Nulon Hybrid and Fuel Conserving Engine Oil - 0W-16 5 Litre $12.99 C&C @ Supercheap Auto


5 Litre
Contains Moly DTc for reduced friction and improved protection
Low viscosity formula provides ultimate cold start protection
Promotes better fuel economy
Provides excellent engine cleanliness
Oil stays cleaner and in-spec for longer

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  • Wow so cheap!

    Its $50+ on ebay

  • Make sure you check it's suitable for your car before you put it in because it's cheap, it's too thin for a lot of cars.

  • I can see why this oil is on clearance as this is not suited for Australian climate. The engine oil is so thin that it will evaporate on normal operating condition (for the majority of cars) in Winter time. Guess what it will happen during the warmer days. Sure you save on fuel but not your engine. You'd must be living in Iceland in order to enjoy this product.

    • Any links to this? Considering buying for the phev (see the wisdom). But do regular trips to inland Australia (long and hot). Guess more of a 'driving around metro Melbourne' oil.

      • Skip to the Oil viscosity section to get a summarized explanation. But always refer back to your owners manual on what is recommended or ask the dealership for guidance. Usually for modern cars, 5w-30 is the norm for aussy climate.

        • Cheers, but these guides suggest Aussie cars should be running 20w-60 minimum over summer.
          I'm guessing the additives play a role here, whatever the Moly DTc is?

  • Hmmmm buy as high quality general purpose lube oil - hard to use for much else as too thin.

  • Interestingly, Nissan Altima with 2.5l engine requires 0W-20 oil..

    • My Accord says the same thing too in the manual which is the same for the USA models. But I put 5w-30 instead from new. Going 12yrs and still purring along. 0w-20 is just too thin imho for NSW weather. I think car manufacturers use a standardise manual for their car line up for worldwide distribution. They can't be bothered to change it as it would cost them millions of dollars i guess.

      • +1
        Yup, people just see xx-W-XX oil and don't bother to see that for nearly every single car this recommendation varies depending on the operating conditions the car will be in.

        For the vast majority of Australia heavier/higher oil ratings are better suited to our conditions.

  • should be ok for winter, i guess
    but no stock around 20km radius

  • +2 votes

    would this oil be suitable to use in an AU Falcon with 330,000+km?

  • Thanks OP, used this for my hybrid Camry about 5000km now and observed 10% improvement in fuel consumption compared to the 5w-30 Castrol Edge.

    Oil level remained unchanged.

    Hybrid petrol engine goes on and off and often operates at 70-80 °C so I would say this oil is perfect for it.
    Although I am tempted to stock more but I already stocked 2 bottles which should be good for the next two years.