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20% off Microsoft Surface Devices - Surface Pro 7 $1199 ($1499 RRP) @ JB Hi-Fi


20% off all Surface models at JB Hifi and includes new Book 3 model.

There is also 20% off Pro X bundle deal that comes with keyboard and pen Bundle deal removed from JB website

20% off also available at Harvey Norman if you prefer to shop with Gerry.

edit: MS Store has 20% off Surface and 20% off accessories. Use the Essentials Bundle options here

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    Surface Keyboard, Surface Pen and Arc Mouse sold separately


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      I got my Surface Pen via Telstra Plus; it was 35K points from memory. Stock looks a bit old as it doesn't have the grey stripe around the bottom of the box, but works fine on my Surface Laptop 3

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      Might work out cheaper to buy from MS website since they're offering 20% off accessories

      Use the build a bundle option

    • Pen and Mouse is useless, all you need is the Keyboard, well for me that is.

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        Keyboard maybe enough but pen is useful on taking notes and writing out forms

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    15% off at the Microsoft store (search Surface for Business) if you want Windows 10 Pro (included) or a better warranty (3 years for $89).

    I also suspect the Surface 8 with new Intel (maybe even AMD) chips is around the corner. October would be around the usual time, but hard to say with COVID impacting everything

    • 15% off at the Microsoft Business store if you want Windows 10 Pro (included) or a better warranty (3 years for $89)

      Or 15" Laptop 3s with Intel processors instead of AMD ones

    • Yeah no Tiger Lake / Renoir no deal for me!

    • Would love to see a ryzen 4XXX surface book. The current book 3 is super underwhelming

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    I got my i5 8GB 128GB with extra $300 off during last deal from Microsoft for my faulty screen on my out of warranty SP4.

    Anyone have a faulty SP4 screen you can try chat online with them to get the credit but the credit can only use for Surface Pro.

    • Hey superforever, I think I probably have the same screen issue as you (was 1 month out of warranty last year when I reported it, and they wouldn't replace at the time). I just tried to chat with them, they pointed me towards their trade in program but that only offers $150. Did you trade yours in for the $300?

      • No I still have my SP4 with me.

        • Thanks!

          • @lamonty146: They will have to get you to go into BIOS to show them the surface pro 4 screen flickering issue to make sure nothing to do with Windows.

            If they give you the credit they will do the order over chat for you immediately.

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              @superforever: yep! just got off the phone with Microsoft Support and went through the process again of sending them a video showing the screen shaking in the BIOS. They've offered me $330 (I'm assuming $300+GST) towards a new Surface device. I ended up calling them as their chat team didn't seem to know about this offer and kept pointing me to their trade-in website. Thanks for bringing this up as a reminder, my screen shaking is at the point of the device being unusable, so combined with their 15% off sale at the moment it's a good time to upgrade.

              • @lamonty146:

                They've offered me $330 (I'm assuming $300+GST)

                Very good, yes $330 after I double checked my bill.

                $869 for SP7 i5 8GB 128GB version.

                • @superforever: Nice, that's the same model and specs I'm thinking about. I'll hopefully get the same price. :-)

                  • @lamonty146: Did you get this model or lower or higher?

                    $1199 - $330 = $869 My price

                    So Microsoft can't do the same price as JB? Last time they are the same price as JB, HN, etc.

                    • @superforever: Haven't committed just yet, I asked if I could have a day to make my mind up on the model, my SP4 is the i5 4GB RAM 128GB, was thinking of getting the SP7 i5 8GB 128GB which would actually be $944.15 ($1274.15 - $330.00), but would probably be happy with the i3 128GB model as I only really use for internet browsing, email and Netflix. I like the surface laptop's too, but probably not worth spending the extra, and I understand the SP4 keyboard will fit the SP7 anyway so will save not having to buy a new accessory.

                      • @lamonty146:

                        I like the surface laptop's too, but probably not worth spending the extra

                        They told me the credit can only be used for Surface Pro 7 not other model.

                        Because they place the order for me over the chat so I am not sure if you can use the credit for something else.

                        Can you see the credit in your Microsoft account? Also try to ask them to match JB price to get it down to $1199 before credit.

                        • @superforever: Good point, will ask them to price match JB's discount and see what they say. Nothing showing in my Microsoft account at the moment, although he did mention that he would process it today when he called me back so hopefully no drama there.

                          They definitely listed 4 different models I could use the credit on, definitely the Pro, and could have been the Book, Laptop and X, but I'll ask them again today to confirm that. I'm definitely going with the Pro though.

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                            @lamonty146: Just to close this off for anyone else with a faulty SP4 wanting to take up Microsoft's current offer, in the end I didn't need to ask them to price match JB Hifi as Microsoft increased their discount to 20% on their website today to match them which was great. All up I got a 20% discount plus an extra $330 off my purchase.
                            The four choices I had to spend my credit on were the Surface Pro 6 or 7, Surface Laptop 3, Surface Book 3, or Surface X.

                    • @superforever: Last time the official 20% discount also applies to the protection plan, but this time, NO.
                      Since MS usually releases new products in Oct., so I probably will buy from MS official store now,
                      If MS releases new product in Oct., and I am interested, then send it back to MS(60-day refund policy), and buy the new product.
                      If MS releases new product in Oct., and I am NOT interested, ask a refund for the price difference (60-day price drop policy, old products mostly drop price)

              • @lamonty146: Back in Jan this yr, I also raised a ticket with MS about my SP4 screen flicker issue. After troubleshooting steps back & forth for a week (email, calls walking thru diagnostic tool etc). they did concede its a hardware issue but said since its out of warranty , just offered me a replacement purchase for a ridiculous price ($900 for a refurb SP5 , can't remember now). I eventually managed to get the flicker to go away by using Intel Tuning utility to lower the voltage.

                So I'm keen to do this now too. Did you raise a brand new ticket (over the phone presumably), and did you mention the $300 credit to them right off the bat?

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                  @ShoeyAU: When I called them in May last year on their AU Customer Support phone number, they raised a ticket and there was a lot of back and forth by email over about a week, and the end result being the same as you, as it was just out of warranty (1 month) they offered a discounted SP5 or a credit towards a new range device. Yesterday's call was excellent, they couldn't see my ticket from last year so they raised a new ticket. I mentioned the offer up front to the agent and that I would like to resolve over the phone today as I wanted to take advantage of their current sale and he was fine. Before you call them, take a video of the screen shaking occurring in the BIOS and save it to your computer, that will save you time on the call (Go to Start Menu > Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Advanced Start Up > Restart Now. Then go Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > UEFI Firmware Settings. They'll want a 15 sec video of the shaking happening on the UEFI screen. Then you can exit and restart your computer normally).

                  They'll send you a link via email to a file upload website (took a few mins between when he said it was sent, and when it actually came through to my inbox), you upload the video while they are on the phone. They review the video and instantly came back with the offer for either a refurb SP5 or $330 credit. They'll process the purchase over the phone straight away if you want, or will call you back if you wanted thinking time.

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                    @lamonty146: Oh and I forgot, I believe that he said the offer was valid for 15 days, so you don't have to go ahead straight away on the phone, i asked him to call me back in 24 hours so I could take an extra day just to be sure which Surface device I wanted from the Surface ranges he said were applicable to the offer.

                    • @lamonty146: Many thanks for the detailed info! Didn't see this till now. I'll give em a go tomorrow as well. Thanks again.

                      • @ShoeyAU:

                        I'll give em a go tomorrow as well.

                        20% deal expired better wait for next round up.

    • They gave me a new SP5 and a new keyboard when i took my SP4 in, it was nearly 4 years old.

      • Not anymore, last time they offer either $300 credit for new Surface Pro 7 or cheaper price for SP5 or 6 but the price was actually more expensive than buying SP7 during deal like this.

      • They gave me two options today over the phone, I could pay nearly $600 for a refurbished and Microsoft guaranteed SP5 at the same specs as my SP4, or $330 towards a new current range Surface device. I just took the $330 given the current sale on Surface devices.

    • In my case, they picked up the troubled SP4 and sent me another one which looks like refurbished but battery is new, the whole unit looks new.

      • sent me another one

        SP4? If the same model it will happen again.

        • Same model but I am sure they wouldn’t send the one with the faulty screen. It only affected a batch (which you can find out based on serial number), not all SP4.
          Mine has been perfect since then

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    R U OK OzBargainers?

    • I'm okay mentally, which I was better, and could order what I want without the misses complaining about my spending, and I can't complain about all her new clothes

      R U OK?

  • Surface pro 8 coming soon?
    (serious question, on the market to get one, but can wait)

    • a lot of rumours. question is, are you willing to pay the surface pro 8 launch premium? (assuming you are waiting to get the 8)

      I am hoping for a deeper discount for the 7s but I don't recall discounts further than 20% in my recent memory.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, it appears the JB's Pro X bundle deal doesn't come with the bonus data sim.

    • yes, they seem to have changed the deal to remove that offer. Thanks :)

    • +1

      Yes, clearly says in the red box.

      Note: In-store Only.

      Purchase this Surface Pro X with a Surface Pro X Keyboard & Surface Slim Pen for $2099 Plus get a Bonus 180GB Data Sim worth $300*. All items must be in the same transaction to receive bundle offer. Offer valid for in-store purchase only, offer valid until September 30 2020.

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    Looks like the MS Store discount is only 15% rather than the 20% offered by JB. Unless I'm missing something. The Pro 7 i5 256GB comes in at 1699 at the MS Store and 1599 at JB Hifi

    • Follow Cheapha's link above for Essentials Bundle options, you add a surface and the accessories will show up 20% off. I believe it is for selected models though.

      • ah thank you sir

  • Looking to buy Surface Pro 7 + Type Cover + Pen

    Microsoft Store will be a total of $1685 and JB will be $1587.

    However MS Store forces you to buy a 15-month Microsoft 365 subscription. Do you need this to use OneNote? Because that is the main thing I willl be using it for.

    • i think there's a free version of onenote. if you or someone in the family is working for a big organisation that uses o365, there is a HUP discount for the sub for 5 machines. might want to check that out first.

      • +1

        Onenote 2016 (Legacy) and Onenote for Windows 10 are both free.
        You don't need to buy anything to use OneNote.

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      Onenote 2016 (Legacy) and Onenote for Windows 10 are both free.
      You don't need to buy anything to use OneNote.

  • Surface Book 3 a good MacBook Pro alternative?

    • +1

      different beast imo.
      I had a MBP and i found that it depends a lot on what you use it for.

      • +1

        +1, I would want a Book 3 to replace my dated 1.

    • +1

      Quite different products, different OS, hard to compare. The Book 3 can be used as a tablet, and is a powerhouse for sure. If you are an Apple user, ie, with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch etc, I'd say stick with the MBP. PS, I have a book 1 and love it.

      • I've got a 7yo MacBook Pro, which I use for graphic design (mainly Illustrator and InDesign, though Chrome seems to be the biggest resource hog). Don't have any other Apple products (I use a Pixel), so not invested in the ecosystem. Reckon this is the way to go?

        • Yeah, why not?! If you're comfortable with a 7 yo MBP, the Book should serve you well. Plus you can detach the screen from the keyboard, and it's touch screen. Grab a Surface Pen if you could. Couple other things you'll also need to consider: Book 3 is Windows 10, which is completely different from MacOS; The Book 3's are not cheap, even with 20% off, if budget is something you need to factor in. Go to JB and try it out yourself, if you're not in VIC.

        • don't you have to have licenses for illustrator/indesign? i dont recall that their license are transferable between platforms?

    • Yeah, different beast but for my usage it rocks. I've just upgraded to the 3 my Book 2.

      I've got an iMac at home but for school (secondary IT teacher), the SB is great. I can annotate documents, draw on screen when connected to a projector (beats using the whiteboard) and detach the screen to liaise with staff.

      Sure, it's running Windows and more expensive than other laptops but It's sooooo versatile.

  • +1

    Also 20% off at The Good Guys Link

    • Thanks. It was 15% this morning when I looked to compare the deals.

      • Odd saw that too. Even their catalogue from today says 15%.

        • Must have panicked when both JB and Hn came out with 20% off rrp.

          • +1

            @Cheapha: I have a sneaky suspicion The Good Guys might know what upcoming deals JB has in the pipeline, and vice versa

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      Additional 2.5% cashrewards or 3% with shopback is a pretty good deal.

  • Thanks, I just bought a Surface Laptop 3 from Harvey's I tried to buy it from the Micorosft Store so I could get Microsoft Reward Points, but they would not budge of price. Daughter will be happy with her new Uni laptop. I know she loves the Sandstone colour variant, so that is what I got.

  • I bought one of these for a little less in April with shopback. Good unit, not as good for drawing as I had hoped, palm deflection is not the best however this could be solved with a glove I reckon.

    The pen I enjoy using is the Raphael 520, it has a good feel and not as jittery as the surface pen.

    Very impressed with overall power and battery life, the king of 2 in 1 imo.

  • Anyone know whether Cintiq vs Surface pro. Does the Cintiq still win for drawing with a stylus??

    • 100% if you are serious about drawing and it is a device almost purely for art I would stay away from the Surface. For me it serves well as a portable work station that I can sketch on when needed.

  • Thanks for posting this.
    My wife just got one of these for work and I was very impressed by it.
    I grabbed a i5 128Gb and added a 256Gb MicroSD card ($139) which was a lot cheaper than the premium to go up to an i5 with 256Gb (+$400).
    Thanks again!

    • No problem :)
      Although $139 is a bit much for a 256gb MicroSD these days, should be more like $50-$60 like this deal from Amazon $79 for 400gb or $58 for 256gb

      • Hey cheapha, this might get buried in the comments but Microsoft has updated it's discount to 20% on Surface and accessories, if you want to update the main post.

        • Thanks, updated

  • PSA - I bought the Surface 6 when it had a 20% sale off around this time of the year. Within 1 week the Surface 7 Pro was released lol.

    • thats why you get it from microsoft store. they have 60 days guarantee.

  • PSA 2 - Surface Book is NOT lap friendly lol. Too top heavy and tumbles over. Only buy if you are using at a desk or with tablet ripped off but not as a traditional laptop.

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