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Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse $68.88 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


For those that missed out on previous deals. I got it when it was $64 and have no complaints at all. Great upgrade from my old G700S.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Is this an upgrade to an old g502 spectrum?

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      No, it's a copy paste cheapo version.

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      Nothing is an upgrade to the mighty G502! Except maybe for the Lightspeed…

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      They're a very similar shape and weight so if you like the 502 and want wireless it could be a decent upgrade for the price. Here's a video comparing them - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2STSsiCBHPw

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      It's Razers cheaper "competitor" to the G502, but has wireless. So it's up to you, I recently had a warranty claim with my G502 Lightspeed and got a G903 Hero, so much nicer for my wide ass hands, so it's all subjective really.

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    Good price, I got this mouse as a spare one for traveling with work.

    Was hoping it would be a replacement for my old G602 which has started double left clicking after 4 years. However it just doesn't have the same weight/feel to it, and feels a bit cheap by comparison. But for the $, its solid.

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      After reading your comment comparing it to the old G602 I'm less incline to get this. Thanks for your input.

    • I got this. Got double click issue after 4 months. I used it for work only.

  • Happy with my one of these, you'll need the Razer utility to make use of the DPI settings.

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      I think I installed and ran it once to customise my DPI stages. After that I just disabled it from starting up cuz I don't like having too many things auto starting on boot.

    • Worth adding that the software isnt available for Mac. You can still use the mouse without the software, but I found 3/5 presets to be far too sensitive to ever use out of the box. Changes to DPI are saved to the mouse though so I ran the tool on a Windows PC and was all good from then on.

      • I note my Razer Synapse software self updated the other day and reset my custom DPI settings. Not hard to fix but I couldn't remember the DPI I had set and was lots of experimentation to get it back exactly how I like it, not sure if just a once-off quirk this time round

        By the way there is a settings log file here to look at past DPI saves under: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Razer\Synapse3\Log
        Search for: Saving DPI for 'RAZER BASILISK X HYPERSPEED' device

  • Yeah own a Razer Atheris and a Logitech mouse. Can confirm that when i am on skype/Microstf Teams calls with a Bluetooth headset, the Razer becomes unusable and so laggy that i have to use my track pad. Same situation with the Logitech and there are no issues.

    Razer make great high end laptops but not so good mice.

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      Bluetooth bandwidth saturated? I know from experience that BT headsets use a lot of bandwidth which means there isn't enough for input devices like mice or keyboards to work properly. Razer Atheris thankfully should have a 2.4ghz wireless dongle that you should use instead of BT.

      • Yep, 2.4ghz dongle is the only way to get the 1ms polling. Easily noticeable difference on this mouse and I assume others in the Razer range.

      • Nah that wouldnt be the issue.
        Like i said in my post earlier, I have a Logitech Mx Master which has no problems whatsoever when taking calls with headsets when both are connected via bluetooth. Its a clear design flaw with the Razer.

    • +4

      Razer make great high end laptops

      *confused thermal throttling noises*

      • Lol. Yeah have heard of the issues.

        i know recently Dell has been kicking them to the kerbside.

        • Not really, Dells also overheat and throttle, except big, chunky Alienware laptops.

          • @Blue Cat: Hmm then the reviews i have seen rate Dell as ok.
            I personally didnt go with either. Got myself an Asus Zephyrus G14.
            The only thing lacking in this laptop is a great screen. The current one is ok but response time is atrocious.

  • This is a great mouse. I was pleasantly surprised how good this is at this price compared to G304 at around 48$.
    Would recommend.

  • Just ordered one… Thank you

  • Looks like the same as Logitech MX Master

    • Except it won't nearly be as good. Looks aren't everything.

    • +3

      Those two mice are very different, both in terms of function but also design.

      • The mxmaster is big and heavy and premium.This is much smaller and lighter and plain jane.

        • The MX also falls back into the palm of your hand where the basilisk can be a bit more of a fingertip/claw style grip if you so wish due to the much lower profile.

          I like both products. I use this mouse for games and an MX Master at work. They’re very different but. I wouldn’t use this in the office…I love Logitech’s freespin wheel too much to lose there.

  • +1

    I find the lag in waking the mouse a bit annoying

    • Me too.

      I have never used a mouse that goes to sleep for battery preservation. Do they all have the same annoying wakeup time?

  • Pulled the trigger. I was looking at getting a work/gaming hybrid. Was going to mx master even though it's just a work mouse but there's no deals around.

    Figured I need something basic and comfortable for work, and this can't be worse than mxmaster for gaming.

  • Anyone know of a decent wireless mouse with the 1 to 12 buttons on the side?

    • Like a MOBA mouse? I'm not sure if I've ever seen wireless-types of those…

      • Eh more like an MMO mouse but yeah I've been using a wired razer one for so long that whenever I'm out and using laptop feels bizarre having to press numbers on a keyboard.

    • +2

      Razer just came out with the wireless Naga Pro. Comes with interchangeable sides with 2/6/12 button options.

      • Thanks for that, I'll check it out :)

        I didn't know they had ones with interchangeable sides now

  • lol wtf they've literally ripped off the logitech g502 with this design.

    Knowing razer they've probably put cheaper materials into it too.

    There's a reason why my g502 has survived 5+ years with 0 signs of slowing down, yet my 3rd Razer Naga purchased only 1 year ago and used specifically for MMO games and nothing else is starting to show wear and inconsistently doubleclicking.

  • I would have bought this have Logitech not replaced my G603 for scrolling issues.

  • +1

    FYI, I going through RMA for refund on my Basilisk X Hyperspeed at the moment. Left click squeak is annoying as hell, it's 2 weeks old and issue has been present since new. https://imgur.com/g5ROdC7

    Also takes a while to wake and also sometimes loses connection altogether with the dongle and you have to turn the mouse off and on again for it to reconnect.

  • I wonder if they're improved since the Ouroboros days. I had one of those and it was an absolute laggy POS. Disconnections and jumping cursors galore.

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    yeah i can concur with all the above comments about lag when using this mouse.

    If you use bluetooth connection , you will need to make sure there are not too many BT connection to your pc/laptop or else this mouse will just lag crazy. (my laptop has the following BT connections : mouse, wireless headphone)

    Wireless connection is the way to go for this mouse, BT is ok but dont expect much with the connection stability.

  • Is this an upgrade to my razer 2013?

    I've been waiting for a mx 2s, but this thing drops to 70 bucks often.

  • Glorious Model D for me
    Makes huge difference in FPS games

  • +1

    Swapped from an old wired g502 to this for the wireless. So far have held up great. I use both the 2.4ghz and bt modes (bt for casual surfing to save battery). Definitely not has hefty as the g502 but wasn't a detriment for me.

    No gauldy lights either which is fantastic. The waking from sleep people keep mentioning is like…1 sec to wake and reconnect. It's faster than my laptop waking up so no complaints from me.

  • Tired to pricematch at JB and the guy just laughed at me..

    • I'm going to try price match at officeworks today. I'm surprised that JB won't price match as they say they would on their website.

      • How did it go?

  • Grabbed one of these, see how it goes!