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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 $282.43 Delivered @ PB Tech


Been hunting parts for my new build, came across this.
Cheapest I can find other than this at the moment is $309+ delivery

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PB Technologies


  • So close to new Ryzen launch may as well wait.

    • NEWS is out today… .Ryzen Zen3 4000 Series release date is 08/10/2020… so not long now people!

      RDNA2 6000 series GPU (RTX3070-3080 lower power usage alternative) release date is 28/10/2020

  • Anyone know much much the 3000 series are expected to fall in price once ryzen 4000 is announced late September/early October?

    • Curious how much it will fall too

      • From what i've seen, when ryzen 3000 was announced, the 2600 dropped about $50 (correct me if i'm wrong) so maybe around there give or take

    • Ryzen 7 2700X after 3000 series launch was $199. Will the same happen again? Maybe

      • 2700X vs 3700X.. There was like a 30% gain in gaming performance..

        i think we will only see a 10 to 20% gain this time around so that will effect prices not dropping as much.

      • Also it wasn't covid time then I think demand is too high for this to happen unfortunately

    • I'm putting it on my 28 degrees so if price does fall I'll just claim the difference ;-)

      • was thinking of doing that on my commbank credit card but just read the terms. Has to be in a physical store and not online too :(

        "This cover refunds the cardholder the difference in price if, within 21 days of the purchase, they advise us that they have, subsequent to their purchase, received a printed catalogue showing the same business items or personal goods for a lower price in a store within 25 kilometres of the store that the business items or personal goods were purchased, and the price difference is greater than $75."

      • I got my 28 degrees and use the price protection pretty regularly. Does it work with PC parts?
        Can they reject the claim on the basis that CPU is not a complete item?
        I checked the PDS and find it a bit vague, the good news that PC components are not listed in the exclusion but I still doubt

      • I thought they don't do that insurance anymore ?

    • Lemme check my crystal ball real quick….

  • Can't wait to sell my 3950X once the 4950X lands in!

  • How many units do have in stock?

  • Not sure if someone wants to use this hack but this is how i got my AMD Ryzen 3000 from eBay for $193.31 (Technically)

    Paid 307.31 through eBay's PARTY 21 discount.

    Jumped on chat to price beat it with Amazon's Price from yesterday (Around 280)

    From chat:

    05:06:21 UTC Ian
    So for this, you will received, $114.45 voucher amount.

    Was issued with a voucher for 114.45 that I spent on a DD4 Ram

    Generally they don't price beat voucher deals but I might have gotten lucky i suppose..

    • Jumped on chat to price beat it with Amazon's Price from yesterday (Around 280)

      I don't think the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 has been in stock on Amazon for a few weeks.

      Also you got lucky as eBay paid you the difference of the original price, instead of the discounted price.

      As per eBay Best Price Guarantee Policy:

      Does the guarantee apply to the listing price or the price I actually paid for the Eligible Product?

      Our guarantee applies to the price that you actually paid for the Eligible Product (including shipping costs) after applying any valid voucher, coupon, discount code or credit. If, for example, the Eligible Product was listed for $100 on eBay, but you paid $80 after applying a discount code, the price on the Approved Retailer’s website must be less than $80 for you to be eligible for a price difference voucher.

  • https://au.trustpilot.com/review/www.pbtech.co.nz

    No wonder we’ve never heard of these guys.. anyone got something positive to say?

  • I was waiting for the 4600 but this is very tempting.

  • My Amazon Prime UK (Amazon UK) order for a similar price was received a couple of days ago - turned out to be cuticle scissors!….. Amazon refunded (and discounted - though still waiting on!) a replacement order from Amazon Australia with a 3600x instead for the same price…

    • Damn.. Uk still playing games?

    • I’ve got an order placed through Amazon UK for 1.5 weeks now which hasn’t yet shipped - how did you refunded and upgraded to 3600x through Amazon au

      • I received an 'odd' package' with scissors….checked Amazon shipping info and had tracking for 'Australia Post Global' - Google search and found tracking at https://apgecommerce.com/tracking - but on there it had a link to 'Track within Country Carrier' with a different tracking number… both showed delivered but only the 2nd number matched the parcel… sent images to Amazon Aus (This was trouble because I use a gmail alias for incoming - their systems don't handle incoming from different email address well so had to have them send email & I responded)… Interestingly the Amazon item received did have an Amazon order inside but with a different order number so I guess the scam being pulled is to order a cheap item from Amazon and swap package contents!! They advised that they are investigating at least… Being Amazon Aus Prime I placed the order through and the Amazon UK being the supplier I'm guessing it's the reason for their 'looking after me'…. The 3600x upgrade was my doing - I searched and provided equivalents in Aus for the stuff I ordered (3600 being unavailable I chose 3600x) and they offered price match…

  • This thing is probably going to castrate 3080?

  • Order from Amazon US hadn't shipped after a month. Just cancelled and ordered from these guys. Hope it turns up

  • Can I ask why this CPU when you can get the Core i5 10400F for less ?

    Link to the 10400F for $249

  • Wait for Zen3 if you can. AMD official announcement is set for October 8.

  • I've been looking at this part for a build. Curious if this cpu is fine to use alongside Nvidia RTX 3080? May be too early to tell..

    • That card will be quicker than a 2080ti so it depends on what you're doing. Gaming is going to use the GPU hard so the CPU isn't loaded that hard I read.

      Most people would spend the difference and get a 3700x or even 3900x for that GPU. I'm holding out for a 4900x with 3080 for AI NLP rather than games. If you need to jump now and plan to upgrade later, this is the cpu to get.

      A $300 CPU with a $1200 GPU is a bit like buying a supercar and putting low budget tyres on it. Fine to drive but you'll struggle when driving hard.

      • It's all dependent on what resolution and quality you are playing at.

        You don't need anything more than this at 4k. In fact you can get away with less.

        I'd argue you are far better off putting money in the GPU. Most people aren't buying 3080s and high refresh rate monitors to edit videos.

        • For gaming agree GPU will be biggest factor.

          For 3600 with 3080, best guess equivalent tested is 3600 with 2080ti. I don't know how accurate/meaningful this is but it says at 4k will be >3% bottleneck

          • @TheLurker: Go off reviews on YouTube with credible people. 3600 isn't an issue, it's the highest recommendation.

          • @TheLurker: Jayz2Cents actually made a video regarding if AMD will bottleneck but it becomes a pretty moot point when it all becomes GPU bound @ higher resolutions which kinda lines up with that percentage.

            • @Justcuz: Hoping the next gen cards can resolve that GPU constraint. If a 3080 @snoopster was after is 30% faster than the 2080ti I am assuming that will mean the CPU will bottleneck more often than 3%. Won't know how much until it's available and tested though

    • Ok, cheers for the responses. I'm starting to do some light video editing (I may get into it in the future).

      I'm guess the render process of the workflow is going to be the most CPU intensive? If that's the case, it'll mean my renders might be slower? But apart from that, using the video editing program should be fine right?

      In any case it'll be faster than my old i5 that I currently use

      • Yeah, you're spot on with your assessment. To future proof get a good B550 motherboard (good VRM cooling) so that you can upgrade the CPU if video editing does become a big part of your day to day computing. It's easier to future proof with the Ryzen platform than anything Intel is doing.

        • @bunnybash are you able to suggest a good ATX B550 motherboard? My only additional requirement is wifi. Would a B450 suffice (what would be the difference?)

  • Hi all, in my younger days was well across PC hardware but not so much anymore.
    As such am hoping some of you could advise if this would fit my mobo which is presently running a ryzen 1600. Thought this might be an ok upgrade along with a 2080 ti (if I find one cheap enough..I presently run a 1070)

    • Why would you pay more? Maybe cause you need one and prices 10 months ago are irrelevant with hostile conditions, and you're lacking a time machine….

      • neg all you want it's not my loss just stating a fact - i'll go back to watching at people's idea of a 'bargain' in quiet.

        if you read the part where I said "Paying a 'COVID' premium just to do a build sure if you want to or have to - but that doesn't make it a bargain."
        Just means they are jacking prices up for the desperate people.
        FYI the AUD is stronger against the USD than it was 11 months ago.
        Watch the pricing drop in 2 months time. If everyone posted everyday a 'bargain' just dilutes the real bargains
        ..anyway back to radio silence

    • I'm happy to have a live site where someone at any point in time has a chance of buying something for less than full price, rather than a gallery of deals I missed out on and need time travel to buy.

      • it's all relative - and specifically in the world of pc parts, paying more for something 10-12 months later is well, to be polite short sighted.
        The price premiums are similar to when the tsunami occurred causing RAM prices to jump up like crazy due to issues in production. So if someone who hasn't being paying attention the the CPU pricing comes here and sees 'this BARGAIN' they are effectively being told a half truth.

  • How would this pair with at RTX 3070?

  • How would it compete with new Intel 11th gen?

  • Oooh yeah, feels good when you bought this last September with ebay plus and it was $279.65

    • careful - i got negged for saying that..but it does feel good :)

      • Ehh, I put in my "work" in the waves of sales that happened then. It was a very good price for a very new chip. Also brings to attention how prices have shifted despite it being a year old.

  • +2 votes

    Ordered on the 9th, just got mine in the mail this morning from Aus Post

  • Just reporting back that I've got mine delivered today too, along with NR600 that I bought.
    Would definitely recommend them