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[Switch, Pre Order] Super Mario 3D All Stars $63.32 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay


Greetings everyone, seems like a great price again on this game from The Gamesmen :)

Pre-Order with a shipment date of 18/9.

As always, enjoy!

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  • Thanks OP, cancelled my Amazon order and got this instead.

    • Fair call for the cost saving.

      I just want to walk into JB the morning of Day 1 and pick this up. This limited release Ninty bulls*** better not stop me?

      • Without a preorder? Good luck with that.

        • My fear exactly. (doesn't this company want my money?)

          • @miracle: They do, they just want everyone to rush out and buy the shit out of it right now.

            Good chance they'll still be available after March. They'll probably just be making them individually available instead.

          • @miracle: If they sell out, gaming media will report on it.
            This gets them free marketing, possibly increasing overall sales, and also pushes more people to digital where the margins are higher.

        • aaand it's in stock everywhere in the country right now…

      • You can’t just walk into a JB so Sep 18th in the most lockdown city in the world unfortunately. And no chance of getting it on release day by anyone by mail either at the moment in locked down Melbourne.

        • The JBs I've called all have contactless pick-up outside the store.

          I just got my local JB to price-match (price-beat?) to $63.00. I bothered because I really want this Day 1.

          YMMV. Apparently JB have a policy not to price-match for preorders, meaning waiting until Day 1 (which might be risky if demand is huge). I actually tried the two stores in my area to get one to price-match (he did it straight away on request).

          And, FYI, one of the stores said they've got 140 units ordered and haven't received any pre-orders yet. I'm just not buying into this falsely generated demand from Ninty. I'm sure production will be there to meet the demand of people wanting to give them $60 for 20-year-old ports (including whatever form that takes after March 31).

    • I got mine on Amazon for $59, don't know if it was targeted but they offered me $10 off when I used a coupon on the mobile app APPONLY10

      • Targeted and only for those that haven't used the app before I believe. I used it for this game also :)

        • Makes sense, which one of the 3 are you excited for the most? I personally am excited to play Mario Sunshine, I was half way through when my sister decided to sell it for something else because she didn't like it!

          • @sathion: Probably sunshine also, although I'm sure I'll beat all 3 again on switch.

            I skipped the GameCube when it was current gen but do have all 3 games on a modded wiiu already and an N64 flashcart.
            I'm just a sucker for portables and Mario games. Both in one product causes my credit card to spontaneously fly from my wallet.

            Amazon just price matched gamesmen so it's now down to $53.32 with the code :)

  • Should I pull the plug and buy? Or will there be a sale again like Amazon's $60?

    • Just cancelled my $69 pre-order for this. It's only $3 more than the lowest ever + support a local Aussie business

    • I suspect that was a pricing error. I think $60 is the USD price, not the AUD price. They must have realised and pulled it straight away.

    • You can always hold a preorder with Amazon in case it drops - you'll get the lowest price when it ships.
      You can cancel the order anytime before it ships.

      I suspect that we won't see any prices around $60 again - typically Amazon would need to price match an advertised competitor price which is unlikely anyone will drop that low. Plus after stock is sold it will only be scalper prices on eBay (if Nintendo are being truthful about this being a limited release).
      This seems like the best deal at the moment.

  • Nuts already preordered with JB.

    • I'm sticking with my JB pre order. The way I see it, I'm spending an extra $6 to pick it up the day it is released rather than wait up to a week to get the game later.

      • +6 votes

        A true Ozbargainer would wait a week later :P

      • Yeah same, although I used suncorp gift cards so it's around $65 (plus I have a JB literally 200-300 meters down the road, too convenient!)

      • +11 votes

        The games have been out for between 24 and 13 years, so I can't see why it is such a big deal to wait a bit longer for it to ship? You clearly haven't been busting the door down to play the games as it is!

      • They also have the pre - order price guarantee too so there is a chance it might go down in price.

      • I got my local JB to price-match (price-beat?) to $63.00. I bothered because I really want this Day 1. You could try for the $ saving?

        • I ended up cancelling the preorder from JB, and buying from Amazon for $63.32 using the discounted egift cards from Suncorp… figured it's easier than having to deal with JB Hifi refunding me partial amounts, and this way it's delivered to my door. At least with the last few preoders I've done (Tony Hawk and FF7 Remake), Amazon AU delivered ahead of the release date for me (although even release day is fine), and the one time they didn't (Pokemon Shield), they gave me a credit.

          • @jace88: You've been lucky with Amazon. A lot of us are getting deliveries well after Day 1. It's why I'm now bothering to do price-matches with JB. Good luck - let me know how Amazon does this time round?

    • Me too… And I can't see any place to cancel a pre order with JB? That's annoying.

      • I got my local JB to price-match (price-beat?) to $63.00. I bothered because I really want this Day 1. You could try for the $ saving?

    • I got my local JB to price-match (price-beat?) to $63.00. I bothered because I really want this Day 1. You could try for the $ saving?

  • Thanks OP, cancelled my Amazon order at $69.

  • Shipment date 18th, that's a Friday so you wouldn't get it until the Monday at least. I think I'll stick to Amazon to see if I can get it on Friday.

    • +1 vote

      lol I would rather the savings than get it first day :D

    • Having been stung a couple of times with Amazon, I would say getting this Day 1 from Amazon is a slim chance (especially in the current climate). If Day 1 means much to you, I'd say pay the small premium for pick-up.

      • Yeah, I've been stung twice with Amazon. Latest one was paper mario that came in like 2 or 3 days late (business days). Hate that on the Friday release, if you don't get it you lose the whole weekend of playing.

        Sometimes its just worth it for that extra few dollars if you really want it day 1.

        • Don't you normally get a 10 dollar credit for late postage by talking to the chat? Or did they change that?

          • @HolyFosh: Yeah I know from my experience with LOU2 they gave me $10 credit as a result of getting it a couple of days past release.

          • @HolyFosh: Yep, they do that (I got $20 credit for a late TLOU 2… still cancelled and picked-up Day 1).

            Compensation is nice. Is it worth more to you than the Day 1 release?

            • @miracle: How they heck did you get $20? First time I've heard of a $20 credit for a late delivery

              • @Ethan Bargain-Hunt: I got a $20 credit when I kicked up a stink about my 3 day late Kingdom Hearts 3 preorder as well. Don't know why they're not consistent.

                • @Sketchkov: I usually get at least $20, because I argue that it has happened many times before etc.

                  • @lukethefish: Dunno why you were negged- it probably has happened many times before and if there's one company you can scam without feeling bad it's Amazon

                    • @Merlict: Yeah it is happening continuously now. Amazon started out really great and would ship out before release day with Toll Priority to get it here next day. Then they started slipping on dispatch dates and using Australia Post Express which means they are hit and miss. Nowadays they are often not shipping until at least release date and they will even sometimes use Australia Post Standard. I don't see why I should not get anything out of it when I paid for prime delivery and they are not hitting delivery dates. I'm not scamming them - they are not providing the service I paid for - and they issue the credit based on that argument.

      • I'm in country Vic and got THPS1+2 delivered the day before release from Amazon. And typically find them to be fast with new release games (even under current circumstances)

  • Thanks OP great price for a new release! Or should I say remaster ! Maybe this time I'll actually finish the game haha

    • New release…

      A port with tweaks is probably the best description. I don't care, Nintendo has been hook, line, and sinker with Mario, Zelda, or Metroid

      • Had to say something haha 🤣 Nintendo always do well when it comes to these kind of things tho!

        The game itself will definitely be a hit

  • Any ideas one digital download pricing? guess $79.95? sucks to pay more but physical copies suck

    • It’s eligible for the coupon deal so 2 games for $134 if you have switch online sub

    • physical copies suck

      No u

      But seriously, it's a limited run for the 35th anniversary so I would definitely avoid digital as this product has the potential to become quite a collector's item

      • Cant say i have ever sold a game, much prefer to have it on me at all times on one SD card

        • Until the SD card corrupts and the games are no longer on the servers to redownload. Bye bye games.

        • It's always nice to have the option. Some Nintendo games I have sold for at the same price I bought it for or a couple of bucks less. It's like free gaming for me.

          I still buy some games digital though but first party Nintendo games I will always get physical.

      • But seriously, it's a limited run for the 35th anniversary so I would definitely avoid digital as this product has the potential to become quite a collector's item

        Shhh…… but if we're lucky the game cartridge will be a different colour or something for added special-ness.

  • These guys do 3d world preorder?

  • Ordered. Should probably cancel my Amazon order now.

  • Thanks OP. Cancelled my Amazon order for this.

  • Just bought one with 'estimated delivery Thu, 24 Sep - Fri, 02 Oct', hope it arrives earlier though…

  • I'm not as fussed with the timing on this one. Cancelled the Amazon preorder and thought supporting an Aussie store would be better, even if it is slower.

  • I preordered two times with the gamesmen ebay and the two times items arrived on or before launch date in Sydney.

    So I problably going to cancel my amazon pre order and got this instead.

  • Amazon will probably price match this

  • +19 votes

    I've never fudged around this much with a game order.

    1. Tried to order on Amazon, no stock of $60.06 price, appeared to be sold out indefinitely.
    2. Panicked and ordered from JB at $70.99 with delivery
    3. Realised I could buy gift cards, cancelled order and ordered again JB.
    4. Found out I could do click and collect, cancelled and ordered again with JB.
    5. New low price comes out.
    • OzBargain is the only thing to blame here. :)

      Telling from my experience: I feel much better without knowing the thing I purchased yesterday is $0.50 cheaper today.

      • True, I think OzBargain has skewed how I think about money. It seems I think spending hours of my time checking between sites and placing then canceling orders is worth ~$9.

        Think it’s Nintendo saying this is so limited that is making the hype train explode. Just look at the game and watches…


        That Nintendo direct cost me like $500 before lunchtime.

  • what happened to the mario 64 remake

  • Sold my Mario Crystal Screen Game and Watch directly to Daniel Cusumano of Gamesman last year, so do I now buy Super Mario 3D All Stars back from him??? Mmmm

  • Cancelled my Amazon order, too. Much rather support The Gamesmen.

  • Man, I always second guess myself when it comes to remakes. I'm always afraid that replaying something may make it not as enjoyable as it used to be, and that kinda spoil the memory of it. Oot 3ds was the last darling I didn't enjoy now.

    • I play Mario Sunshine on original hardware with widescreen hack and it looks great. I'm actually worried that playing it in a higher resolution on the Switch will ruin the aesthetic of the game.

    • I don't think it is the remasters fault, it is you. I remember playing oot as a young teen and it being full of wonder and mystery. Now as an adult I realise how small the world is especially since I recognise every rock and hole I come across.

      • Sure, there's the lost of mysticism that definitely plays a part of it. But there's plenty of games that are fun no matter how much of it is lost, even in the exploration genre.

        I just think that modern game design had so much improvement that we just got spoiled. Especially since Oot is a pioneer of the 3d exploration genre. So many design choices and mechanics just feels clunky and unintuitive by modern day standard.

    • +2 votes

      Good debate you’re launching into here.

      I much prefer the idea of the Resident Evil 2 type remake, that makes it as good as you remembered not a straight port of what it actually was.

      I personally have replayed OOT about 4 times and I actually enjoy it less each time if I’m 100% honest. But I think of these 3 ports (which let’s face it is what they are, spec bumps don’t mean it can be called a remaster) Mario Galaxy is the one I’m most hyped for, as the graphical style they went for really holds up, and I think the unique perspective is beautiful. Where as Mario Odyssey is just straight up better than Mario 64 and Sunshine. But to me there isn’t a better version of Galaxy since Galaxy (…except Galaxy 2).