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Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 All Models $64 (RRP $129) - JB Hi-Fi


It's back! Vivofit Jr 2 half price @ JB Hi-Fi :)

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    This or xiaomi band 5?

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    Stupid question, but will these fit adults? Does anyone know the maximum band length?

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      My kids have them. They prefer the elastic band, not the buckle. But it only comes with the buckle. There is no hope in hell of getting my hand in their bands, and they have the large version from eBay. I think it would be similar for the buckle band. The device itself is probably too small for an adult.

      Expect to change the battery every 6 months to a year. You cannot charge it. The time loses accuracy if not synched to a device regularly, say once a month.

      For the price, I do think it is a good buy if your into this sort of thing.

      • Great review, cheers

      • Agree with the battery life of less than a year, and the surprisingly poor time keeping! Daughter loves it though, and prefers the buckle over the elastic band.

    • There is a stack of bands available on ebay, so you might find one for a big wrist, but it really is a kids watch, it doesn't do anything but tell time and count steps basically.

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    R U OK, fellow Ozbargainer?

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      Deal therapy needed

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      Or for the dyslexics out there

      U ROK!

  • Thanks OP, needed one for eldest daughter after youngest won one in a competition recently.

  • Yes! Thanks OP! Perfect timing been waiting for this.

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    Can I sell this around 90 on Facebook market?

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      Going for around 80 on the Faceplace marketbook

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    I wanna buy this for kid but review is not very good :/

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      I got this for my 5 year old and I’m pretty happy considering the price. Good to see how lazy or active hes been and I use it as a way to get him off the couch on lazy weekends.

    • Primary school kids love them.

    • review is not very good


    • I'm not sure what review you've read, as most I've seen are positive.

      Our experience has been good - for the price we are happy with what it does.

  • Thanks OP, perfect timing. Bought 2.

  • Rebel have these also.

    My kids have them, I think there are way over priced for what they do. Kids like em so end day I will probably buy one to replace one that got lost.
    The inner part can fall out after some wear.

    • Also had to replace two of them due to faults.

    • It only worth $20 without the big brand, poorly build, bought mi band 5 instead, way better than this.

  • We bought one of these for our son for his birthday last year (april) the battery ran out about april or may this year, so 12 months life (ish)
    The replacements are cheap button cells, and it's easy to open the watch and replace them.
    BUT. Here's a big gotcha.
    They are NO LONGER WATERPROOF oncee opened.
    His died after only about 6 weeks of the new battery, and when I opened it up it was corroded inside. There is a very small o-ring that seats around the outside to seal it, and I suspect this is a consumable and won't reseal once you put a new battery in. I can't find anywhere to buy this o-ring either.

    Having said all that, yes recommended, just be aware on changing the battery - maybe reseal with a little silicon or dielectric grease or even hot glue to keep the water out.

    • Or tell your kids to take them off before getting wet, i.e. showers and baths.
      No corrosion on my kids batteries and I have had to change them twice.

    • You must have done it wrong. We replaced the battery and its still waterpoof. You have to be very very careful with the seal (like all watches)

      • I contacted Garmin support about it, and was advised that they are no longer considered waterproof after changing the battery. It's entirely likely I wasn't careful enough the first time I changed it, but (mechanical engineering hobbyist only, so no expert) that o-ring is definitely a replace after use item, it will never seal again like it did the first time it was put in.

        I cleaned it up and put a new battery in and carefully made sure the seal was in the right place, but for added insurance I put some dielectric grease in this time.

        And yeah, probably no swimming or showers is a good idea too :D

        • hmm, maybe ive been lucky! My son doesnt take it off ever and is on his second. Maybe i should stock up on another one for future proofing…

  • Thank you good price.

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    R U OK OzBargainers?

  • We have two for our kids and would definitely buy again.

  • Thanks for posting! Been looking at these for Christmas.

  • I just bought this from officeworks yesterday for $77, damn!! Reckon they will refund the diff?

  • Personally think these are overpriced and build quality is average at best.

    Bought three for xmas last year (6/6/9 year olds). Two of the three are on replacement bands (from ozstraps), one the silver metal clip came apart at school and the pin was lost, the other the rubber started tearing near the edge of the main mechanism piece so it was likely to fall out. One of the three has it's 3rd replacement battery (energizer - $5 a pop) in. My kids generally aren't rough with their stuff. I've also had to use a needle a number of times (and blow air) around the button cause you get a few grains of sand in there and the button can no longer be pressed in.

    At $60, they're okayish, at $100, a disappointed parent and kid. I mean, I don't plan to buy a new one of these every year at this price.
    Not anti Garmin, my watch is Garmin and it's fantastic. These are just marked up way too much for what they do and the poor build.

  • BEWARE - my 11 yo child loved this and then demanded (for her birthday) an apple watch.

    Good device but now used by wife with thin wrists. Apparently better than her phone which will transmit her location endlessly

  • How about Fitbit Ace 2?

  • Officeworks doesn't have any stock of the one in red spiderman band, the one I am after. Officeworks customer service said they're not gonna get any more stock either. Wondering if the product is about to get discontinued and will be replaced by a newer model soon. Does anybody know?

    • Most likely clearing. Have been out for a while

      • A new version of Vivofit Jr. 2 coming out any time soon?

        • Ordered one from OW @ $60.80

  • you can price match officeworks to get this for $60.80 delivered.

    • They changed there price on there system to match earlier. May not show online but is when they sell over the phone

  • I was tossing up between this and the Fitbit Ace 2 earlier this year and ended up going with the Fitbit Ace 2. Bigger screen and rechargeable battery was more important for me.

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    $54 those with the Westpac spend $50 back $10 offer ;)

  • There is quite a few styles at Amazon for $64 too. Free delivery also.