these days), they sold very many 100's and maybe totalled a 1000 across all colours.

        I got mine in 3days, they absolutely have the capability and stock to ship those sorts of numbers.

        • Fair enough.. makes you wonder how 'limited' this limited release really is though. By the way people are hyping it, there's that real demand for it that you'd think it'd run out

          • @aragornelessar: thousands is a drop in the ocean if there is millions of switch owners.

            Last data reported was around 62 million Switch unit sold world wide.

            Even at 1 million copies that is still pretty limited.

          • @aragornelessar: There has been zero indication at all that Nintendo will not continue to print this title until closer to the digital end date of March 2021.

            It's all just noise and scalpers trying to inflate the price for quick sales. I'd be very wary of any one telling you how rare it is, when you can still order it for $63 at Gamesmen AND Amazon….

          • @aragornelessar:

            makes you wonder how 'limited' this limited release really is though

            No one says "limited quantity"…
            Nintendo says "limited time". ;)

    • How is Amazon cheaper? There is 0% cashback from SB/CR on video games.

  • FYI, there is a limit of 1 per customer. It wouldn't let me buy 2 copies even with 2 separate orders.

  • +2 votes

    Jesus, the fudge around with where to buy this game continues!

    Meanwhile my THPS1+2 pre order 'guaranteed delivery release day' has still not even dispatched.

    • Got mine on release day from amazon. Would probably follow that up if I were you.

      • Ditto. Arrived last week on time.

        • Played much of it? I think it is very true to the originals which I loved. Nearly 100% on THPS2 then onto the skater challenges and gaps, can't get enough of it.

          • @Dingus: Think I've done about 50% of the goals from each of the two titles. It's been so long since I played the games that I forgot there was stats to improve etc. Struggled for a bit but hit School 1 and broke the top score goal in a single move and felt bloody great for it. It's clicking more since then. Glad they have reverts and manuals in both titles.

            I never really played the original back in the day other than Warehouse. We owned the second on the N64 though and it's been interesting trip back in time. Think I remember about 70% of it, and then there's things I'd forgotten such as how to get into the gym in School 2.

            Enjoying it but. Our son was playing it the other night and when we sent him to bed I picked up the controller to have a single run and pick up a high score or some other target before doing something else. Two or so hours later I put the controller down. It still has that 'one more go' factor going for it.

            Also love the soundtrack, both old and new.

  • Thanks OP mine auto updated from the $69 price to this :)

  • Bought, thanks

  • will JB match this?

    • I'm thinking the same thing, do they ever update their price for pre order to compete with this?

    • They should if you ask them

    • Stop bothering with JB!

    • Yes. I got my local JB to price-match (price-beat?) to $63.00. I bothered because I really want this Day 1.

      YMMV. Apparently JB have a policy not to price-match for preorders, meaning waiting until Day 1 (which might be risky if demand is huge). I actually tried the two stores in my area to get one to price-match (he did it straight away on request).

      And, FYI, one of the stores said they've got 140 units ordered and haven't received any pre-orders yet. I'm just not buying into this falsely generated demand from Ninty. I'm sure production will be there to meet the demand of people wanting to give them $60 for 20-year-old ports (including whatever form that takes after March 31).

  • Cancelling my JB preorder since I don't want to deal with partial refunds/credits from there even if they price match (since I paid with a GC), and more importantly, Amazon delivers :)

  • Got it for $53.32 with the current promotion on Amazon for $10 off for first-time app purchases. :)

  • Thanks!! I pre-ordered when it was $69 - (in my case $59 when applying $10 off $39 spend first app purchase deal) and was worried that this deal wouldn't go through as I had a discount already and was pleasantly surprised to find it auto-calculated including everything so only paying $53.32 for it now!! Happy days

  • Thank god of the one copy per member. People are going try to try flip this on eBay.

    • I doubt it. It's available for 6 months and there will be plenty of stock. Nintendo will want to cash in.

  • Thanks, pre-order with Amazon automatically changed to the new price :D

  • Nice, my preorder is down to $48 :D

  • How will moving the pointer that collects/shoots stars in Galaxy work in DOCKED mode? There isn't pointer capability on the joy cons right?


      joycons are used in docked/tv mode for it. Touch screen used in portable mode (weird.. I know)

      • But you can't point at the screen like with the Wiimote right? So we're stuck with moving the star cursor around with a joystick? Hmmm

        • +4 votes

          not sure why we got neg'd.. You asked a genuine question and I answered it correctly..someone legit went on a negging spree…


        • No it doesn't have innate pointer tracking like the Wiimote which used the IR sensor bar underneath the TV to determine position relative to it. The Joy-Cons & the Pro Controller however do have gyroscopes for motion tracking that can be used to create its own form pointer functionality.

          Nintendo have said the game will use motion controls in docked mode and is required for pointer functionality, presumably this will be supported by both the Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller. They are however adding in a non-motion option for spin with the Y button so hopefully they will have a pointer alternative to the right stick as well.

          • @Sarvok: Thanks for the detailed reply mate - haha glad to hear I can play it just like I did on the Wii: one hand pointing at the screen and flicking around like the old days


    For some reason I got $20 off for "promotions"..
    Not sure why but I will take it!

  • Woohoo, go Amazon!! lol

  • I was going to do this, but pre-ordered at the local EB to help with their KPIs, and they will price match with JB on launch day, and i'll get it that day. Apparently on launch day for games JB tend to have a lower price

  • Just got an email saying it won't be delivered on release day.

    • I got this as well

    • As long as we get it eventually should be ok.

      I didn't think Amazon were doing release day delivery during covid?

      • EB Games definitely won't be doing release day either! Lol, people are saying they paid $15 shipping and it's taken 3 weeks+ through them.

        • If you can get to a shop/not in vic pre ordering and picking up at EB and price matching would have been better. Mines ready for collection tomorrow

    • Ditto, I'm in Perth, I mainly did it to see how they handle delivery for games for future reference, so will be interesting to see when we get it. In no real rush to play these games.

    • Can we ask for a voucher due to this delivery delay?

  • I just got a switch for a present and honestly… How the fk is Nintendo making so much money vomiting out the same ip over and over?

    I had a thought of buying this, but remembered they can be emulated on my phone already which honestly has a better screen than the switch. How do people justify paying $60 for a port?

    • They're not even ports, they're running on an emulator :)

      • Just saw the MVG video on it and honestly I'm really disappointed that it's just an emulation which is inferior to what the broader emulation community has been able to deliver for years… looks like they didn't even update the button graphics to be Switch equivalents. Maybe we'll be surprised once it's in hand, but I'm now planning to wait for more reviews before I open mine when it arrives.

        • Yeah I even thought about cancelling. It feels like a really lazy crash grab from Nintendo, which is disappointing for a Mario 35th Anniversary release

          • @chromium: Digital Foundry's analysis makes it even more disappointing… tempted to return it without opening even if it was potentially a collector's item.

    • I wasn’t sure about buying it, but it’s ‘limited’, and I wasn’t able to play galaxy Properly anyway because I just have it on a modded wii and there’s odd stuttering, so I was like, meh. I am a bit peeved most of the releases so far have been basically wii u ports. If I had a wii u I probably wouldn’t have got the switch tbh

  • My Gamesmen order is ready to be shipped. Amazon is pathetic, they can’t even compare to a small independent game shop on a new game release.

    • Comparing a multinational who handles maybe thousands of orders a day to a small mom n pop who most likely have little to no customers due to covid.. Smart deduction there, why not get them to price match Amazon?

      • Gamesmen had more than a thousand preorders for the game on eBay alone and while Amazon probably had 10 x of preorders of Gamesmen, Amazon is also an online shopping juggernaut so should have the manpower to match. Take notice we are talking about the Australian release of this game but not about international fulfilment (you brought up multinational). Amazon should be able to fulfil better than a small independent shop.

        I preordered from both Amazon and Gamesmen at the same price.

    • Where are you? Maybe there's a delay getting stock to Amazon in Victoria.

      Gamesmen may ship today, but it could take 2-3 weeks to get to Vic via Australia Post

      • I’m in VIC. I purchased two games from Gamesmen last week and it took two days to get it here via Auspost, which I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe with a newly released game it will take a bit longer. I preordered from both Amazon and Gamesmen just for security. I can always sell the other later.

    • I'd be interested to hear your results in terms of when you have game in hand.

      From what I have read online about AusPost at the moment with random assortments of items being sent interstate from Melbourne for sorting/processing and then back again, delays could also just be a bit of sheer luck (or lack thereof) rather than an indicator of either seller and their ability to ship new release games in time for launch day.

      • I have been receiving parcels handled by auspost every week since lockdown and none of the parcels take more than 1.5 week to reach me except for parcels that sent as mail. I am not saying Auspost is reliable especially during covid. Some of the parcels sent from Melbourne did routed to Sydney then back for some reason but there were no major delays, maybe just delayed by three working days. I received parcels from Amazon via Auspost during this period also and there were no delays. I just count myself lucky.

        I am not unhappy about Amazon’s shipping speed as it is out of their control if they are using Auspost or other couriers. It’s more to do with packing/fulfilling the orders for the game and get them shipped out.

        • In my experience they usually ship the day before release and it comes the next day. My guess is they won't actually have the stock to ship by tomorrow

  • My order status is saying it's coming today on Amazon.

    But it hasn't said it's shipped? No tracking number either.

    What the hell is Amazon doing?

    • Lol ikr. I got charged which normally means it's shipped but I still have the option to cancel the order.

  • Order changed again it shows now arriving Thursday but it wasn't shipped out until 1:30 pm this afternoon it should be here Monday, Tuesday at the latest going by recent orders.

  • Has anyone received their Mario yet ? Mine hasn’t even shipped !

  • Mine got shipped today but arriving Tuesday 29 September D: