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15% off Selected Tech Item @ eBay (Crucial MX500 1TB SSD $130.90, Crucial P1 1TB SSD M.2 $129.20 Delivered) @ AZ eShop eBay


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  • Prices be droppin!

  • Wow, an actual ebay deal that I'm tempted to get.

  • Great price for a 1TB SSD, and ram so is cheap too these days.

  • The 1tb crucial p1 for under $130 delivered is a great price for an nvme too.

    • Its QLC though. Personally I would rather spend an extra $20 bucks for the Kingston A2000.

      • I paid $192 for the 1TB P1 in April.

        QLC is fine for a games drive where writes are limited & it's mostly reads. At least you can fit COD:MW & Warzone on it.

        I have a 500GB 970 Evo for the OS drive.

      • Would the P1 be superior to the MX500 sata for a boot drive and gaming?

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    The Crucial P1 1TB M.2 NVME can be had for $129.20 as well

  • 4TB seagate desktop?

  • Damn it. Just bought the WD Blue last week for $133.

    • Lol me to. According to linus tech tips you couldn't tell the difference between nvme and sata ssd's so I pulled the trigger on the wd blue. Someone correct me if I'm wrong please?

      • No discernible difference unless you have bandwidth heavy workloads for it.

      • Yeah that's about right - the jump from any HDD to any SSD is noticeable as things such as booting up and launching apps take mere seconds, down from dozens of seconds on HDDs. When it only takes say 5 seconds to do something on a SATA SSD, you're unlikely to notice (or care) if it takes 3 seconds on a more expensive NVMe one.

        You're only gonna notice the difference if you copy gigabytes of files on a regular basis, or if you're doing something that thrashes the drive regularly (like editing big RAW photos or video files).

      • The only possible scenario where NVMe is going to be useful to me is when next gen games start using it correctly. The software has already been developed by Nvidia, wont be long until it hits mainstream to compete with consoles. Then streaming data from disk at high speeds will vastly improve your gaming experience. But I'd prefer to wait and buy NVMe when its relevant, not these first gen devices.

        • That new method Nvidia developed that lets the GPU handle read/write instructions without needing the CPU is going to be amazing.

          As someone that finally got on-board the NVME train I'm hyped.

          • @Telios: Time will tell I guess. We all thoguht RTX was going to be huge but it's kind of flopped in support. hopefully 3000 series changes that too.

    • Don't worry. It's coming down constantly I prices so next month this will be expensive!

  • Anyone thinking of jumping on the Razer Cynosa V2 through OP's link at $199 -15% ($101), it is on Amazon AU for $91 delivered.

    • You can get a Razer Huntsman for AU$136 on Amazon US, I recommend that. This is half of the RRP btw, 50% off.

  • eBay… I remember them

  • This has to be the first time the MX500 1TB has dropped below $140 in months. Instantly bought.

    • This will go nicely into the "iodd 2541" enclosure that I bought recently.

      Thanks OP.

    • Is there any reason someone would buy the MX500 over the P1 if they had a NVME slot free?

      • Depends on if you want to fill it up all the way.

        P1's QLC, reliant on SLC and pseudo SLC, once it fills no more pseudo, and write performance will suffer if you write more than the SLC cache.

        P1's TBW is also pretty bad at 200TB vs 360TB on the MX500.

        • Where would the WD blue sit in comparison to those two?

          • @Ughhh: It's an MX500 with 2 years of warranty missing. There might be minor differences in the controllers but you'd never be able to tell the difference.

      • I can't think of one when M.2 NVME is cheaper than SATA

  • Saw the 24G2 on there for $275.78 + delivery. Semi-tempted but adding delivery doesn't make it much cheaper.

  • The NVME is tempting. Any real world user benefits paying twice the price for a samsung 970 NVME? Average home user mostly used for gaming

    • have sam 970, have an A2000, and a P1 ….all feel the same in user experience, just numbers look different in bench mark software.

    • I think if you dont write to the drive a lot and its mostly reading, you'd struggle to tell the difference. NVMe over SATA SSD's is barely noticeable in real world use.

      • Slowly doing an ITX build and going down the NVME route just so I can cram more drives in there, deal with less cables and at no real extra cost. Probably go with A2000 being cheap, TLC and performs really well in real world usuage. Thanks for the feedback guys.

        • Remember that M.2 is the form factor that doesn't require cables and slots in directly to the motherboard's m.2 slot. M.2 ≠ NVMe though, as there's M.2 NVMe and M.2 SATA

  • Thanks op jumped on the M.2

  • Didn't need the SSD, bought it. Will find a use for it?

    • If you didn't need it I think you were better off just waiting til you did- ram and ssd prices are going to continue to drop so what looks like a good deal today will be even cheaper in a months, 2 months time. I think black friday will be very good this year.

  • Thanks!
    Bought one MX500.

  • p1 nvme vs a2000?

    • P1 is QLC vs the superior TLC on the A2k. For the everyday user, the difference between the two is almost negligble but I would recommend a TLC for a boot/OS drive

      • QLC is fine for read-dominated or storage-only data. Things like games are perfectly happy on them. There's no need to spend more for that kind of workload or data.

        I would not use for a main OS drive or as a temp/output drive for video renders for example. Always try to get a TLC drive for them.

        The A2000 is excellent value for a TLC drive though.

        • Yeah that's what I mean to say. QLC is fine for mass storage, TLC is better for OS because of the constant updates and long writes. Although again, the difference won't be large enough to warrant a drastic price difference. For 20$ more I'd just go with the A2k personally, excellent value drive.

          • @caffeine69: Thank you, will have to wait for the a2000 to drop in price a bit, looking to replace my 256 gb 850 evo. Keep having to unistall and reinstall games

  • $228.65 For a MSI nVidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GT LP Low Profile Graphic Video Card 4GB GDDR5 HDMI


  • just tried 3 times to buy the Samsung 1tb t7 and the discount didnt work.

  • Thanks op, finally pulled the trigger on ntg3.

  • Pretty niche but the Razer Raion Fightpad is quite cheap @ $82.70.

    Next cheapest is from Kogan $165

  • AOC 24G2 gaming monitor for $275.78 (+$14.50 postage) seems like a good deal. I bought one back in March or so for $380 (during the great monitor shortage of 2020).
    Also I see Samsung Buds (not plus) for $130 which seems decent.

    • Holycrap you should definitely make another thread for these. The viewsonic is pretty popular. I have 2 of those. Want another for the gf.

      • Will do.

        That's good to hear. I'm planning on purchasing one next year when the 3060S comes out as my RX580 will suffer on 1440p (more than it already is at 1080p in newer titles lol). Definitely one of the best budget 1440p 144hz 27" monitors out there from what I've heard.

        Edit: Not sure how to make a deal as I've never done one before. Are listings from sellers that aren't "top rated" not allowed?

  • MX500 all sold out. 152 sold. $130 goddamit thats on me for being slow.

  • Any keyboard recommendations in this sale?

  • Hmm could have saved $7 on an item had I not bought it yesterday. Oh well

  • P1 is 138 at Amazon, not as good as this, but might get delivered this side of New Years if you got Prime. (Showing the 10th for me in Melbourne)


  • I'm in the process of upgrading my PC and plan to get an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and a 5700 XT GPU. Can anyone tell me if https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Antec-Neo-Eco-ZEN-600w-PSU-80-Go... would be a decent PSU to run this? No idea what to look for when picking a PSU.

    Expected to also be powering a HD, SSD, 2x8GB ram. Not sure on mobo yet.

  • Bought Samsung 500GB EVO $88.82.

  • Just ordered a P1 1TB. They are back in stock, but disappearing quickly..

  • Anybody have your stuffs shipped yet? It said express delivery.

  • I ordered an MX500 1TB and the order has been changed to a WD Blue 1TB. I better get that MX500.

    • Hmm I just saw that on my ebay account too. It better be an MX500 that's coming to my door.

      Where's that email confirmation. Need to keep that in a safe place.

      • I did contact them to confirm and was assured it would be a mx500. Would be a real shame if they failed to deliver.

      • Just got my delivery. Can confirm it's an MX500 not a WD Blue.

  • My order just got shipped, it looks like they changed the MX500 Crucial 1TB to a 1TB SSD Western Digital WD Blue?
    Anyone else have the same thing happen?
    Even on ebay it is showing up as WD Blue?

    • Same here. When asked, they said it was an error and I would be getting the mx500

      • Yep did the same and they confirmed it was an error, said we will be getting the MX500 so hopefully all good.

  • And for reference. AZ eShop is PC byte in disguise. Same store on Amazon Marketplace.

    I believe the orders are shipped by PCByte's parent company OZB Enterprises